Bitget Launches a $5 Million Builder Package to Support Users Damaged in FTX Disasters 

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On November 14, 11, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange – Bitget announced the completion of a $2022 million Builders relief fund to help ddwox victims affected by the crash of FTX.

The crypto market has just witnessed the collapse of the FTX empire in just a week, and worse, the exchange announced its wallet was hacked after filing for bankruptcy in the US court. The rest of the reserves in the treasury were wiped out. There is no winner in this disaster and it continues to destroy the market.

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With huge impact in many aspects of the market, the demise of FTX has created negative effects on the entire Web3 industry, and it is the end users who suffer the most. FTX's past glory has been largely attributed to the talents and contributors of the platform, including celebrities, affiliate partners, and even professional traders, but they are all affected. greatly affected the volume of assets locked on the exchange.

As a reputable and market leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bitget is always trying to build a healthy environment for developers to create better versions of the crypto world. With that vision in mind, Bitget has created a $1 million Builder fund to support partners, celebrities, and professional traders who were hit by the FTX disaster. Partners can submit an application to our Builder fund for assistance after providing enough information. For more details on terms and how to apply, please refer to here

Grace Chen. Bitget CEO, announced on Twitter: We have prepared 5 million USD for the Builder fund to support the victims of the disaster. More than that, we wanted to use that as a basis to send the message that Bitget and so many other developers out there are still working hard to advance and build the world of cryptocurrency. In this dark hour, join us and wait until dawn breaks. 

About Bitget

Founded in 2018, Bitget is one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges with a core focus on social trading, currently serving over 8 million users in over 100 countries around the world.

The exchange ensures to provide a safe trading solution for users, to increase the influence of cryptocurrencies by collaborating with large and reputable partners including Argentine football legend – Lionel Messi , the top Italian football team Juventus, becomes the official crypto partner of the PGL Major and the leading esports organization – Team Spirit.

For communication issues, please contact:

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