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Bybit Launches Grid Trading

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SINGAPORE, date 22 month 6 year 2022 – Bybit, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has just launched a grid trading bot.

New grid trading features of bybit Will be ready to launch registered users on February 20th. User Bybit exchange will be able to use the grid trading bot on Bybit Earn to automate buy and sell orders and adjust leverage.

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By executing buy-low-sell-high orders during times of extensive price volatility, the system ensures a profit every time the ask price exceeds the bid price, thus eliminating the need to forecast the market. Grid trading, which is based on the principle of buying low and selling high to make a difference, is considered the most suitable and effective for volatile markets.

Net Trading Improvements With World's Leading Liquidity and Reputation

Bybit has proven its position as a stable, reliable, and worthwhile cryptocurrency exchange in the bull market, offering the best liquidity. Unique among major exchanges, Bybit is capable of operating 99,99% throughout the year without overload or downtime.

Liquidity is considered the most important attribute in asset exchange. Bybit's Derivatives trading platform has the world's lowest spreads and best liquidity. Investors are guaranteed the best price and order execution even in extremely volatile markets.

Bybit's retail-focused products and customer support services will "remove" the barriers to participating in cryptocurrency trading for many users around the world, allowing customers to enjoy the experience. Uninterrupted cryptocurrency transactions.

Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit said, “Grid trading has been around for quite some time, being a proven and profitable trading method, especially for a vibrant market like crypto.” . “At Bybit, we are always looking for products and services that offer the opportunity to help users profit from new digital assets easily and with confidence. We believe that Bybit users will take it when grid trading is launched.” 

About Bybit

Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in March 3, providing a professional platform where crypto traders can find an extremely fast execution engine, customer service great and multilingual community support.

Bybit provides groundbreaking spot and derivatives trading services, mining and staking products, NFT marketplace and API support to retail traders and institutional customers around the world, and is committed to strives to become the most trusted platform in the emerging virtual asset segment.

Bybit is proud to be a partner of the Formula 1 (F1) racing team, Oracle Red Bull Racing, eSports teams NAVI, Astralis, Alliance, Virtus.pro and Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports, and the football teams of association Borussia Dortmund and Avispa Fukuoka.

For more details, please visit: https://www.bybit.com/

For updates, please follow Bybit's social media platforms on:

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