Why are you chasing money?


Money does not make us happy. But do we need money to live? So we have to do ? Trying to make a lot of money or being satisfied with what you have?

There is a scientific study showing that we will not be happy at all if we make more than $ 75k or a damn figure.

It sounds good, but many people probably won't care about it and think it's ridiculous.

That research won't help, it won't help change the way I run after money and I won't see anyone change.

The intention of this researcher to show that money will not make us happy.

Keyword results "Money doesn't buy happiness”(Money can't buy happiness) on Google is 69.200.000.

We cannot convince others that money does not make you happy because scientific research says so. Perhaps we only understand and absorb this through personal experience only.

I had a hard time realizing that

When I was in my 20s, I did not know the thought of "having to make a lot of money, to be a millionaire to be a successful person" appeared in my mind. I could not find out where the thought came from. Perhaps the general thinking of society today has injected that poison into my head.

But that motivated me to try my best to earn money. I was born in a difficult family, my parents had a lot of hard work to raise my brothers and sisters. They owe a lot.

I always wanted to take part of the family. It is true that difficult life always gives people a strong will. Family background motivated me to study hard at school. I'm not a smart kid, I just study hard. That's why I got a ticket to go to a good university. With the help of my parents, I was the first in my family to earn a master's degree.

But when I left the lecture hall, money was always my ultimate goal. I even lost the chance to work for an extremely successful business because I asked for a high salary. But that doesn't stop me from making more money.

I started my business, the company's turnover reached $ 1 million after only 2 years of operation. I pay for myself $ 40k per year, living a life of my own accord. Looking around, the things I achieve for a 25-year-old is a great thing, but for me it is not enough.

I always take every opportunity to make as much money as possible and force myself to follow money blindly. After 4 years like that, I have a lot of money but I feel empty, I'm not happy.

Having more money only leads to bigger problems

I've always thought that having more money is the answer to everything "If I have a lot of money, problems will go away" I used to believe in it a lot and considered it my ideal of life.

But it was not what I had expected. A mentor of mine, a person whom I think has a rich and happy life, told me:

"The more money he makes, the more problems will come behind"

Money comes with a price. The more you invest, the more you will lose. It's like building a company, the more it grows, the more responsibility you will shoulder.

Life is not easy. No matter how much money you make. To some extent having extra money only makes our lives more complicated and stressful.

You need less money than you ever thought

Back to the time when I blindly ran after money. I get up at 6 am and work until I go to bed. I always fall into negative emotions. I don't have time for my friends. And really, I don't have any time to enjoy. When I look back, my health has decreased significantly, at that time I only had money, it was true that I had nothing but money.

And that's not my case, I know a lot of people chase the same money.

You wouldn't believe a scientist told you "money doesn't make you happy," but you know when a rich man tells you that, you still won't. You will say, "Because you make money easily, so you say that".

That's why I'm here, an ordinary person, sharing this with you. Do not chase money. If you think a lot of money gives you financial freedom but sit back and think a bit, financial freedom doesn't need a lot of money, when you have a lot of money it is true that you will achieve financial freedom but you will have to trade with many other freedoms. One of those things is that your emotions will be imprisoned.

You need less money than you think.

Instead of being so far away from my family, I now come back to them and help them more. Not only financially but also mentally, just be there with them.

And right now, I'm doing the things I really love. I make a living as a Blogger and online teacher. And you know what, I don't even need a lot of money to live a good life.

I realized that when I read a book about personal finance. This book describes how much money we spend on work-related things. For example, if you live in an expensive city where your work is available, your living expenses will be very high.

Plus, how much money we spend on work-related clothes and furnishings. Shoes, somi shirts, trousers, cavities, ... Things like that, you would normally never buy.

To be financially free, I think we have to be mentally free first

It is true that money can be purchased freely, but we do not need to pay too much for it. Remember: The more money, the more the problem. It's not that I don't encourage people to make money, I want people to make money by being happy and comfortable with themselves.

That is why we need to train our emotional and mental strength, it is the emotional and mental strength that will help us to escape from being enslaved with material things outside, material is to serve man, don't make him a slave.

I am not afraid of what will happen in the future because of two things:

  • I have both physical and mental health thanks to a year of body and mind training.
  • I don't have any debt, save money and work for myself.

If you choose money to pursue, any decisions you make will impact your life greatly.

You get a job that makes a lot of money but will affect your reputation? You are not free

Do you borrow to buy a car? You are not free

I used to be immersed in debt. Used to be a prisoner of the "corporate world". I got out and I'm not the only one to do it.

In my opinion, the most important thing in one's life is towards freedom! Freedom of body and spirit.

Freedom is not an accident, it does not come by itself. We need a lot of effort, thinking, planning to get there, ready to start everything over.

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Through this share, I have a lot of things to think about as a Trader. This sharing has helped me change my mind. Most Traders like us are freelancers, we own this monetization, don't have to work for anyone but really if the Trader's mindset is not right, that freedom will go away. into imprisonment. Especially new Traders, if we always focus on how to make a lot of money when entering the market, we will become the slaves of the market. Our emotions and behavior will be controlled by the market.

Anyone who comes to the financial market wants to make money and achieve financial freedom, but follow a scientific path. Train your emotional and mental strength first, practice strong resistance to market fluctuations. Once you achieve that, the path to financial freedom will be a lot easier!

Have a nice night! Hope this share will help someone!


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  1. It is important how we make money, and certainly do not have money to care for parents when they get old, and for the children to study, it is much more humiliating!

  2. You are one of the lucky ones to get financial freedom early. But you should watch your parents when you raise you. In that situation, could they think like you? Or tomorrow I have to send money to my children, run to ask where, if there is a banana, the vegetables will be sold, I think I have to send it to my child. So in the end you think so because you simply have money. Just as many billionaires teach people that you have to be friends with successful people ... If you are poor, can successful people play with you and make friends with them ... If there are no two people in debt in your song, will you? have friends of today

  3. The answer to your article title is not difficult. You ask your parents. Why?
    Because you have to run after money to pay your school loans, not "running" normally but running to borrow but people do not let it. Do not "run" then have friends of today or something. When you know that you don't have money, your children will be ignorant, poor, have no future, not full of food, sick with no medicine .. I honestly say that if I could steal money, my parents still have to . They don't have as many options as you do now.


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