Binance Margin Trading: A comprehensive guide from AZ for newbies


Margin trading margin trading

When the market was bleak, the amplitude was small. How do we make it so profitable? That solution is Margin Trading, also known as margin trading. Today, Blogtienao I will introduce you to Margin Trading on Binance.

Open a Margin Trading account on Binance

For those who do not have an account, you can register squid fishing tours.

Step 1: After logging in to your account Binance, You choose Exchanges then came Margin

Access the Margin Trading interface on Binance

Step 2: Choose to open a margin account

Choose to open a margin account

Step 3: Read the agreement, click on the square, then select I understand.

Agreement to open collateral

Access to Margin Trading wallet or Escrow wallet on Binance

To access Margin Trading wallet, choose Saw then select Wallet margin

Binance Margin Trading wallet

Margin wallet on Binance

(1) Display balance information

  • Total balance
  • Total debt
  • Assets in Account = Total Balance - Total Liabilities
  • Profit & Loss: Profit and Loss. Calculated in BTC and USDT

(2) Displays your margin level

Is the level of risk calculated by: Margin level = Total value of assets / (Total borrowed value + Total value of accumulated interest rates)

(3) Area for transferring money to wallet, loan, pay

  • Moved on: transfer money from Binance wallet wallet to wallet margin or vice versa
  • Loan / Payment: Use the mortgage account to borrow / repay the borrowed money
  • Deal: Navigate to Margin Trading interface
  • Borrowing History: Loan history

Margin wallet on Binancce

Switch from Binance wallet wallet to Binance Margin wallet

Step 1: Select the coin you want to transfer then click Moved on
Transfer coins to Binance Margin Trading wallet

Step 2: Enter the quantity you want to transfer then click Confirm money transfer

*Note: You can choose "-> <-" to rewind words Margin wallet blood Wallet floor

Transfer BTC from exchange wallets to Binance Margin Trading wallets

Borrow and Refund Binance Margin Trading

1 step: Select the coin you want to borrow or pay then click Loan / Payment. Here I choose BTC.

Borrow or Pay

Step 2:

- Loan: Enter the amount you want to borrow then click Loan confirmation

BTC loans

-To return: I haven't borrowed here, so I haven't shown it. Once you have borrowed you enter the amount you want to pay. Amount you pay = loan + interest.

BTC refund

Coins that can be transferred and loan fees for Binance Margin Trading

The following figure is just some of the coins you have access to squid fishing tours See more.

  • Borrowable: Can borrow
  • Daily Interest / Yearly Interest: Daily Interest / Annual Interest.
  • Borrow Limit: Borrow limit

Assetable assets

Place Margin Trading orders on Binance

Step 1: To enter Exchanges, then select Margin

Access Binance Margin Trading interface

Step 3: Select the sell pair you want to place an order. Margin trading pairs with the symbol "M".

Binance Margin Trading

Step 2: Set orders as usual there are orders such as: Limit, Market, Stop-limit, OCO

-The Fashion or mode:

  • Normal: place orders as usual
  • Borrow: The system will automatically lend it to you
  • Repay: The coins after you trade will be automatically refunded to the same coin in the collateral.

Marign orders Binance floor


Thank you for viewing the article "Binance Margin Trading: A comprehensive guide from AZ for newbies“. Hopefully the article gives you more useful information as well as how to trade margin on the Binance exchange. Wishing everyone a profitable investment!

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