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What is battle

Recently, Binance has launched a function called "Battle"Or called online combat. At the end of each battle you will receive points and the redemption program will be announced later. Users can join the Battle through webpage or page H50.

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What is Battle on Binance?

Battle or participation in battle means that users can take a position and compete with another user for points. If the user thinks that the price will increase within the next 5 minutes, they will choose "Long"To express my judgment. On the contrary, if they predict the price is about to fall, they can choose “Shorts".

The battle will start when the user matches the opponent. During a battle, the user will be able to receive points corresponding to their selection.

Notes before joining Battle

  • Function "Battle”Currently only supports BTCUSD Perpetual Futures under the Coin Deposit Futures category. Make sure to open a futures account before joining Battle.
  • Leverage and position are automatically set to Isolated Margin 20x during combat.
  • Check to see if you have open positions or orders on BTCUSD perpetual futures contracts. If so, close them before joining the fight.
  • Make sure your coin futures wallet has enough BTC balance so that you can have enough margin for the orders placed during the battle.
  • You will not be allowed to change the BTCUSD orders placed during the battle in any way, including changing leverage, quantity, reducing / closing / opening positions, changing margin mode, etc. You should make your own assessment of the possible damage caused by the abnormal combat results caused by the actions above. Trading in symbols will not be affected.
  • The same transaction fee will apply to BTCUSD Perpetual Futures. Refer to Taker Fees from Coin Futures Trading Fees

Now, instruct you to join Battle if you already understand how it works.

Instructions to join Battle on Binance

On the Web

Step 1: Sign up for a Binance account and open a futures account if you don't have one, please visit the following link: https://blogtienao.com/go/futures

Battle will be launched on the Web and H5. Access Battle page to begin. At the application

Step 2: Access to Battle.

At the interface of Binance Futures move the mouse to the tab "Activities"And select"Battle".

access to battle

Step 3: Select the desired contract size 1/5/10/50 Cont (1 Cont = 5 $). If you expect the price to increase over the next 5 minutes, select “Long"To express your point of view. On the contrary, if you predict the price will fall, choose “Shorts“. The battle will start when there is an opponent.

Choose contract size and position on battle

Step 4: Waiting for battle

waiting for battle

Step 5: "Battle"Is taking place

The latest prices of BTCUSD perpetual contracts are displayed in real time along the bar. You can choose to end the battle manually after 30 seconds of countdown when the button “End Battle”Appears or waits for the position to automatically close when the TP / SL level is reached. Otherwise, the system will force close positions at the end of the Battle.

Battle takes place

Step 6: End of Battle

On the phone

At the home screen you choose in order: Battle -> Long / Short -> Select contract size 1/5/10/50 Cont

Refer to the illustration as below. After that, the match took place and ended.

choose battle on binance application

Rules of Battle

Working conditions

  • Long: closing price - opening price> 0
  • Short: open price - close> 0

Steps take place Battle

First, choose the desired contract size of 1, 5, 10 or 50 contract (Cont). Next, predict how the price will move in 5 minutes and choose Long or Shorts To start a battle, then the system will automatically assign a player to your battle. In each battle, you can collect points regardless of win or loss, please refer to the rule at the top of the article for a more detailed understanding.
  • Countdown 05: 00-04: 30min: User cannot close orders manually unless Take Profit or Stop Loss is activated and the system automatically closes the order to exit the battle.
  • Countdown 04:29 - 00: 00min: When the button “End Battle"Pops up, the user can choose to close the position manually or wait for the system to force close the position at that point in time to exit battle."

Take profit and stop loss

All transactions in battle will be sent as market orders with Take Profit / Stop Loss, while isolated margin mode is enabled. Take Profit / Stop Loss Price is defined as the percentage of the opening price, the condition is as follows:
Take the position "Long" as an example:
  • Stop Loss: Opening Price - Opening Price * 0,13%
  • Escape from battle when: Latest price <= Price loses & price exits
  • Take profit: Opening price + Opening price * 0,17%
  • Win & Exit the battle when: Latest price> = Take profit level

Point rules

The redemption program will be announced to players soon

point rules

Other functions

Winner & Battle Score leaderboards updated automatically every 5 minutes:

leaderboards in battle

Battle history:

battle history

Share the results of the battle with your friends:

Share battle with friends


Hope through this article you already know what Binance Battle is. Trading futures is a high-risk endeavor, capable of generating both large profits and significant losses. Please note that in the event of a volatile price, there is a possibility that all margin balances in your future wallet may be liquidated. Please find out carefully before joining. Thanks!

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