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Circle – stablecoin issuer USDC introduces a new stablecoin backed by EURO

Circle – a company specializing in peer-to-peer payment technology, founded in 2013 and sponsored by the bank Goldman Sachs, a large American bank. Recently Circle introduced a new stablecoin backed by EURO name is, has a name which is Euro Coin (EUROC). So Euro Coin What are the outstanding features? Everyone, please see the post of BTA HUB Please!!

Built to a higher standard

Euro Coin will be the first stablecoin in Euro – the second most important reserve currency in the world after the US dollar. Euro Coin (EUROC) released by Circle follow the same pattern as USD Coin (USDC), a reliable stablecoin in the crypto market with Market Cap currently more than 54 billion US dollars.

Market Cap of USDC

Designed to be stable, Euro Coin backed 100% in euros held in bank accounts in Euro so it can always change 1:1 to Euro.

New Era for Forex (FX) & Digital Banking

Euro Coin is a stable coin backed by Euro. Together, Euro Coin , and USDC opens up new possibilities for multi-currency digital banking and near-instant foreign currency exchange, where daily trading volume on traditional markets can reach $6,6 trillion worldwide bridge.

Euro Coin will be for everyone

Euro Coin will be available to anyone with an internet connection, enhancing access to Euro across borders and time zones.


Allow customers to convert from Euro blood Euro Coin and provides near-instant access to new digital asset trading pairs and foreign exchange (FX) stablecoins.

Institutional traders

Create a market with Euro Coin and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities on digital asset exchanges and decentralized finance (DeFi).


Accept payment in Euro Coin to expand your customer base and get cash flow faster. Make payments globally to vendors, vendors and employees with funds that can be settled in minutes.


Pay for goods, transfer money quickly across borders to friends and family, and use Euro Coin in the whole ecosystem Web3. 

Coming soon on Ethereum

Euro Coin will officially launch on June 30 with support from many major partners including:

  • Exchanges: Binance.US, Bitstamp, FTX, Huobi Global
  • DeFi: Compound, Curve, DFX, Uniswap Protocol
  • Monitored by: Anchorage Digital, CYBAVO, Fireblocks
  • Wallet: Ledger, MetaMask

Euro Coin is a standard stablecoin ERC-20 of Ethereum and will be available on other blockchains soon. The launch of Euro Coin (EUROC) shows that stablecoins are increasingly becoming an important part of the crypto market, acting as a bridge between traditional financial services like banks and those looking to invest or lend in bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. 


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