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Ankr Launches App Chains-as-a-Service, Allows Developers To Create Custom Blockchains For Their dApps

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It is the first blockchain to provide a service in the industry.

Ankr, one of the world's leading Web3 infrastructure providers, officially announced its launch  App Chains-as-a-Service, a plug-and-play toolkit that allows dApp developers to build custom blockchains that are uniquely suited to their applications. Application Chain combines the best of security, throughput, and customizability.

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With the new proposal, Ankr aims to create special blockchains that are scalable for enterprise-class throughput to facilitate the continued and successful development of Web3 dApps. The App Chain gives Web3 startups, existing Web3 dApps, and Web2 soon-to-be Web3 projects all the tools they need to build a custom blockchain for their dApp.

“It is clear to us that App Chains will be one of the dominant solutions in the industry in terms of scalability. So we packed all of Ankr's best products together to help companies produce them quickly, simply, and securely using Ankr's industry-leading technology.”, said Greg Gopman, Marketing Manager at Ankr.

Allowing developers to build their own blockchains on top of Sidechain frameworks like Polygon Edge, Avalanche Subnets, and BNB Chain's BAS will help solve the two biggest challenges holding back Web3 adoption – slow transaction speeds. and high gas fees. With a custom blockchain for each dApp, there is no competition for storage or computation, and scalability is allowed to thrive.

Developers will have the freedom to choose the programming language, consensus mechanism, and development framework they want to use while inheriting the security and provenance of the main chain.

Ankr provides end-to-end engineering solutions and support for the following App Chain building blocks:

  • Configuration file + validator binary (.toml): Set up and run a custom validator network for your App Chain
  • Load Balancing RPC Endpoints: Run distributed and decentralized node networks globally for the best speed and reliability
  • White-labelled block explorer: Integrate your App Chain with Ankr's block explorer to clearly display the data for your blockchain to users
  • Faucet for testnet tokens: Create customizable testnet faucet solutions to give your dApp the resources it needs for testing before going live on the mainnet
  • Support betting directly through the UI: With access to Ankr Staking, your token holders can easily bet validators through customizable staking dashboard and liquid staking
  • Ankr's "Ready to Exchange" program: Get your tokens ready for listing on major exchanges with Ankr as your guide through the technical due diligence process and infrastructure requirements that need to be considered by the major players

Application chains provide developers with much more flexibility than building dApps on top of existing blockchains using smart contracts. Furthermore, App Chains is capable of processing more transactions at a lower cost than doing so with smart contracts on a layer 1 blockchain that compete for limited resources.

About Ankr

Ankr is building the future of decentralized infrastructure, serving over 50 proof-of-stake chains with an industry-leading global node distribution system and developer toolset. Ankr serves more than two trillion transactions per year on Web3 and is the RPC partner of choice for 17 blockchains, making it the dominant partner in RPC.

Media contact: Greg Gopman, Greg@ankr.com 

For more information, see more at: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Discord | Medium

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