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Update: Egretia (EGT) was listed on the exchange OKEx - One of the largest exchanges in the world in terms of trading volume, with EGT / USDT, EGT / BTC and EGT / ETH pairs, you can transfer EGT tokens to OKEx and buy and sell.

Update 1: Egretia's HOT is no less than Merculet, ICO has just opened in less than 5 minutes and sold out all tokens, congratulations to those who have purchased EGT this time, those who can not buy can withdraw ETH, CMT, ABT Come back or leave it on Tokeneed waiting to buy another ICO. I will update the latest news about the project when it is available to you.

Update 2: Some changes of the Egretia ICO project:

  • 1. Hardcap reduced from 35,000 ETH to 34,200 ETH
  • 2. Private Sale - Hardcap 25,000 ETH but mobilized up to 29,000 ETH.
  • 3. Public Sale - The remaining hardcap has 5,200 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT + 1,000,000 ABT
  • 4. Updated ICO buying rate: 1 ETH:
    • 1 ETH = 70,000 EGT (Min 0,1 ETH - Max 3 ETH)
    • 1 CMT = 35 EGT (Min 210 CMT - Max 4200 CMT)
    • 1 ABT = 110 EGT (Min 63 ABT - Max 1250 ABT)

Egretia will officially open ICO sale (20:26 pm on May 05 Vietnam time) if you have not registered an account, verified KYC and added ETH to Tokeneed, do it now to promptly buy Token. Click come in down to the instructions section.

Update 3: ICO project of Egretia was on VTC1. VTC1 television station: Egretia's new HTML5 platform will change the global gaming industry. It can be said that Egretia is currently the focal ICO globally, most investors participating in the project come from: Germany, America, Russia, Korea, Japan .... It is known that the pulic sale event will open for sale at 20h day 26/5 come here.

The VTC1 video is about the Egretia ICO project

Update 4: There is a video guide to buy EGT tokens on Tokened, this guide will be common to all ICO projects on Tokeneed, because the process of buying Token takes place so fast if you are not quick, you may not be able to buy it. You should preview the tutorial steps to get used to and until Egretia ICO is open to buy. You click come in put down the instructions.

Egretia - The next potential ICO project that the Virtual Currency Blog will introduce to readers after its success Cybermiles, ArcBlock and most recently Merculet (sold out within 2 minutes of selling) ICO Egretia is also an ICO project supported by Krypital Group - a reputable ICO analysis group in Vietnam and is directly a partner of this project. Those who missed the opportunity to buy Merculet MVP Token recently can participate in investing in Egretia. Here are detailed information about the project Egretia.

What is Egretia?

Egretia (EGT) is an HTML1 Blockchain platform aimed at creating a complete, open and friendly environment for Web, Game, and Apps developers. Egretia partners with one of the world's leading HTML5 developers - Egret Tech, Egretia intends to bring a safe, fair, secure and low-cost development ecosystem to the entire community. HTML1 development worldwide.


Egretia's ICO project information

  • Name of project: Egretia
  • Token symbol: EGT
  • Communication: The standard Ethereum blockchain ERC-20
  • Total number of tokens: EGT
  • Softcap: 10,000 ETH
  • Hardcap: 35,000 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT (CyberMiles) + 1,000,000 ABT (Arcblock)
  • Accept payment: Ethereum (ETH), Cybermiles (CMT) and Arcblock (ABT)
  • Country is limited: China, USA
  • Identity verification (KYC): Obligatory
  • Time to pay tokens: After the end of the ICO, 6 weeks later will return tokens to ERC20 wallet
  • Opening time for selling ICO:
    • Private-sale: (Finished)
      • Time: From April 30 to
      • Token price: 1ETH = 84.000 MVP (Lock for 4 months, open 20% every 5 times)
      • Minimum purchase amount: 100ETH
      • Maximum purchase amount: 1000ETH
      • Hardcap: 25.000ETH
      • KYC: Obligatory
    • Public Sale: (Upcoming)
      • Time: From 26/05 come 30/05/2018 (8:00 AM CST, 8:00 PM UTC + 7 on the same day)
      • Token price: 1ETH = 70.000 MVP (No Token locked)
      • Minimum purchase amount: 0.1ETH
      • Maximum purchase amount: 3ETH
      • Hardcap: 10,000 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT (CyberMiles) + 1,000,000 ABT (Arcblock)
      • KYC: Obligatory


What is HTML5?

HTML5 was developed strongly from HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). HTML5 with the first version was formed in 2008 but it was not officially released in 2011. However, at that time a lot of browsers had not changed to support, in fact at that time, HTML5 was just the destination that many Web Design companies and browsers aimed at, but did not go into it yet. Actual user. Today, most popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE .... all support HTML5. That has created a great revolution for web technology.


HTML5 was born as a valuable upgrade version to address the outstanding shortcomings of HTML4 with the following principles:

  • Less dependent on plug-ins for functions
  • Scripting should be replaced with mark-ups whenever possible
  • Device independence (for example, available on all devices and providing the same user experience)
  • Announce the development process so everyone can see what's going on

HTML5 was born to solve the shortcomings of HTML4

With the advent of HTML5, new components and APIs are gradually replacing technologies like Flash. For applications that need special motion and graphics effects, programmers can use Canvas with bitmap or SVG style with vector style. Not only applied to the design of visual websites, HTML5 is also applied to create graphic libraries that help create graphical applications and games in both 2D and 3D environments like desktop applications.

What has HTML5 contributed to the gaming industry?

The most special benefit of HTML5 is "Device Independence". The difference between the game programming language and the platform or browser is a major obstacle that countless developers need to overcome. And HTML5 is the ultimate solution to this problem. The uniformity of the HTML5 programming language makes the game experience simpler than ever. Users can now play games on mobile phones, desktops or tablets without any problems. You just need to go to the most basic web browser on a smartphone or PC and enjoy your favorite game.


Since then, many HTML5 games have appeared, simple and complicated. Gradually, as the new language became more and more cared for, the sophistication of the product also increased. People have tried to rewrite the blockbuster Quake II with HTML5, and the results are beyond imagination.

Limitations of HTML5

Although there are many significant improvements, HTML5 for the Game industry still has some limitations as follows:

  • The lack of a global payment platform makes the payment process with unnecessary risks from credit cards.
  • There is no good solution to storing users' virtual assets, Users do not have real ownership of digital assets when these assets are stored in the company's server.
  • There are no suitable solutions to "monetize" traffic from games properly.
  • There is no reasonable mechanism to protect the copyrights of HTML5 products.
  • Lack of incentive mechanisms for game developers to develop high quality products.

Egretia's solution:

In collaboration with Egret Technology, the world leader in the HTML5 industry, Egretia is committed to building the world's first HTML5 Blockchain tool and platform, combining blockchain technology with tools, Egretia's community and verified content are aiming to serve more than 1 billion mobile devices joining the HTML5 world.

Egretia User Ecosystem:

  • Based on the amount of Content provided by Egret Engine that has covered hundreds of millions of users, Egretia will create a unique encrypted passport for each user, this will ensure security, uniqueness and Safe for ecosystem participants.
  • Provides users with a highly secure digital wallet that serves as a secure payment platform for all HTML5 Blockchain applications.
  • Generate tokens circulating in HTML5 projects around the world: Egreten.
  • Due to the transparency and irreversibility of the blockchain, as well as the unique passport of each user, in the entire content system built by Egretia, Egretia can accurately describe the users, build the system. credits and users can securely communicate with other users around the world in Egretia, make friends and exchange virtual assets, etc.
  • Building a sustainable and effective ecosystem for users.
  • Technically Egretia will have the following improvements:
  • The blockchain functionality is designed to integrate into the Egret Engine and front-end development tools, including more than 200.000 developers. Bringing Egreten tokens to hundreds of thousands of games and applications, including over 1 billion users worldwide.
  • Integrate blockchain technology into sensible back-end services, using node servers around the world to provide HTML5 products with fast communications solutions and reliable smart contract management server logic.
  • Egretia will create a complete development toolkit, documentation and development community to provide the best, convenient, and cost-effective development ecosystem.

About operating the system:

  • Egretia has a global professional team on game and app distribution, through the existing Egret game platform with 40 million monthly active users, managing content that has integrated Egretia's token payment system to ensure the global circulation of Egreten.
  • Egretia has a well-established advertising platform for promoting Egreten-based games and products with strategic partners like Facebook and Google.

How does the Egreten token work?

Egreten Token be used throughout the ecosystem and in the following cases:

  • Developers use well-built tools + SDKs to quickly develop products that use the Egreten token as a means of payment.
  • Users can use Egreten to buy in-game items, pay for content ...
  • Users can use Egreten to participate in lotteries, discounts and other promotions on Egretia worldwide.
  • The user can gain Egreten as a reward by participating in the crowdfunding of the game on Egretia.
  • Developers and content publishers may use Egreten to advertise on the Egretia advertising platform.
  • Distributors can receive Egreten through the distribution of content, advertising ...
  • The Egreten e-wallet is created based on the user's unique passport, to securely store users' virtual assets, crowdfunding rewards, platform rewards ...


Egretia's blockchain

The platform includes a development workflow based on blockchain technology, four core products and a technology incubator, providing comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players and content providers. , channels and advertisers, and build a perfect ecosystem. And the whole platform uses a DPOS consensus mechanism, proven for speed and stability by Bitshare, EOS, LISK.

These products include:

  1. Virtual asset trading platform: Provides a platform that allows players of games built on Egretia to trade digital assets.
  2. Advertising platform: Building an advertising management system on blockchain-based games, smart contracts and electronic payments.
  3. Platform game: Players can play games on this platform, the platform uses the mechanism of proof-of-game (POG) to reward electronic money for players and share it with friends.
  4. Egretia Incubator: The incubator will support game development teams on Egretia's platform, creating a bridge between the player and the development team.
  5. Storage platform: By using blockchain technology allows storing all data in the game completely distributed.
  6. Game development platform: The first HTML5 game development software on the blockchain.


The project intends to create a separate blockchain, but it is mentioned that it will support other blockchains in the future (Ethereum, EOS, ...) and is considered a BaaS (Blockchain As a Service) to serve the Game industry. , the current ad made by Egret Tech has more than 1% market share in China. The Egret Engine will provide the Egretia BaaS SDK, allowing easy access to the blockchain for all Egret games. Through the Egretia BaaS SDK, developers can create games on the blockchain or move Egret's existing games onto the blockchain easily.


How are EGT tokens distributed?

  • Total token issued: EGT
  • Public sale in ICO: 39%
  • Platform development: 27%
  • Marketing and business partners: 14%
  • Team, Advisors and collaborators: 20%


Egretia project development roadmap

  • Quarter 2 / 2018: Release development tools, smart contracts and test chains.
  • Quarter 3 / 2018: Released the first batch of electronic gaming products and applications on the Egretia blockchain.
  • Quarter 4 / 2018: Release of alpha version of Egretia Blockchain SDK development toolkit.
  • Quarter 1 / 2019: Release an electronic wallet version for users.
  • Quarter 2 / 2019: Release game development platform on blockchain.
  • Quarter 3 / 2019: Complete Egretia virtual asset trading platform
  • Quarter 4 / 2019: Complete the Egretia advertising platform
  • Quarter 01 / 2020: Support for other blockchain platforms like Ethereum, EOS ...
  • Quarter 02 / 2020: Released the first complete version of Egretia blockchain.


Egretia project development team

Core members of the development team Egretia project including experts from Qualcomm, Adobe, Microsoft, etc., ... as well as experts in Blockchain technology, Game, design. Especially Edwin Chen Founder and CEO of Egret Tech has a lot of experience in this market.


Besides, Egretia There are also reputable partners and investors from many different fields:


Comments on the Egretia project

The fast and strong game industry in the coming years is a premise for Egretia The following graph shows the trend of the game industry over the years:

- Egretia is a partner of Egret Tech, is a leading game engine development company headquartered in Beijing who has many years in the field of development of Game Engine based on HTML5. 200,000 developers and many major partners: Microsoft, Xiaomi, Tencent .... So when working with Egret Tech, Egretia will have a great leverage to grow faster in the future because the customer base is already available, the experience is also very much in the industry.

- Whitepaper writing in great detail about what they will do proves they have thoroughly researched this industry, furthermore Q2-Q3 2018 will launch their own blockchain proving they have also carefully prepared for their business plan. this joint.

- Experienced development team from large companies such as NVIDIA (specialized in game engine, graphics card, Qualcom, Adobe. Edwin Chen CEO of the project is also founder, CEO of Egretech will obviously have Advisor has Mr. Lucas Luu, the chairman of Cybermiles (CMT) project, who also served as CTO of Alibaba Mobile, Frank Lee is CEO of GridSeed, the company that makes ASIC Litecoin miners. Firstly, also Angel Investor of famous projects in the world about Game, IoT, AR.

- However, from an objective perspective, although China has now led the game industry, the Game Engine, recently countries around the world have begun to invest heavily in this industry, so there will be There could be a more intense competition in the future, which will lead to the profits not meeting the company's expectations. Moreover, the potential competitors in the trading and advertising industry, in-game advertising has gone ahead with certain successes such as: GAMECreditRefereum is also a factor to consider

Strengths of the project:

  • The project targets the very potential game development market with a growth rate of over 10% a year. It is expected that HTML5 game revenue will reach 100 billion in the next decade.
  • The idea of ​​the project is quite good to solve the current problems of the game industry, developing the first blockchain game development platform.
  • The development team and advisory team are both experienced in the field of video games, blockchain technology used to work in large companies such as NVIDIA (Game Engine, Graphics, Qualcom, Adobe). In addition, the project also receives investment from some large funds like Bit Angel. This partly confirms the feasibility of the project. Especially, the advisory group has a great influence in the field of cryptocurrencies.
  • Egretia is currently a partner of Egret Tech that allows the product to integrate and reach the current community of more than 200,000 developers, many major partners Microsoft, Xiaomi, Tencent, and 75% of the market share of HTML5 games at China.
  • The project is currently in beta testing.

See more information about the Egretia project

Guide to invest in the ICO project of Egretia by buying EGT Token

Similar to the ICO project Merculet, Egretia will cooperate with Tokeneed and open token sale publicly on Tokeneed, so you need to register for an account and conduct KYC (identity verification) at Tokeneed, KYC is a mandatory condition for participating in Egretia's ICO so you have to do KYC okay. The steps to register for an account and verify your KYC identity have been guided in great detail in the Merculet article, click come in To watch and follow. If you have already registered and KYC then do not need to do it anymore, just deposit ETH into Tokeneed and wait for the Token purchase date.

About 10 day another is ICO open for sale, you quickly register and do KYC to timely participate in ICO, because after sending KYC will need a period of about 2,3 days for their team to review, if you fail have to do again. Merculet project open for sale only min Only token has been bought out, if you do not want to miss the opportunity with Merculet, prepare yourself and act quickly when buying. Your job now is “Sign up for an account"And"Verify KYC"Also, how to buy Token, I will update as soon as possible.

Instruction to buy EGT Token on Tokeneed

Update: There is a video of how to buy Token on Tokeneed, you watch from the minute 4:30 okay, this is the video that the Tokeneed admin instructs so of course it is in English, after this time I will do detailed instructions with pictures, you just need to look at the operation, in which note the part "Transaction password"(This is the password when you register for an account with this part), after successful purchase, the token will be in the"LibraAccount and after about 5,6 weeks they will return the ETH wallet you filled in your Tokeneed account.

Video to buy tokens on Tokeneed

Remember to watch it Fanpage , and Telegram of Virtual money blog to update as soon as possible offline. If you have any problems, please leave a comment below and I will support you.


Above is the article "[ICO Review] What is Egretia? Potential ICO investment project to open token sale in MayHope to help you with more useful information and general reviews ICO project this of Egretia Coin. This is an extremely potential ICO project Virtual money blog Highly appreciated, moreover, this is a pure ICO, not MLM, you determine that you will invest in the long term, instead of eating like the MLM ICO projects.

Recommendation: All content in "ICO investment”Belongs to the content of the press release. Investors should be cautious before engaging in investment or taking any action in relation to the advertised company. Virtual money blog No liability is accepted for any loss or damage related to the use or belief in the content mentioned in the article.

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