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What is Coin98 Wallet? [Guide to use Coin98 A – Z wallet]

For those who are passionate about learning about cryptocurrency, it is certainly no stranger to Coin98 Wallet - a type of cryptocurrency storage wallet developed by Vietnamese people.

In my personal opinion, the interface of Coin98 Wallet is very eye-catching, even slightly better than many other wallets on the market today. However, because the founding team wanted to develop many features on the wallet, there were many opinions that Coin98 was quite difficult to use, especially for newcomers.

So, in this article, I will guide everyone in detail how to use Coin98 Wallet, thereby making full use of the features of this application.

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What is Coin98 Wallet?

Coin98 Wallet is a kind of decentralized cryptocurrency storage wallet where users can securely store, send and receive their digital assets.

Up to now, Coin98 Wallet has supported almost all popular blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Huobi ECO Chain, Near, etc.

Besides, Coin98 Wallet also has both Mobile App and Extension versions, thereby becoming a gateway to help users get closer to the DeFi world.

Recently, Coin98 has released its token and is "big man" Binance preferentially put on Launchpad launcher for potential crypto projects. If everyone is interested in this event, you can refer to the article: 

What is Coin98 (C98)? Details of the 20th IEO on Binance Launchpad

Features of Coin98 Wallet

Here are the features that Coin98 Wallet supports users:

  • Experience Dapps directly on mobile wallet 

Because of the support for many different blockchain networks, users can use a variety of decentralized applications (Dapps) such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Venus, ... directly on Coin98 Mobile Wallet.

Thereby saving time, optimizing transaction fees and minimizing cumbersome operations compared to transactions on other wallets on the market.

  • Quick and simple money transfer

Normally, when you want to send electronic assets to someone, you will have to ask for their blockchain wallet address and then conduct the money transfer. Because the normal wallet address will be very long and many characters are difficult to remember, if you do not pay attention, it will be easy to send the wrong address and cause unfortunate property loss.

For Coin98 Wallet, sending and receiving cryptocurrency is minimized. People just need to enter the recipient's Coin98 Wallet username to be able to make a simple transaction.

  • High security

Revealing Private Key or Passphrase is a taboo in the cryptocurrency market, because just knowing one of these two pieces of information, a user's assets can be taken over by hackers at any time.

Private Key and Passphrase of the wallet are managed by the users themselves. And the people who work for Coin98 do not have access to any user's personal data at all.

  • Optimizing transaction costs

The sudden increase in gas fees in a short period of time is probably extremely uncomfortable for people. Coin98 Wallet will automatically optimize transaction costs and speed for users. 

At the same time, our users can also manually adjust the gas fee to suit their needs and purposes.

  • Manage multiple assets easily

You can easily create or restore a wallet and manage all your crypto assets with ease.

  • Multi-send feature

Unlike other e-wallets, Coin98 Wallet supports users to send ETH and ERC-20 tokens at the same time to many different wallet addresses and is not limited to the number of wallets. 

It is known that in the near future, Coin98 Wallet will expand and develop this interesting feature to add more blockchain networks.

  • Other function 

Besides, the Coin98 Wallet application also provides other interesting features to improve the investment efficiency of users such as: Flash News, Library, ...

features on coin98 wallet

Instructions for installing and using Coin98 Wallet

Install Coin98 Wallet App

  • For mobile devices

Currently, the Coin98 Wallet application is being run on both iOS and Android operating systems. People can go to the Appstore or CH Play and type “Coin98 Wallet” to start the process of downloading the application to their device.

  • For computer

For a web browser on a computer, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: Type Coin98 to search for this application.

Step 3: Next, at the Coin98 Wallet app, click Add to Chrome.

Step 4: Finally, click Add Extension to proceed to add this Extension to the machine.

coin98 wallet extension

Sign up for a Coin98 Wallet account

Here are the steps to register for a Coin98 Wallet account.

Step 1: Select the display language of the application (English or Vietnamese).

Step 2: Enter email to register.

Step 3: Enter the confirmation code sent to the email everyone entered in step 2, then enter the referral code (if any).

Step 4: To make your account more eye-catching, you can also upload your avatar, and then enter your identifier, display name and password to complete the account registration process.

register an account coin98 wallet

Detailed instructions for creating and restoring a wallet on Coin98 Wallet

How to create a new wallet on Coin98 Wallet

After successfully accessing the main page interface of Coin98 Wallet, if you do not have any wallet account, you can proceed to create a new one. Here are the operations to create a new wallet on Coin98 Wallet.

Step 1: Select Add Wallet.

Step 2: Select the wallet icon everyone wants to create a wallet, here I take Ethereum as an example → Select Create wallet.

Step 3: Name the wallet and click Create.

Step 4: Finally, you just need to re-enter the passphrase and private key and click on “I understand…” to complete the wallet creation process.

create wallet coin98 wallet

How to restore wallet on Coin98 Wallet

The operation to restore the wallet on Coin98 is also very simple, you just need to perform the following steps:

Step 1: Select Add wallet.

Step 2: Select the wallet chain you want to restore and then click Restore wallet.

Step 3: Enter wallet name and passphrase and then select "Connect ”.

Step 4: The wallet address everyone wants to recover will appear, then click Restore is to be.

Restore coin98 . wallet


– Everyone is required to save the Passphrase and Private Key in a safe place, and avoid giving these two important information to others. Otherwise, you may permanently lose the assets you have in your wallet.

– Everyone's Coin98 Wallet account works independently of the wallet. If you accidentally exit this Coin98 Wallet account and then log back in, everyone is required to have Passphrase and Private Key to be able to recover their entire wallet.

How to add new tokens to the wallet

First, to add any token, let's determine which blockchain the token belongs to. Then simply create or restore that blockchain's wallet. 

Activation and wallet management instructions

On Coin98 Wallet, people can create various wallets in the blockchain networks supported by Coin98. However, on the main interface of the application will only display a unique wallet corresponding to each blockchain. This is the active blockchain network in your wallet.

To activate the blockchain network that you need to use, do the following:

Step 1: At the main page interface of Coin98 Wallet, click Manage.

Step 2: Here, click on the wallet you want to activate and then "Set Active”.

Once done, the wallet that people want to activate will be displayed on the main interface of the application.

Activate and manage coin98 . wallet

Instructions for receiving and sending coins & tokens on Coin98 Wallet

How to get coins & tokens

Option 1

Step 1: Select the coin or token you want to receive.

Step 2: Click "Receive".

Step 3: Copy the wallet address and then send the coin or token to this address.

How to get coin tokens on coin98 wallet

Option 2

Step 1: On the main interface of the wallet, click "Receive".

Step 2: Next, select the coin or token you want to receive.

Step 3: Copy the wallet address and then send the coin or token to this address.

How to get coin tokens on coin98 wallet

Instructions for sending coins/tokens from Coin98 Wallet

Step 1: Choose the coin or token that people want to send.

Step 2: Click "Send”.

Step 3: Fill in some necessary information as follows:

  • Amount: The amount of coin/token you want to send.
  • Recipient: Address of the recipient's wallet.
  • Slide bar Send to send coin/token.

Notice: The operations of sending and receiving coins on Coin98 Extension Wallet are performed similarly to those on the Mobile App.

How to send coin tokens on coin98 wallet

Instructions for trading with Coin98 Wallet

Now I will guide everyone how to trade on Uniswap with Coin98 Wallet, with other exchanges, everyone just need to do the same.

Option 1:

Step 1: Open the Coin98 Wallet application and select the token everyone wants to swap. Here I take Hakka token as an example.

Step 2: Next, click "SWAP".

Step 3: At the Uniswap screen on Coin98 Wallet, people proceed to fill in the necessary information to conduct the transaction.

  • Select the token pair you want to trade.
  • Enter the amount of tokens you want to Swap. If you want to be faster, people can choose suggested levels like 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% so that the system automatically calculates the required number of tokens.

Step 4: Finally click "Approve” to complete the transaction.

how to trade uniswap directly on coin98 wallet

Option 2:

Step 1: At the main interface of the Coin98 Wallet application, people click "SWAP".

Step 2: Choose the token pair that people want to trade.

Step 3: Fill in the required information.

Step 4: Finally click "Approve” to complete the transaction.

how to trade uniswap directly on coin98 wallet


  • The transaction fee charged on Coin98 Wallet has been optimized. In addition, you can also manually adjust the gas fee depending on your needs and purposes.

How to view transaction history

Besides, if you want to track your transaction history, you can click on the coin to track.

view transaction history on coin98 . wallet

Instructions to get the passphrase and private key of the wallet

Method 1: Save immediately when creating a wallet.

backup wallet coin98 wallet

Method 2: Get the passphrase and private key in the Manage section.

Step 1: At the main page interface of the application, click "Manage”.

Step 2: Select the wallet everyone wants to get back the private key and passphrase.

Step 3: Finally, click "Show Key Info” to get the above 2 information.

Get passpharse and private key on coin98 . wallet

Security Settings

Besides managing passphrase and private, people can also use PIN or Face ID to protect their assets more optimally.

Here are the steps to help people install these 2 information:

Step 1: From the main interface of Coin98 Wallet, click on the Coin98 logo below the screen.

Step 2: Select "Settings” and then select“Security Settings”.

Step 3: Enter the PIN. Only for With FaceID setup, you just need to slide and scan your face.


Notice: Security PIN or Face ID after being set will be required in the following cases:

– Withdraw money from the wallet.

– When you want to see the Private Key and Passphrase information of the wallet.


So in this article, I have guided everyone on the basic operations to use Coin98 Wallet.

Thanks to everyone who followed! Good bye and see you again.

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