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CoinEx – A global exchange committed to making cryptocurrency trading easier and making futures available to everyone

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Over the past few days, the cryptocurrency market has been constantly volatile. And as the bears took over the market, spot trading volumes recorded dismal numbers.

But with the development of the industry in recent years, trading futures (future contracts) is becoming more and more popular. The figures show that user demand for futures trading remains strong, despite the current downturn.

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Through futures contracts, crypto enthusiasts can establish positions when they believe the price will fall further – an attractive alternative for those who fear HODL coins will drive value. Their savings dropped.

But according to coinexSuch derivatives are often inaccessible to everyday users oriented towards the underlying products – especially since the offerings on many exchanges are geared towards professional investors.

Websites that offer cryptocurrency futures are often complex and difficult to navigate, meaning that the underlying user is likely to take on the risks they take in the process. And the lack of tutorials for newbies can also lead to misconceptions about how the product works.

CoinEx says it's trying to change all of this towards the end goal: “Makes Cryptocurrency Trading Easier”.

The trading platform is on a mission to make complex products easy to use – with comprehensive and simple instructions that help users understand crypto futures contracts. Video tutorials, illustrated tutorials are all available, and a simple, intuitively designed website reduces clutter and focuses on providing a first-class user experience. The customer support team is also available to answer any remaining questions.

According to the development team CoinEx exchange: “With the price of cryptocurrencies falling, spot trading has lost momentum while the futures market has risen and has become an area of ​​intense competition among major exchanges. CoinEx has taken a different approach. By providing simple yet effective futures services, we have successfully attracted a large number of new crypto investors.”

Global presence

Figures from CoinEx show that this customer-friendly approach is working – not only is the site integrated in 16 languages, but the exchange now has 3 million users in over 200 countries around the world. all over the world.

This platform for the purpose they "simplify" transactions is to help users "beat the market". And in addition to detailed position information for users to track their strategies, 180-day profit and loss analysis is also available for each account.

Giving customers more choices is also important. According to CoinEx, the platform is supporting a wide selection of futures trading pairs, with over 100 types of futures contracts currently available. The exchange says it has a full list of “premium” digital assets – and new coins are constantly being added. As a result, the exchange has become one of the top exchanges in terms of the number of supported cryptocurrencies.

CoinEx is now more than 5 years old and has never suffered a security attack. This achievement has given customers more peace of mind after many serious attacks in this area.

See more details about CoinEx here.

Work for

CoinEx founder and CEO Haipo Yang explained in a recent interview that cryptocurrencies are now an “indispensable” part of global wealth. However, it is a pity that most people who want to learn about this market have a misconception that the market is only suitable for "experts and professional investors".

That is why he wanted to provide an exchange designed for the public because to him, everyone deserves access to the industry.

“We work to remove users' doubts about the crypto industry and break the financial shackles. We want to send the message that cryptocurrency trading is a level playing field and participation is not the prerogative of certain groups of people.”

Serving the masses is a top goal for CoinEx in the future. The development team said it promises to continue to innovate so that crypto derivatives products are made available to everyone.

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