Virtual currency trading platform - Category place Virtual money blog will share these Bitcoin trading platform (BTC), Ethereum coin (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), NEO, IOTA, Bitcoin cash (BCH) Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Dashcoin, .. reputable, safe and top cheap prices in Vietnam and around the world.

Detailed instructions on how to use each exchange, from registering to create an account, how to secure your assets, buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum and the most popular coins.

What is mxc floor

What is MXC? Review and guide use of MXC floor from ...

What is MXC? MXC Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange with a wide variety of safe, stable and high-performance trading products founded by a number of experts ...
Binance floor

What is Binance? [How to register and use the word AZ]

What is Binance? Binance is the world's largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange was established in Shanghai - China by Changpeng Zhao (CZ) due to the ban on ...
floor ftx review

What is FTX? [The most detailed registration and transaction guide]

What is FTX? FTX is a cryptocurrency derivative exchange built by professional traders. Although FTX is newly established, but it has also confirmed ...
What is uniswap

What is Uniswap? Review and guide how to trade on Uniswap

What is Uniswap? Uniswap is an automated liquidity protocol and one of the most popular decentralized exchanges (DEXs) today.
What is marginbta

What is Marginbta? Introducing the trading training and competition platform ...

Margin is a form of trading that becomes even more risky if you do not improve yourself. A few are successful at a rate of ...

What is ProEx floor? [Guide to registering & using the whole episode]

What is ProEx? ProEX is the world's leading multi-contract trading platform. ProE Global PTE. LTD. is the head office in Singapore and Canada Prochain Limited is a branch in Canada.
Remitano floor

What is Remitano floor? Guide to register, buy and sell BTC, ETH from AZ

Are you a beginner in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? If you want to find a safe and reputable place to buy and sell, Remitano is an ...
What is Bingbon floor?

What is Bingbon floor? User guide & use the whole set from AZ

Bingbon is the exchange of which country? Is this a reputable floor? Does Bingbon have anything more special than the big guys like Binance, Huobi, ...? Have...
Review Warzirs floor - Instructions for registration and trading on the floor

WazirX: All about India's # 1 cryptocurrency exchange

WazirX is a trading platform of which country? Is this a reputable floor? Should we use WazirX floor? How to register and trade? ... All ...
Doitienao floor

DoiTienAo: A newly launched cryptocurrency exchange in Vietnam

Surely everyone also knows many trading floors in VND, right. To diversify places to buy and sell for everyone, today I introduce the DoiTienAo floor.

What is Bityard floor? Receive 258 USDT free (detailed instructions)

What is bityard? Bityard is a cryptocurrency contract exchange operated by a fund in Singapore. Currently the floor has been present in more than 150 countries including Vietnam ...
What are the Binance options

What is Binance Options? [Instruction of options trading from AZ]

What is Binance Options? Binance Options is part of the Binance ecosystem. It allows you to trade American options.You can make a profit ...
What is the Bybit floor? Instruction for registration and use from AZ [2020]

What is the Bybit floor? Instruction for registration and use from AZ [2020]

What is Bybit? Bybit is a growing Peer to Peer (P2P) exchange. The exchange is primarily focused on margin / leverage in cryptocurrency trading.
Huobi Lite

What is Huobi Lite? Guide to buy and sell coins in VND on Huobi Lite

What is Huobi Lite? Huobi Lite is an application that allows Huobi users to conduct transactions directly using fiat. This application was launched by Huobi Group in March 3, Huobi Lite also ...
BiKi floor

What is biki? Why trade on (Review) is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange is headquartered in Singapore. In less than a year, the number of users at the exchange ...
Huobi floor

Huobi: Instructions for registration, verification, purchase and sale of AZ

What is Huobi? Huobi is the leading cryptocurrency exchange of Southeast Asia as well as in the world (Top 3 in the world). Previously the company targeted mainly on ...
Daxc floor

DAXC: Exchange in VND only 0.05% transaction fee [HOT]

Surely those who participate in the market are surprised how to use VND to buy Bitcoin or virtual money? Which floor is reputable? Which floor is safe, cheap?, ... So today, Blogtienao ...
Thread pr t rex

The first trading floor of BTC, USDT, ETH in Vietnam is free of charge ...

Crypto market capitalization has increased from US $ 280 billion to US $ 300 billion over 3 days 11 to 14 February 02. Signaling for the upcoming uptrend season in the year ...
Binance P2P

What is Binance P2P? Instruction to buy and sell coins in VND [AZ]

What is Binance P2P? Binance P2P is a peer-to-peer trading platform. It allows users of Binance to conduct transactions with each other using fiat.

What is LMT [Let Me Trade]? Guide from AZ for newbies

What is LMT? LMT LetMeTrade is a Crypto Broker - cryptocurrency broker. Don't get me wrong, this is not an exchange! As a broker, LMT ...

Cash transaction first appeared in Vietnam on T-Rex Exchange

The market has recently been hotter than ever, after news that the US and Iran were in a period of stress, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has soared from 7600 ...

Snapex Exchange: Instructions for Deposit and Withdraw USDT, BTC, ETH via Vicuta

SNAPEX Snapex Brief Introduction Snapex is a fairly famous Margin Trading recently in the Vietnamese CryptoCurrency community. See also: What is Margin Trading? The motto of ...
Buying and selling USDT on Coinhako

Instruction to buy and sell Tether (USDT) on Coinhako exchange

When the market is fluctuating rather than buying or selling Bitcoin, you can choose to buy and sell USDT (Tether) to avoid the risk of strong price fluctuations. But to trade ...
Binance Futures

What is Binance Futures? Complete usage guide from AZ

Recently, Binance has launched a futures trading platform with a leverage of 125x. With a high level of leverage like this one can help ...
Buy and sell Bitcoin on Coinhako

Instruction to Buy and Sell Bitcoin (BTC) on Coinhako Exchange

Are you looking to buy and sell Bitcoin? But you do not know how to buy and sell BTC? Or are you looking for a fair exchange? Today, Blogtienao (BTA) will ...

Electronic wallet suddenly launched on T-Rex Exchange

E-wallets are new payment methods with many utilities and are trending in many countries. Currently, in Vietnam there are more than 25 applications ...
Coinhako cryptocurrency exchange

What is Coinhako? Instruction on registration, trading on Coinhako trading floor

What are the pros / cons of Coinhako compared to other exchanges? How does the floor work, reputable? Let's find out in Blogtienao (BTA) in the following article! What is Coinhako? Coinhako ...

T-Rex: The right choice of the Crypto community?

The Crypto market at the beginning of 2019 has been very volatile, many exchanges have announced to cease operations such as Bitsane, Coinexchange, ... because of the impossibility ...
Bilaxy exchange

What is bilaxy? Overview of the cryptocurrency exchange Bilaxy

There are many exchanges in the electronic market, each with its own advantages. Today, Blogtienao will introduce you to Bilaxy, an exchange with ...
Margin trading margin trading

Binance Margin Trading: A comprehensive guide from AZ for newbies

When the market was bleak, the amplitude was small. How do we make it so profitable? That solution is Margin Trading ...
Binance jex

What is Binance JEX? Instructions to receive 10 USDT on Binance JEX

After the Binance acquisition JEX. Now, JEX has become part of the Binance ecosystem and changed its name to Binance JEX. So what is Binance JEX? Let's...

T-Rex constantly updates new features, airdrop is exposed

To meet the needs of trading between users, the T-Rex trading platform was born as a P2P platform connecting sellers and buyers in ...
coinvi 11

Coinvi - A convenient Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange in Vietnam

The Vietnamese cryptocurrency market is currently in a period of strong growth, along with learning about digital platforms to make the first decision ...

What is VCC EXCHANGE? Reviewing details of cryptocurrency exchanges ...

I remember in early 2017, it was very difficult to find a reputable exchange, back then we Vietnamese frequented (currently, her sister is worshiped ...
What is OceanEx? An overview of OceanEx.

What is OceanEx? Overview of Bitcoin OceanEx

OceanEX - Next generation smart digital asset trading ecosystem Introduction to the Origins OceanEx In the past five years, the world has seen ...

What is Gate.IO? What is GT? Overview of the Trading Platform ...

It can be said that at present, cryptocurrencies, also known as virtual currencies, have been traded widely and accepted by many countries. Many exchanges ...

What is T-Rex OTC? Airdrop 200.000 USDT for new users

T-Rex is a cryptocurrency exchange with the strength of advanced technology, high liquidity and priority to support the community. On the occasion of the launch ...

What is P2PB2B? Instruction to register and use P2PB2B from A to ...

What is P2PB2B, how is P2PB2B trading fee, how to register to create an account and buy and sell coins on P2PB2B floor ... Will it be in the article below ...

What is ZBG? Instructions for registering and using ZBG in the most detail

What is ZBG, how is the transaction fee on the ZBG floor, how to register to create an account and buy and sell coins on the ZBG floor ... Will everything be in the article below ...

What is coineal? The most detailed guide to register and use Coineal

What is Coineal, how much does it cost to trade on Coineal, register to create an account and buy and sell coins on Coineal ... Will be in the article below ...


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