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CSC attends Global Blockchain Day, accelerates ecosystem expansion

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On December 29, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) attended the Global Blockchain Day 2022, taking place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

With the theme “Into the Infinity Con-Verse”, the event attracted many Vietnamese startups and encouraged them to launch blockchain applications focused on gaming and finance, to address the barriers of development. blockchain technology. The festival brought together blockchain experts, as well as thousands of customers and young people interested in this field.

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The exhibition invited many big-name international blockchain companies, including Binance. coinex – a global cryptocurrency exchange – and CSC was also invited to participate as a sponsor. The company has set up on-site brand booths and spoke online on metaverse. While the public chain interacts directly with users and project teams, CSC has built a bridge of friendship and mutual benefit between itself and the blockchain community in Vietnam.

An open, interoperable and efficient public chain

Since its founding over a year ago, CSC has sought to build a decentralized, efficient, interoperable and open financial system.

As the public chain strives to achieve its grand goal: “Becoming the infrastructure of the blockchain world” through steady efforts, CSC is facilitating the transformation of blockchain infrastructure as well as Expansion of the application ecosystem.

When it comes to blockchain infrastructure, CSC focuses on providing infrastructure services to developers and users. Over the past 12 months, the public chain has made many technical upgrades. For example, the chain has released its mainnet CSC and blockchain explorer, as well as the CSC Cross-chain Bridge, which supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and TRON.

In addition, with the CSC Cross-chain Bridge, users do not need to pay any fees for swapping one asset built on another chain into a CSC asset. Explorer of the public chain has also been optimized several times. They currently support CRC721 NFT, contract verification, and on-chain data summarization.

In addition, CSC also set up a plan to support up to millions of dollars and a special grant of 5 million dollars for the Metaverse Ecosystem to pursue the development of the ecosystem and empower projects. new judgment.

The chain also kicks in Ambassador recruitment program around the world to bring back many projects to the CSC ecosystem. Last September, CSC held the first hackathon and attracted promising projects and excellent developers to CSC. The second CSC Global Hackathon Grants will officially start on August 9. The public chain will welcome more new groups and projects to join the hackathon and encourage them to join hands in developing the CSC ecosystem (the second lLink CSC Global Hackathon Grants: https://cscchallenge. devpost.com/).

Attending the event in Vietnam, CSC witnessed the rapid development of blockchain technology in the country. In recent years, Vietnam has impressed the world with successful projects such as Axie Infinity, Coin98 and Kyber Network. According to TechSci Research - a global market research firm, Vietnam's key industries such as healthcare, energy, transportation and manufacturing need to integrate blockchain.

It is expected that from 2023 to 2027, the blockchain market in Vietnam will double in size. The exhibition allows CSC to penetrate the local market, engage with blockchain developers in Vietnam, and bring more prominent projects to the CSC ecosystem.

Honored to be invited to the Global Blockchain Day, CSC discussed future application trends and blockchain implementations with colleagues from around the world. Going forward, CSC will continue to commit to the industry and strive to achieve even more success together with many blockchain companies around the world. Together, CSC and colleagues will strengthen the blockchain space advantage and empower the advancement of blockchain technology globally.

About CoinEx

coinex is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, established in 2017 by CEO Haipo Yang. CoinEx is not only an exchange but also a rich ecosystem of: ViaBTC mining pool, Cryptocurrency wallet ViaWallet, Decentralized exchange OneSwap, smart contract chain, and most recently the charity – CoinEx Charity.

Besides, with continuous development and efforts, CoinEx has changed the motto of the exchange to "make cryptocurrency trading easier" to make CoinEx a place to meet the needs of the crypto exchanges. inexperienced traders as well as veteran traders.

In addition, when the whole market entered a long-term bearish phase, the exchange understood the psychology of users wanting to make money in the bear market to launch a number of features to help “beating Future” is easier than ever.

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