Cere Network (CERE) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Information about the CERE virtual currency


Cere Network (CERE) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

Cere Network is the first decentralized Data Cloud platform optimized for data data integration and collaboration services.

Cere's layer-1 cross chain compatibility with networks like Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Cosmos, Ethereum. And other networks give Cere a unique position to connect the largest business companies to the fastest growing decentralized ecosystem.

Cere Network was founded by veterans in Silicon Valley with 20 years of experience from Amazon, Twitch and Bebo.

Cere Network Use Cases


Credit cards rely on perks and discounts offered by banks and their partners to increase usage.

Cere brings a new level of data interoperability and the secure asset / value exchange to better automate such integration between banks and partners.


Cere offers a complementary solution to drive a brand's hyper-personalization strategy. With smart loyalty and checkout solutions, brands can increase online conversions to in-store.


Cere offers personalized products to 1st through 3rd partners to enrich existing user experience.

Securely sharing personalized data combined with smart offers and discounts delivered as derivative assets to each user's private wallet is key to power the process. complete automation.


Cere helps media businesses improve long-term user retention and engagement with content by using a plug-and-play gaming module that can enrich the user experience of real estate. any application period, any website.

The Cere SDK works in conjunction with each user's own wallet / ledger to allow complete automation of these often difficult to integrate use cases.

What is Token CERE?

CERE is a native token of Cere Network which is used for many different purposes.

Basic information about CERE copper

Ticker CERE
Blockchain Polkadot
Token Standard Unity Token
Token type Updating
Total Supply Updating
Circulation supply Updating

Token allocation


Release schedule


CERE Token Sale


What is CERE used for?


What floor is CERE traded?

Currently, the CERE does not list any exchanges

Coin storage wallet CERE safe?




Cere Network Team

Cere Network team


Backed by famous funds such as Binance Labs, NGC, Arrington XRP Capital, KOSMOS, ... (see full illustrations)

Cere Network investor


Cere's partners and the reasons they choose are as follows:

  • Darwinia: Darwinia can connect Cere to all heterogeneous chain types like Ethereum and Polkadot. Darwinia will use Cere's decentralized data cloud for its customers. Because Cere's engine can be extended to any Polkadot / Substrate based network.
  • Crust Network: Further Enhancement of the Polkadot Ecosystem. Both platforms are fully compatible with Web3 standards.
  • Elrond: Services supported by Elrond and smart contracts such as payments, escrow, identification services in the form of turnkey micro services for Cere corporate customers.
  • Chainlink: Microservices provided by Chainlink in Cere Network: Allows any microservice using Cere's Open Microservices platform to seamlessly integrate with Chainlink's oracle framework. This provides a powerful interface. Where all external transactions (APIs, payments, including third party data) can be authenticated and secured on the Ethereum blockchain.

Should we invest in CERE?

Currently, the CERE is not listed on any exchange. Information about the price or everything related to Token Sale is very little, so it is difficult to comment at the moment.

But it can be seen that Cere is invested by VCs who have a very quality portfolio from Binance Labs or NGC Capital. Hopefully the CERE token is a similar factor

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