What is ASIC excavator? Where to buy and sell all kinds of ASIC excavators?


In recent times, the digging Bitcoin and other altcoins like Ethereum, Zcash... is an investment trend that can bring a lot of profits, as the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing. Therefore, getting a good, high performance excavator is getting hotter, and that's why the article is about Excavator ASIC.


Today with the development of technology, ASIC chip miners are currently the best type of bitcoin and bitcoin miners. That also creates a lot of different excavator models. And to help you don't have to spend time learning what kind of excavator is good, today Virtual money blog will introduce you to categories ASIC excavators best current and where to buy them to help you make your choice easier.

What is ASIC excavator?

ASIC is the abbreviation of Application Specific Integrated Circuit (specialized integrated circuit), it is an integrated chip (chip) designed specifically to serve a specific purpose of its manufacturer. Such as collecting data on sound, then performing audio processing .... The application of ASIC chips in the past was mainly to be the microprocessor of mobile phones, internal processors. automatic machines, vehicles, spacecraft, industrial chains, etc.

But with the development of Bitcoin and virtual currencies, the application of the ASIC chip was added as a processor for bitcoin mining and mining machines. And those machines are referred to as excavators Excavator ASIC.

This miner is quite different from the usual CPU and GPU for mining, because it can only be used for one thing, and will not be able to do anything other than It's like playing games, surfing the web, listening to music just like the CPU and GPU. As a result, these miners have a much higher mining efficiency, because all their resources will focus on fulfilling a demand that is mining.

It is also by this feature that the ASIC machines have caused a lot of controversy. Mining with ASIC miners can deliver much greater performance than conventional mining equipment.

Vitalik Buterin - the founder of Ethereum thinks that concentrating on using ASICs is really a bad thing for a cryptocurrency market, because then maybe the number of coins will be concentrated in a certain part. , will not keep the balance of the market.

The deciding factor to the quality of an ASIC excavator

To become a good ASIC, it must fully meet the following:

  • Hashrate (Speed ​​of digging): that is, the index of the power of a mining machine, or the calculation speed calculated in a second of a mining machine. Its unit is Terahash per second (Th / s) or Gigahash per second (Gh / s). Such as 1 Th / s = 1000 Gh / s. The higher the speed of excavation, the greater the profit you earn, and it is directly proportional to the price of the excavator
  • Efficiency (Power conversion efficiency into Coin): This parameter means the ability to convert power consumption into Bitcoin and other coins, and this is a very important factor for mining, this is the performance of the machine, measured by amount of power per coin, its units are watts per gigahash (W / Gh) and watts per terahash (W / Th). For example, 1 W / Gh = 1000 W / Th, the lower this number is, the better the performance of the excavator.

Note: You should not buy an excavator but rely on it Hashrat to , and price, which should choose a good performance excavator. It is worth the money you have spent, it will save you time and money for you.

The best ASIC excavators available today

Antminer S9

Excavator ASIC Bitmain Antminer S9

Technical data:

  • Hashrate 14000 GH / s
  • Efficiency 0.1 W / GH
  • Price $ 3000

Antminer R4

Antminer R4

Technical data:

  • Hashrate 8600 GH / s
  • Efficiency 0.1 W / GH
  • Price $ 1000

Bitmain Antminer S7

Technical data:

  • Hashrate 4730 GH / s
  • Efficiency 0.25 W / GH
  • Price: $ 489.99

Avalon 6

Avalon 6

Technical data:

  • Hashrate 3500 GH / s
  • Efficiency 0.29 W / GH
  • Price $ 559.95

Antminer S5

Antminer S5

Technical data:

  • Hashrate 1160 GH / s
  • Efficiency 0.29 W / GH
  • Price $ 139.99

SP20 Jackson

SP20 Jackson

Technical data:

  • Hashrate 1300 - 1700 GH / s
  • Efficiency 0.9 W / GH
  • Price $ 90

Above are the best ASIC excavators currently, you can refer to, hope that you can choose for yourself the best excavator type and best suited to your needs.

There are also many other types of asic excavators such as: digger A4; excavator S9; excavator l3 +; X3 ( is a $ 12.000 ASIC miner that works only: mining Monero and other cryptocurrencies secured with the same algorithm); excavator A8; D3 excavator, E3 excavator (is an ASIC miner priced at $ 800 made specifically for mining and mining Ethereum). Depending on your needs, you can choose the exact same thing.

Update: list of the latest miners and mining interest rates

Machine nameDigWattagePriceInterest
AntMiner S17eBitcoin64 TH / s2000$See Here
Antminer S15Bitcoin28 TH / s1035$See Here
AntMiner S11Bitcoin19 TH / s502$See Here
AntMiner S9Bitcoin13.5TH / S270$See Here
AntMiner Z11Zcash135k Sol1515$See Here
AMD 570 / 580Ethereum180 Mh / s300$See Here
AntMiner L3 +Litecoin504 Mh / s300$See Here
AntMiner T17BTC, BCH40 TH / s951$See Here

Where to buy and sell ASIC excavators?

Currently, ASIC miners buy and sell through Ebay and Amazon! These are the 2 largest e-commerce sites in the world, but the price is very high, to buy you can go to the homepage of Bitmain to order the cheapest offline.


Above, Virtual money blog introduced you to what is Asic excavator, the best Asic excavators and where to buy and sell Asic excavators, hope through the article you will have useful knowledge about Asic excavators. .

Lastly, if you have any questions regarding the Asic miner, leave a comment below, Virtual money blog Will reply to you in the fastest time. Finally do not forget to give yourself a Like, Share and rate 5 stars below. Good luck!

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  1. Hello !
    Can you advise me a current XMR miner at a cost of about 1 - 10 million? I searched and did not find a specialized machine to mine XMR
    Thank you

    • The recommendation is that you can buy some S9 or L3 + or L3 ++ waiting there, wait for the price to rise, then you can sell it. But must be professional dentists, afraid to take too long it mold mốc


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