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Andre Cronje speaks after a month of silence

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Andre Cronje, a leading blockchain developer, known as the founder of DeFi protocol Yearn.Finance (YFI) and several other popular cryptocurrency platforms, shared his views on why this segment needs regulation.

Over a month ago, Andrew Cronje shocked the crypto world leaving the market without saying a word.

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But today he wrote an article on Medium called “The Rise and Fall of Crypto Culture”.

Andre Cronje has criticized crypto culture for its focus on wealth and ego. At the same time, he also call for yes more regulations to protect investors.

The developer likened this space to the early days of monetary policy, where much of the progress was achieved through trial and error. But the crypto community seems to be repeating that with more errors.

At the same time, he believes that this moment is the beginning of a new era for cryptocurrency and blockchain, which will move into a new era. “new blockchain economy” motivated by trust instead of distrust, bCronje herself is excited about her next journey.

Cronje's comments come amid more severe crypto corrections in recent times. Cryptocurrency has also seen countless hacks and scams, like the recent Ronin hack with over $600 million.

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