What is Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC)? Where to buy and sell BCHABC?


Before learning about copper BCHABC Hey, let's re-search the previous history Bitcoin ABC is the protocol update Bitcoin relies on software designed to increase the block of bitcoin and create it Bitcoin Cash (BCC). Find out everything you need to know about Bitcoin ABC in the review of Blogtienao. Note a bit confusing but the doctor just read all offline. Here we learn in advance about Bitcoin ABC!

What is Bitcoin ABC?

Bitcoin ABC is a full implementation node (Full Node) of the bitcoin protocols that removes SegWit and replaces it with a simple, streamlined, adjustable cap. Today, Bitcoin ABC is the reason why so many people in the bitcoin community are talking about Bitcoin Cash.

What is Bitcoin ABC

To be clear, Bitcoin ABC is a proposal UAHF compete for community deals. Some users believe that it is the future of bitcoin, while others believe that it will disappear almost immediately after August 1 (the day of the hard fork in bitcoin cash last year).

If Bitcoin ABC is successful, then we will see a fork of bitcoin, with a fork becoming Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Cash supporters will tell you that BCC is a true implementation of Satoshi's vision: it is designed as a digital cash. Unlike today's bitcoin, it is designed to be transferable quickly, transaction fees are cheap, and can be transferred across borders.

As BitcoinABC.org explains, the protocol update is built to be robust, scalable, and modern. It is designed to push bitcoin into the payment platform.

Of course, if you ask Bitmain / SegWit supporters, you'll often hear things like, "Bitcoin Cash is a scam" or "This is a deliberate attempt to confuse the bitcoin community." .

Because of the above arguments, there is always a dramatic debate this year between two schools, Bitcoin and BitcoinCash, Many supporters believe that the current BitCoin is Bitcoin, and BitcoinCash is fake, and in the school. Conversely, the BCC Supporters think that the BCC is the real Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ABC feature

According to BitcoinABC.org, the following core features are related to their hard fork:

Bitcoin ABC aims to build on the basis of bitcoin with improved code quality. “Development follows a continuous integration process, based on industry best practices” as explained on the official website.

Can be expanded
Bitcoin ABC deploys a user-activated hard fork (UAHF) proposal to accept 8MB blocks. Miners can choose the size of the blocks they want to mine, with a default size of 2MB. Bitcoin ABC also includes replay protection and wipeout.

Bitcoin ABC believes that bitcoin has been held back by its 1MB block size for two long periods of time. Bitcoin ABC brings bitcoin into the modern age with one major innovation that allows for scaling - something that could drive the mass adoption of bitcoin in the future.

Replay and Wipeout are protected
We mentioned above, but it deserves its own piece. If two chains exist, Bitcoin Cash will minimize user disruption and allow the safe and peaceful coexistence of the two chains, complete with replay protection and deletion.

Bitcoin cash
Bitcoin ABC will lead to a new type of transaction called Bitcoin Cash.

Where does Bitcoin ABC come from?

Bitcoin ABC did not exist until more than 12 months ago. The proposal comes from Bitmain's backup plan against a user-activated soft fork (UASF). However, Bitmain never called their backup plan Bitcoin ABC. That credit goes to a developer named Amaury Séchet, who revealed the Blocksize Adjustment proposal to an audience at Bitcoin's Future conference in early 2017.

Following Séchet's announcement and Bitcoin ABC's first customer release, Bitcoin Cash was announced. Today, the project can be found online at BitcoinABC.org.

Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin CASH

Bitcoin ABC is the proposition, while Bitcoin Cash is the name of the currency used by that hard fork if the proposal is successful. Bitcoin ABC has a slow mining difficulty reduction algorithm in the absence of enough hashing to support the chain, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

The Birth Of Bitcoin Cash ABC

After the development of Bitcoin Cash, the internal controversy continued, culminating in a split (popularly called the hard fork) at block 1 from the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Bitcoin Cash ABC (Bitcoin Cash ABC stands for "Adjustable Blocksize Cap") and Bitcoin Cash SV (Bitcoin Cash Satoshi's Vision) appeared, respectively, with the symbols BCHABC and BCHSV. Currently with Bitcoin Cash users, they are still very confused, not knowing how to distinguish from Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash ABC! And even we, are actively trying to find out more about this BCHABC child.

Hardfork bitcoin cash chart out into bitcoin cash abc and bitcoin cash sv. Image showing the hashrate of the system

Currently, the HashRate competition is still peaking when both sides are still very bloody. One side is BitcoinCash ABC with the support of Bitcoin.com, BTC.COM, VIABTC, AntPool, WaterHole and one side is BitcoinCash SV with support from CoinGeek, MemPool, BMGPool, SVPool. And no matter what, this is very affecting the long-term development trend of Bitcoin in particular and the Bitcoin system in general.

Hashrate Hash on BitcoinCash ABC

Why do we mention this, you understand that when you make a transaction, and to confirm that transaction, we need mining machines, this machine digs in a certain pool, And these two new coins have mobilized the largest pool of the system to support, sometimes bringing both the plowing machines for Bitcoin to move to serve the needs, thus leading to instability of the system, the system will be more in danger if the speed of transaction confirmation is slower or delayed (pending) longer.

Back to Bitcoin Cash ABC, essentially an upgrade from Bitcoin Cash with the features Blogtienao introduced above (features of Bitcoin ABC). Therefore, we will not talk about these features but will discuss the exchange rate of the dong and which exchanges currently support

Bitcoin Cash ABC Support Trading

On the picture above is the exchanges transaction support Bitcoin Cash ABC, You can see the 24 hour volume is also quite strong, the price is clearly displayed, at about $ 231, and from there you can choose for yourself the most accurate place to Buy and sell Bitcoin Cash ABC ok

It is very difficult to advise whether to invest in BCHABC at this time when the dispute is over, if you are a perfectionist and holding is mainly you should stay out, if you are a professional in the short This is a very good money-making opportunity. But it's also quite risky.

At the present Vietnam trading floor We don't have this support yet, but in 1-2 days there will be immediate support, according to our sources Vicuta.com is the floor will support the earliest this, if you want to trade, you can buy and sell directly on Vicuta.com to Vietnam Money offline.


So, after reading it, you probably understand what Bitcoin Cash ABC is. We have compiled the necessary concepts to help you understand the birth of Bitcoin Cash ABC and the reasons why this was born. To better understand, you need to carefully read the previous news on blogtienao to know more, we will always update the latest news about this case on our site, Read more about bitcoin cash abc here 

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