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What is Coinmarketcap? Basic features explanation and instructions

Coinmarketcap.com is a website you cannot ignore if you are learning about Cryptocurrency, one of the most reputable information sites today about Cryptocurrency.

With the process of formation and development. The interface and new functions have changed a lot over time. This article will update you with all that information. Then start now.

What is Coinmarketcap?

Coinmarketcap or coinmarket is a statistical information page of all virtual currencies (cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency, digital currency or cryptocurrency) being circulated around the world, including Bitcoin and Altcoins. .

Introduction cmc

Usually before investing in a certain coin you should see if that coin is on the coinmarket or not. If not, you should consider carefully before investing. Because coinmarketcap will look very carefully at the criteria of a coin before listing its coin.

The process of formation and development

Founded by Brandon Chez in May 5, CoinMarketCap has quickly grown to become the most trusted source by users, institutions and the media to compare thousands of and commonly cited cryptocurrencies. by CNBC, Bloomberg and other major news outlets.

In April 4, CoinMarketCap was acquired by Binance. Binance is the global blockchain company behind the world's largest digital asset exchange by trading volume and users.

Highlights of Coinmarketcap

You can find it on coinmarketcap.com Detailed information about any coin such as:

  • Number of transactions in the last 24 hours.
  • The change in value over 24h as a percentage.
  • Total number of coins in circulation.
  • Official website, social networking sites.
  • Total market capitalization.

Currently, on the coinmarketcap statistics floor, there are more than 16000 coin and it is not a site to buy and sell coins or give advice about any coin, but simply a tool to help you monitor the fluctuations in the value of coins from which to give a reasonable investment direction.

Down here Cryptocurrency Blog will show you how to use and explain the basic features on the site coin market cap ok

Introducing the main interface of Coinmarketcap

coinmarketcap homepage

The main interface of Coinmarketcap is divided into 7 parts, the information is as follows:

(1): Global Crypto Index Info:

  • Crypto: Total number of cryptocurrencies listed on CMC at the moment.
  • Exchanges: Total number of exchanges.
  • Market Cap: The total market capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market. Tracking this indicator also helps you to know how much money is pouring into the market.
  • 24h Vol: Data on trading volume for 24 hours.
  • Dominance: Bitcoin dominance, or the percentage of capitalization that Bitcoin has to the total capitalization of the entire Cryptocurrency market, Ethereum is similar.
  • ETH Gas: Given the popularity of defi platforms, CoinMarketCap shows you the current Ethereum gas fees you might want to make trades with.

(2): Coinmarketcap logo and dashboard

(3): Customize interface, language, currency, Personal information of your account, earn Coinmarketcap rewards by completing tasks. And the search function bar.

(4): News, events, learning or Airdrop,…

(5): Hightlight on Coinmarketcap:

  • Trending: Trending coins on Coinmarketcap.
  • Biggest Gainers: Coins with the best growth.
  • Recently Added: New coins listed on CMC most recently.

(6) Some information is provided:

  • Watchlist: A list of crypto followers created according to user intent.
  • Portfolio: Your portfolio.
  • Cryptocurrencies, Categories, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, ..: Categorize cryptocurrency searches as whole or by ecosystem, etc.
  • There is also the function of filtering and customizing according to many different indicators. You manipulate by choosing Filters and Customize

(7): Displays a list of cryptocurrencies with some key information about:

  • Logo, Name of coin, Symbol of coin (Ticker).
  • Price: The price of the coin (in USD).
  • Market cap: Market capitalization (in USD).
  • Volume (24H): Trading volume in the last 24 hours (in USD).
  • 24H%: 24h volatility. The value of that coin changed in the last 24 hours in %.
  • 7D%: 7 day volatility. The chart shows the change in the value of that coin over the past 7 days in %.
  • Circulating supply: The amount of coins in circulation.
  • Last 7 Days: Sparkline. The chart shows the change in the value of that coin over the past 7 days.

Details of a Coin /Token

Part 1

At the list of cryptocurrencies below you just need to click on the coin/token you want to find out detailed information about. Here I take Bitcoin to illustrate the information obtained:

(1) Project Name, Ticker, Rank

  • Project name: Name of the project
  • Ticker: Project coin/token symbol
  • Rank: The rank of cryptocurrency market cap.
  • On…Watchlists: The number of users adding projects to the list for them to follow. You tick the star next to how to do it.

(2) Website, Community, Whitepaper

  • Project website
  • Explorers: The blockchain explorer link allows you to view the live activity of transactions on the project's blockchain network.
  • Community: Join a project community or chat group.
  • Soure code
  • Whitepaper: Official project report.
  • Tags: Tags related to the project.

(3) The price of the coin. 24 hour change percentage indicator.

(4) Market Cap, Fully Diluted Market Cap, Volume 24h

  • Market Cap: The total market capitalization of the circulating supply of cryptocurrencies. Calculated by multiplying the final market price of the cryptocurrency by the circulating supply.
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency if the maximum supply of the cryptocurrency is in circulation.
  • Volume 24h: The specified amount of cryptocurrency that has been traded in the last 24 hours. This number is obtained by calculating the reporting level of exchanges.
  • Circulating Supply: Amount of coins in circulation.
  • Volume/Marketcap: Ratio between trading volume and market capitalization.
  • Max Supply: The number of tokens that will last for the lifetime of the project.
  • Total Supply: Amount of coins/tokens currently in existence and in circulation or locked. Or is it the total amount mined (or released) minus the total amount burned or destroyed.

coinmarketcap coin information

Part 2

(1) Control Panel 

  • Overview: Chart of coin by price, by Market cap, by tradingview and by price chart with recent important events related to the project.
  • Market: Exchanges that list coins with trading pairs and the volume of those trading pairs.
  • Historical Data: The function helps you to check the exact information of the coin's data at a specific date. For example, on December 25, 12, BTC opened and closed at what price, what was the highest price, what was the lowest price. Also helps you to check the volume and Market cap of BTC that day.
  • Holders: Information about the total number of people holding or holding BTC, the wallets that hold the most BTC, etc.
  • Project info: Information about the project team, investors and members on the community.
  • Wallets: Usable wallets.
  • News: The latest news related to the project.
  • Ratings: Comparative metrics used to assess the fundamental health of cryptocurrency projects.

(2) Overview: The coin's chart by price, by Market cap, by tradingview and by price chart with attached recent important events related to the project.

(3) BTC Price Statistics

In addition to some of the information that has been recorded in this section, here you know some more facts such as:

  • 7d Low / 7d High: Lowest and highest price in 7 days.
  • 30d Low / 30d High: Lowest and highest price in 30 days.
  • 90d Low / 90d High: Lowest and highest price in 90 days.
  • 52 Week Low / 52 Week High: Lowest and highest price in 1 year.
  • All Time High: The highest price the coin has ever reached and the specific time.
  • All Time Low: The lowest price the coin has ever reached and a specific time.

coinmarketcap coin information 02

Details of an exchange

Currently, CMC divides into 4 types of exchanges and ranks as follows:

  • Spot: Coinmarketcap currently tracks 306 “Spot” exchanges. CoinMarketCap ranks and scores exchanges based on traffic, liquidity, trading volume, and trust in the legitimacy of reported trading volumes.
  • Derivatives: CoinMarketCap ranks the top crypto derivatives exchanges based on trading volume. The list currently has 32 decks.
  • DEX: CoinMarketCap ranks top decentralized exchanges based on trading volume, share of DeFi markets. The list currently has 140 exchanges.
  • Lending: CoinMarketCap ranks the top crypto lending exchanges based on trading volume.


For detailed information about a floor, simply click on a floor that you want to learn. I choose Binance exchange as an example. Currently, Binance is at the top of the list of exchanges in terms of both spot and Derivatives.

Information you get:

(1) Volume 24H on Binance

(2) Website, Trading fees and Community information on Binance Telegram and Twitter.

(3) List of trading pairs on Biance. You can choose by category: spot, futures, perpetual or filter your search by trading pairs with (USDT, USD, BUSD).


New updates on Coinmarketcap

NFT listing page

Although CMC already has a list of NFT-related tokens on CoinMarketCap, it is also important to show NFT asset ratings so that you can have an overview of the NFT.


Crypto Events Calendar

When you are researching investment opportunities, it is essential to have one place to capture all the major events from the projects.

Maybe you want to join an AMA to learn more about a project or to anticipate a plan or project that interests you. All of these aspects are important to keep an eye on and are listed when you choose Calendar -> Events Calendar.


Coinmarketcap lists all the major events in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem so you are always up to date.


ICO calendar & ICO information

ICO (initial coin offering) or IDO (initial DEX offering) is important in providing opportunities for crypto investors.

Done by selecting Calendar -> ICO Calendar.


With more information displayed for a project and initial offering, all the data and information presented is an important source of information. Coinmarketcap also added some useful information such as token payment schedule and % allocated, owner information.

coinmarketcap ico 02

Fiat vs Crypto and Company vs Crypto Rating

The new rankings give you a comparison of different asset classes and can also help you make some investment decisions.

cmc fiat company

Price estimation

There are different methods for estimating cryptocurrency prices, but none are 100% accurate.

Instead of having to think hard to find a method, CMC thinks that with the power of knowledge of the whole community it is possible to make a good prediction of how the cryptocurrency trend will play out?

Put your estimate for the next 6 months then “Submit” and see what others are thinking about it. Part "Price estimation” displayed below the details of a coin/token.


Airdrop calendar & airdrop campaigns

Airdrops are a regular occurrence in the crypto world. This is a job to bridge the gap between projects and users. CMC provides a platform for its users to access all these benefits more easily.


Heat map

New heat map prepared for users can easily judge the market by red/blue color.

Switch back and forth between the two tabs as shown on the Coinmarketcap homepage to enable Heatmap.

turn on heatmap

Heatmap will display as below:


Advanced Portfolio

CoinMarketCap adds a new score so that a few clicks you can have different portfolios for different purposes.

Choose "Portfolio” on the dashboard to access your catalog.


For detailed instructions on using portfolio, please refer to the following video:

Token Swap

Coinmarketcap gives you the ability to connect to your wallet and do swaps on Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Choose Product -> Swaps to perform.


CMC supports many types of wallets, you can see an illustration of the swap interface.

token swap 02

CoinMarketCap Diamonds

This is Marketcap's loyalty program. Whether you have been with CMC for a long time or are new to using it. From now on, don't forget to collect diamonds and in the near future there will be some cool rewards that you can redeem your diamonds.

Click select "diamond logo” right next to your profile to access the program.

coinmarketcap loyal customers

Predict which country wants to make crypto-currency legal

Immediately after El Salvador accepts Bitcoin as legal currency, there may be many countries following El Salvador's adoption. CMC wanted to know more about user thoughts and ran a small prediction tournament. Enter for predictions and have a chance to win more diamonds.

cmc predicts crypto acceptance

Important indicators on CoinMarketCap that traders need to pay attention to


Bitcoin dominance rate indicates the percentage of Market Cap of the entire Market dedicated to BTC.

Although market volatility is usually determined by the movement of Bitcoin. But when Bitcoin Dominance is low, the smaller cryptocurrency will get investor attention.

For example: When you check Dominance and decrease, this will be a good signal for Altcoins.

Market Cap

The Market Cap shows you the total market value of the circulating supply of cryptocurrencies. This is calculated by multiplying the price of the cryptocurrency by the circulating supply of that coin/token.

For example: Bitcoin price is $50.000 with the current circulating supply at press time of 18,911,350 BTC. The market cap would then be the result of multiplying 18,911,350 by $50.000 making BTC's market capitalization $945,567,500,000

Fully Diluted Market Cap

Or Fully Diluted Market Cap. This data tells you the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency if the maximum supply of the cryptocurrency is in circulation.

Virtually the circulating supply of crypto-assets is not its maximum supply as many crypto-assets remain untapped.

For example: Bitcoin has a circulating supply of 18,911,350 BTC but its max supply is 21 million BTC.

On Coinmarketcap, coins have an unlimited number of mines, you will see these indicators left blank in the “Fully Diluted Market Cap”.

Volume 24H

The index gives you the amount of a specified cryptocurrency that has been traded in the last 24 hours. This number is obtained by calculating the reports of many exchanges.

Circulating Supply

CoinMarketCap verifies the circulating supply through communication with the project. CMC's team asked project managers about details such as initial distribution, private allocation as well as the number of tokens locked in addresses for marketing purposes, etc. or some other purposes.

CMC also uses a number of other evaluation methods to give the most approximate or accurate value.


Here is the article "What is Coinmarketcap? How to use and explain the basic features of Coinmarket"Hopefully the article will bring you the most useful information.

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