CertiK (CTK) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Details about the project and CTK tokens


Following the other projects on Binance Launchpool, today Blogtienao would like to introduce to you a new project called CertiK (CTK). Come on, let's find out project information, CTK tokens and guide you guys to farm CTK.

What is certik


CertiK (CTK) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

CertiK Chain is a Delegated blockchain Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) is built with Cosmos SDK. The project acts as an infrastructure where blockchain infrastructure and decentralized applications can be securely built.

Issues posed by CertiK

  • The vision of a decentralized, decentralized world has opened up many possibilities for growth, but the advantages of having full ownership over virtual assets also come with new risks.
  • The rapid increase in value across the industry, hackers hacking malware, and unproven economic models.
  • The blockchain infrastructure and application logic are highly transparent to hackers. Usually completely open source and immutable after deployment. This makes maintaining the sustainable security of digital assets extremely difficult.
  • Existing blockchain security analysis is done in a centralized process through a handful of security auditors. Very few users spend the time or ability to independently investigate whether the code is really safe and correct. Instead, they believe in the process of concentration.
  • Blockchain security has limitations because it is considered an off-chain property. CertiK believes security intelligence should be accessed in real time and on-chain, rather than off-chain. Let them bring new added value to the blockchain by allowing smart contracts and chain enforcement to automatically establish, authenticate, and differentiate levels of security.

How does CertiK solve problems?

The main components of the CertiK chain are the agents that solve the problems stated, including:

Security Oracle

Protect on-chain transactions and protect crypto projects from malicious attacks by conducting real-time security checks. Provided by a decentralized network of operators.



Offers flexible, decentralized refunds for lost, stolen, or inaccessible crypto assets of any blockchain network due to security issues.

By leveraging the real-time Security Oracle scores and the CertiK chain governance system, a decentralized network of members can provide collateral, receive rewards and vote on claims to protect the blockchain community.



A secure programming language and compiler toolbox compatible with CertiK Chain's virtual machines, along with Ethereum WebAssembly and Ant Financial's AntChain.

CertiK Virtual Machine (CVM)

Fully compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), CVM allows users to access, verify and combine smart contracts and blockchain security information. This allows smart contracts to change their behavior based on the security certificates of other smart contracts.

For example: A lending contract can only provide a loan to a DAO contract if it proves to be proven secure.

Certik and project goals

Become provable infrastructure for all. In addition to the modern set of security technologies applied by CertiK Chain to establish its own security and correctness, blockchain also serves as a platform used by all seekers of the same security. together.

What is CTK Token?

CTK is the platform's native utility token. The function of CTK is non-refundable (non-refundable) that will be used as a medium of communication between participants on the CertiK Platform.

Basic information about CTK

Ticker RUNE
Blockchain Binance Chain
Token Standard BEP2
Token type Native Utility Token
Total Supply 100.000.000 CTK
Initial Circ. Supply 22,100,000 CTK (22.10%)
Official Site https://www.certik.foundation/

Distribution of CTK tokens

  • Binance Launchpool: 1.5%
  • Private Sale 1: 29%
  • Private Sale 2: 9%
  • Team: 10%
  • Foundation: 25%
  • Community Pool: 17.5%
  • CertiKShield Pool: 8%

token allocation

CertiK (CTK) release schedule

Token issuance schedule of certik ctk

CertiK (CTK) token Sale

The project has raised $ 39,43 million from two Private Sale sales. Of which 38% of the total supply of CTK tokens was sold at $ 0,77 / CTK (private sale 1) and $ 1,90 / CTK (private sale 2).

Contributions in the token sale will be held by Distributor (or their respective affiliates) after the token sale. Contributors will have no economic or legal rights or an interest in any interest in these contributions or the assets of that entity after the token sale.

What is the CertiK token (CTK) used for?

  • Gas: For CertiK Chain, CTK is used to pay gas fees, which is required to encourage a decentralized community of nodes to provide resources for transaction validation.
  • Staking: Ensure network consensus
  • Rewards: Rewards for joining Security Oracle network
  • Collateral & reimbursements: Collateral and refunds to CertiKShield
  • Community voting: Community voting for decentralized network administrators.

In short, CTK is the medium of exchange to fund funds, pay fees, earn rewards and buy protection, providing an indispensable utility function for the system.

What exchanges are CTK tokens traded?

Currently, there is only information that Binance will list CTK at 15:00 (Vietnam time) on October 27, 10 and open transactions for CTK / BTC, CTK / BNB, CTK / BUSD and CTK trading pairs. / USDT. Other exchanges when listed will be updated in detail here.

How to earn CertiK token (CTK)?

  • By staking CTKs in the CertiKShield pool, participants automatically become members of the CertiKShield ecosystem, receiving a CTK fee reward in addition to their usual CTK staking reward.
  • Join Binance Launchpool
  • Buy on an exchange if there is a CTK listing
  • ....

In which wallet to store CTK?

It is possible to store them directly on the exchange in which you purchased them, provided adequate security is implemented.

Cerik (CTK) on Binance Launchpool

Basic information

  • Token Name: CertiK (CTK)
  • Total Token Supply: 100,000,000 CTK
  • Launchpool token rewards: 1,500,000 CTK (1.5% Total Token Supply)
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 22,100,000 CTK (22.1% Total supply)
  • Farming Period: 23/10/2020 07:00 AM (Vietnam time) to 08/11/2020 07:00 AM (Vietnam time)

Farming pools are supported

Farming Pool Total Daily Rewards (CTK) Starting time (Vietnam time) End time (Vietnam time)
BNB 1,050,000 23/10/2020 07:00 AM 08/11/2020 07:00 AM
BUSD 225,000 23/10/2020 07:00 AM 08/11/2020 07:00 AM
CTK 225,000 27/10/2020 07:00 AM 08/11/2020 07:00 AM

Instructions to stake BNB, BUSD and CTK to receive CTK tokens

Step 1: If not, register for a Binance account: https://blogtienao.com/go/binance

Step 2: Have 1 of the tokens ready: BNB, BUSD, CTK

Step 3: Access: https://launchpad.binance.com then select "Stake now"With the pool you want:

stake to receive ctk

Step 4: For example, you use BNB, then click "Stake”And enter the amount of BNB you want to send to the pool.

Note when joining farm CertiK (CTK)

  • A snapshot of the user's balance and total pool balance will be taken every hour to calculate user rewards, also updated every hour.
  • Users will be able to accumulate their rewards (calculated per hour) and receive these rewards directly into their spot account at any time.
  • Annual rate% (APY) and total balance of each pool will be updated in real time.
  • Only one pool can be entered at a time. For example, User A cannot stake the same BNB in ​​two different pools at the same time, but can allocate 50% of their BNB to pool A and 50% in pool B.
  • Users will be able to withdraw their funds at any time without delay and join any other available pools instantly.
  • Tokens are staked in each pool and any unclaimed rewards are automatically transferred to each user's on-premises account at the end of each farming phase.
  • The BNB participating in Launchpool will still provide users with standard benefits for holding BNB, such as airdrops, Launchpad eligibility, and VIP benefits.

What is special about the CertiK project (CTK)?

  • For economy and performance, CertiK Chain uses authorized Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) (DPoS).
  • As for accessibility, the chain uses a modular and inter-chain-friendly Cosmos framework and has a fully EVM-compatible virtual machine.
  • To decentralize security, the chain has a decentralized security oracle built in to prevent security attacks in real time.
  • To minimize the chain level and protect digital assets from security issues, the chain has a decentralized asset pool built in for cryptocurrency loss.

Certik's future (CTK)


According to information on the project website, CertiK Chain Mainnet will be released on October 24, 10.


CertiK is invested by large funds such as Binance Labs, Bitmain, ... in addition, there are investors as shown below:

backed certik

Community development strategy

CertiK will initially focus on building communities in China, Korea, North America and Europe, and will gradually expand to other regions as the project develops.

Current community development strategies:

  • Work with existing customers to launch the CertiKShield Pool.
  • Integrates with major protocols to provide on-chain security points through Oracle Security.
  • Work with Binance Smart Chain projects for technical integration and partnership.
  • Host DeFi tutorials, digital gatherings and gifts to educate and engage users.
  • Actively communicate with the public through social channels.

Future development strategies:

  • Launching CertiKShield yield farming to reward CTK for collateral suppliers.
  • Cooperation with CoinMarketCap and other cryptocurrency aggregator sites to integrate security scores and audit report history.
  • Initiate localized Ambassador programs to hold global meetings.
  • Conduct online hackathons globally.

Social channel

Should you invest in CertiK coin?

CertiK platform users and or CTK holders who are not actively participating will not receive any CTK offers. CTK is designed for consumption and use. That is the goal of selling CTK tokens.

In fact, the CertiK platform development project will fail if all CTK owners simply hold their CTK and do nothing with it. Something quite special with the CTK token along with the quite detailed reviews of Blogtienao, can hopefully help him make a better investment decision.


By using a more accessible suite of applications, such as Security Oracle and CertiKShield, along with a super secure infrastructure, including DeepSEA, CertiKOS, and CVM. The CertiK ecosystem provides end-to-end compatible security solutions to establish a verifiable trust infrastructure for all.

Hope this review brings full knowledge of the project to you. Please look forward to the next article. Thanks!

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