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What is BitMart? Review of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange BitMart.com

What is BitMart? Review of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange BitMart.com

What is BitMart?

Bitmart is a global cryptocurrency trading platform founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts. BitMart is officially registered in the Cayman Islands, and the BitMart Foundation has offices around the world. BitMart Exchange was officially registered as a Money Services Business (MSB) after receiving an MSB license with the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). With this license will allow BitMart to provide services on cryptocurrency trading in many different countries.

What is BitMart? Review of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange BitMart.com
What is BitMart? Review of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange BitMart.com

Bitmart Built on the foundation of Google Cloud. The platform uses distributed computing services from Google Spanner and BigTable to ensure the security of user data. Through these systems, BitMart can "adjust service capacity automatically according to internet speed", allowing all users to enjoy and experience the same service.

Target of Bitmart is to become “the most powerful and trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform” by offering many unique features such as decentralized trading, futures trading and instant trading on all platforms. all major cryptocurrencies.

What is BMX Token?

BMX is a Token issued by BitMart exchange for the purpose of maintaining the operation of this trading platform. BMX token was publicly sold during BitMart's ICO not long ago and in the future BMX will be listed by BitMart for trading like other coins and tokens. Similar to copper BNB of Binance, HT of Huobi or BIX of Bibox, and is often referred to as "Exchange Coins“, that is, the exchange’s own coin.

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Features of BitMart exchange

  • 0% transaction fee: Present Bitmart is charging a transaction fee of 0%. This is a very good fee to attract people as well as investors to participate in trading at the exchange.
  • Security factor: BitMart is an exchange with a multi-layered security architecture. The main security technologies used include SSL protocol, 2-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Fast transaction: The BitMart platform allows anyone to make spot transactions very quickly and conveniently
  • Futures contract transactions: Due to the guaranteed market stability, the BitMart platform will provide private digital assets with future contract trading.
  • Over-the-Counter (OTC for short): The BitMart platform will create an intermediary service platform to provide B2C and C2C transactions to global businesses and individuals.
  • Transactions across the network: BitMart will connect with major global trading platforms to allow customers to conduct cross-platform exchanges with just one click. In addition, this also helps to maximize liquidity for customers.
  • Decentralized transactions: Created to increase the security, stability and efficiency of transactions, BitMart will begin to develop and build a protocol that allows decentralized transactions, and will be operational in the future.
  • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies: At the time of this writing, there are over 15 pairs available for trading at Bitmart.
  • Multi-platform trading support: You can access and make transactions on BitMart on their website, or through applications on Android, iOS, PC, Mac OS.
  • No fiat currency support: Bitmart is an exchange of digital assets, which means only cryptocurrencies and tokens are being traded against each other, and you cannot deposit or withdraw traditional currencies like EUR or USD.
  • About supported languages: Floor Bitmart currently supports 4 languages ​​including English, Chinese, Japanese and especially Vietnamese
  • About margin trading: Currently floor Bitmart does not support escrow
  • Customer support: Bitmart support customers and investors through various channels such as live chat on the web, email, ticket to their support team, or through social networks such as facebook, twitter, telegram.

Which coins and tokens does BitMart support?

Although it is a new exchange, the current exchange Bitmart is supporting a lot of different coins including popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum…and other token things. Some of the most traded coins and tokens on Bitmart At the time of this blog writing, include:

BitMart exchange supports coins and tokens
BitMart exchange supports coins and tokens

Trading volume in the last 24 hours of the exchange Bitmart at the moment is more than 3.7 million USD equivalent to 482 BTC. And the exchange does not support fiat currency.

What is the transaction fee on BitMart?

Transaction fees on BitMart
Transaction fees on BitMart

Is BitMart a scam (Scam)?

Up to the present time Bitmart have not encountered any cases of fraud (scam) and have never suffered a hacker attack. Bitmart is a well-reviewed new exchange.

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Above is the article “What is BitMart? BitMart Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview” Hope to give you an overview of the floor Bitmart this. Advantages of the floor Bitmart It has good security, supports many different coins, supports many trading platforms, and has low transaction fees. The downside of the exchange is that there is no margin support, no fiat currency support. In the following article, I will show you how to register, secure and verify your account for BitMart, so remember to follow the news channels of the Cryptocurrency Blog.

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