[ICO Review] What are Credits? Potential ICO investment project to sell CS Token - Bonus 30%


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Update: Credits (CS) Officially on many exchanges such as KuCoin, Tidex, IDEX, .. with the current price of 0,9 USD, about 10 times higher than the ICO price. CS coin's trading volume over the past 24 hours is approximately $ 10 million. If you are lucky enough to buy Tokens during the ICO, you can currently transfer Tokens to one of the above exchanges to sell or buy more. In particular, the Kucoin exchange has the largest trading volume and I also recommend you to trade on this, see the guide on Kucoin exchange. squid fishing tours.

If you already have profit from this project and want to support me, you can send ETH or BTC to me:

  • ETH wallet: 0xF24A8982ED6E1aD99e2A02747D0EA2fcF0e581a8
  • BTC wallet: 3Lyhb96ZfZX59oSaf1VJybyxy1MoXMjcDx

What are credits?

Credits is an open blockchain platform (protocol with smart contracts) and owns its own internal digital currency, Credits coin (symbol: CS). CREDITS allows you to build and manage financial services with high transaction processing speeds of up to 1 million transactions per second and an average of 3 seconds per transaction, low transaction fees.

CREDITS truly opening up new opportunities for using blockchain technology in the financial sector. Being an open platform means that users and companies can create online services that apply on the blockchain protocol.

What's special about the Credits project?

System of Credits is a distributed database with blockchain principles - decentralized management and transaction of digital assets, immutable records.

  • Distributed, decentralized, and open source hosting.
  • Support for public and private networks.
  • Each entry is entered into the blockchain / ledger database without using Merkle trees and sidechains through a voluntary settlement agreement.
  • Programmed in C / C ++ with OOP principles - can build other compilers.
  • Allow to set the transaction level.
  • This system is scalable (as the number of nodes increases, the number of transactions processed per unit of time increases)
  • Transactions are added to the block for the following consensus.
  • Consensus mechanism: linking nodes is allowed to make decisions.
  • Virtual machine (VM) is used to perform smart contracts. Each contract is done in a separate isolated environment to enhance security at the VM, development is allowed in the Script language (such as JavaScript), extending work with scheduling and scheduling.
  • PoW (Proof-of-work) + PoC (Proof-of-Capacity). Coins are issued in advance with a certain amount.

Specification of the ICO Credits project

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Credits ICO project information

  • Symbol: CS
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • ICO Token price: 1 ETH = 5000 CS
  • Minimum purchase: 0.01 ETH
  • Capital raising targets: 20,000,000 USD
  • Total token amount: 1,000,000,000 CS
  • The amount of tokens sold in the ICO: 600.000.000 CS
  • Accept payment: ETH and BTC
  • Pre-sale time: Come 31/12 , and Bonus 30% (Finished)
  • ICO period: 15/02 come 28/02/2018 (Finished)

How are Credits CS tokens distributed?

  • Sell ​​during an ICO: 60% Token
  • Commission fee: 2% Token
  • Rose bug: 2% Token
  • Founder: 15% Token
  • Adviser: 1% Token
  • Maintain platform activity: 20% Token

All tokens not sold out in the Pre-sale will be transferred to sell in the ICO, and if after the end of the ICO there are still tokens, the tokens will be destroyed (burned).

Credits project development roadmap

  • 10.2017: Pre-Sale
  • 01.2018: Start ICO
  • 02.2018: Listed on the trading floor
  • 03.2018: The first user
  • 06.2018: Developing new services

Development team of CREDITS project

  • Chugunov Igor (CEO & Founder): 12 years in the banking industry. Participate in IT projects, banking and internet credit services, affiliate marketing for banks and PDL companies. Business experience with blockchain: 2 years. Since 2016 working at CREDITS platform
  • Evgeniy Butyaev (CTO): Engineer (software development) with more than 10 years of experience. Blockchain experience: more than 3 years. Participating in building blockchain-based solutions for clients including State Street; Blockchain-based solution in NGA. From 2016 - working at CREDITS platform.
  • Valentin Antonov (Team Lead): Programmer. Experience: more than 10 years. In the blockchain industry for about 2 years.
  • Merejkin Michael (WEB Developer): Programmer. Join the team in 2016. Web application development specialist. In the project he is responsible for customizing the web application. Experience with MS SQL, understand the functions of a relational DBMS. The web is based on ASP.NET applications.
  • Matushkina Elena (PR Manager): Experience in PR field for more than 7 years. Develop brand and communication products and via the Internet.
  • Bruce Sadia (Development Management): Master of Communication and International PR. Over 3 years working experience in the IT field. She is responsible for communicating with internal and external partners of the organization.
  • Kyle Wang (Senior Consultant of IBM Cleveland, USA): "CREDITS is a new way of innovating cryptoeconomic in blockchain."
  • Artjom Aminov (Blockchain Architect at F&L Galaxy, inc London, UK): Developer and architect of high-availability server-side application based on blockchain technology.
  • Tyler Perry-Smith (Investor, enthusiast Savitr Capital San Francisco): "CREDITS can be the catalyst that will upgrade blockchain capabilities in business!"

See more information about the CREDITS ICO project

Guide to invest ICO project of Credits by buying CS Token

Similar to ICO projects developed on the ethereum blockchain based on ERC20 standard, to buy CS tokens, you need an address. MyEtherWallet wallet (MEW) or ImToken (mobile wallet), here I will guide you with MEW wallets, if you do not have MEW wallet, please see the instructions for creating and using squid fishing tours.

Next you need to prepare BTC or ETH to buy Token (Credits only accept BTC or ETH), I instructed to buy with ETH because ETH trades much faster than BTC. If you already have ETH in MEW wallet, then it's good, if you are on the floor or any other wallet, you need to switch to MEW wallet, and if not, then go to exchange Vicuta.com purchased and then transferred to MEW. In case Vicuta announces all the coins, you can go to Remitano to buy them.

note: Absolutely do not send ETH or BTC from wallets on exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, .. or Blockchain wallets, Coinbase, .. must use wallets with access to Private Key such as MEW or Imtoken.

You can see the instructions to buy ETH on the Vicuta and Remitano exchanges above, in which you note the section “How to buy ETH ..."Will have a place to enter"Your ETH wallet address"Then you can enter your MEW wallet address. After purchasing ETH and transferring it to MEW wallet, you start to buy CS Token as follows: (This project does not need to register for an account, but buy directly)

Step 1: First, you visit here https://credits.com/vi then scroll down and click on the button “PARTICIPATE IN PRE-ICO".

How to buy CS tokens. Photo 1

Step 2: Here you enter Email , and MyEtherWallet wallet address Your turn on boxes 1 and 2 as I circled in red. Finished click "Continue".

How to buy CS tokens. Photo 2

Step 3: This step Credits will give you an ETH wallet address as I circled below, now access MyEtherWallet wallet to transfer ETH to this wallet address.

How to buy CS tokens. Photo 3

Step 4: Go to www.myetherwallet.com select “Send Ether & Tokens"Then login, here you enter the following information:

  • To Address: Copy and paste into the ETH wallet address Credits provides Step 3 above
  • Amount to Send: Enter the ETH you want to buy Token (1ETH buy 5000 Token CS). You should note that the smaller the ETH balance you have. For example, if you have 1.12ETH, you should only enter 1.1ETH and not deducting the transaction fee.
  • Gas Limit: This section you fix into 300000

Note the "Gas Price: .."On the menu, you leave the range above 40, this is the ETH transaction fee, because the ETH fee is very small, so I set max 60 to confirm the transaction quickly.

Finished, you click on "Generate Transaction"

How to buy CS tokens. Photo 4

Step 5: Continue to scroll down and click on “Send Transaction".

How to buy CS tokens. Photo 5

Step 6: Continue to click on "Yes, I am sure! Make transaction".

How to buy CS tokens. Photo 6

Step 7: If there is a color message blue As shown below, you have successfully transferred.

note: In case the report is successful, but maybe your ETH has not been deducted yet, you must log in to your MEW wallet to see the balance of ETH deducted. Just let me know, the green newspaper.

How to buy CS tokens. Photo 7

Step 8: After successfully sending ETH, you will receive a CS Token in the MEW wallet immediately, I have not seen an ICO project that pays Token as fast as Credits, hours to check the number CS token If you have returned to your MEW wallet or not, click "Tokens (Ethplorer.io)"Right below"Transaction History".

How to buy CS tokens. Photo 8

You will see your CS Token number under “Token Balances".

How to buy CS tokens. Photo 9

Ok, got it That's it, I have guided you How to buy the Token CS of the ICO Credits project That's right, now your job is to wait until it is on the floor, then move it to the floor to sell or store it longer than when the price goes up. I repeat CREDITS is a traditional ICO project, not MLM coin, so the ability to go on the floor x5, x10, .. x20 is quite difficult, but you have to invest in a long term according to the project's roadmap, do not play "win" like MLM coin okay.


Above is the article "[ICO Review] What are Credits? Potential ICO investment project to sell CS Token - Bonus 30%Hope to help you with more useful information and general reviews ICO project this of Credits Coin. This is an ICO project that mainly investors from USA, Brazil, India, Canada, Russia, .. very few Vietnam, because it is a traditional ICO not MLM. You can access the website https://credits.com/ To learn more information before making an investment decision.

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Recommendation: All content in "ICO investment”Belongs to the content of the press release. Investors should be cautious before engaging in investment or taking any action in relation to the advertised company. Virtual money blog No liability is accepted for any loss or damage related to the use or belief in the content mentioned in the article.

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