DoiTienAo: A newly launched cryptocurrency exchange in Vietnam


Doitienao floor

Probably everyone knows many trading floors in VND already. To diversify the places of sale and purchase for everyone, today I introduce about DoiTienAo floor.

Although newly established, the interface is quite simple and good looking.

What can you trade on DoiTienAo?

At the exchange you can trade popular cryptocurrencies like:

  • USDT
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • XRP

In addition, you can also buy and sell Perfectmoney USD, Perfectmoney EUR in VND.

Instructions for registering and verifying DoiTienAo floor account


To register on DoiTienAo floor, you access the link: Next, click the register button on the top right of the screen! Finally enter your username, first and last name, phone number or email and press Enter registration .

Register Doitienao floor account


After successful registration without limitation, you can proceed with authentication.

First you go to the section account information -> Correct the information to enter the missing information.

If you have complete information, click on the button Not authenticated Then follow the instructions.

Authenticating Doitienao account

For document verification, you need your ID / Residence Card or Passport. You need to upload a photo of the front (back) of the document and a portrait of the document as done.

Verify Doitienao floor papers

After signing up, verify that you can buy and sell. To know how to trade on the floor, I will present in the next section.

Instruction to buy and sell on DoiTienAo

To buy or sell coins on the exchange, you have two ways:

  • Buy and sell in VND via bank (Vietcombank, Techcombank)
  • Buying and selling with coins

Buy and sell in VND

Transactions are also quite simple. At the homepage you enter the trading area as shown below.

Buy and sell coins in VND on the doitienao exchange

For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin in VND, select the tab to buy the "I want"You choose Bitcoin and"I have"Select Vietcombank then press Continue.

Next enter the quantity you want to buy and the address to receive coins. Done then you press the button Continue.

Enter the number of coins you want to buy

Here, you send VND according to floor information provided within 30 minutes. If past this time the order will be canceled.

Transfer VND according to floor information provided

The way to sell is similar instead of entering your coin address and then transferring VND as you bought it. Now you just need to enter your bank account number and name.

Next to move the coin to the account of the floor is done.

Transfer coins according to floor information provided

Buying and selling with coins

Exchange on Doitienao exchange is a function that you can exchange from coin to coin easily.

To exchange, you choose Exchange on the menu bar or press the button Change at the trading part I made earlier.

Next, choose the coin you have and the coin you want to exchange. For example, here I will choose Bitcoin to convert to PM EUR.

After you have made your selection, press the button Continue ok

Instructions for exchanging virtual money

Enter the number of coins you want to exchange and the receiving address of the coin you need to exchange. If it is PM, then you need to enter your account number and account name offline.

Enter the number of coins you want to exchange

Finally, send the coins you want to exchange to the address of the exchange.

Payment of exchanged coins

If you have any questions about Doitienao floor, click the right button at the bottom of the screen for support!

This is a promotional article. Everyone find out before trading offline.

Blogtienao will not be responsible for any damages!

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