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When will machines have feelings?

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What is artificial intelligence?

You've seen sci-fi movies like The Terminator with the main characters being robots from the future world, they reach the level of perfection in appearance. as well as the emotions they express to us. It was in the movies, but in real life, in June 6, the world was surprised with the news that a Google engineer publicly believed that a Google artificial intelligence project called LaMDA (Language Modeling for Human Resources). conversational applications) already have a human nature.

Google engineer Blake Lemoine revealed a lot of information in the paper The Washington Post regarding his exchanges with LaMDA, in which LaMDA appeared to be like an 8-year-old child. Although Google did not acknowledge Blake Lemoine's statements, it was also shocking to those around. care about.

So what is artificial intelligence? It is the combination of human abilities such as reasoning, emotion, creativity and learning into one machine. Artificial intelligence is often talked about as a branch of computer science.

What forms of artificial intelligence are there? 

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Scientists have divided artificial intelligence into the following categories:

  • Reactor: is the earliest type of artificial intelligence, so it also has significant limitations. They are pre-programmed machines like collaborative robots to meet some demand from limited inputs. It cannot use its memory to improve its ability and learn. IBM's Deep Blue is a well-known example of this kind of intellectual collaboration robot.
  • Limited memory: is an upgrade of the reactor. It can learn from the information of the past to make future decisions. Chatbots or virtual assistants are examples of limited memory artificial intelligence.
  • Theory of mind: in psychology, the theory of mind means that a person's emotions, feelings, and thoughts affect his or her behavior. Compared to the two types of artificial intelligence above, this type of intelligence is quite new and is being studied along with the perfection of other types of artificial intelligence.
  • Self-awareness: this is the highest level of development of artificial intelligence, a concern of those who are afraid of artificial intelligence because along with the prospect of helping people move stronger towards the ultimate civilization, also with the fear of destruction like in the movie we talked about above. Self-awareness is still a theory, there is no clear evidence of a machine that can understand, feel, interact and feel.

Applications of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is applied to many products and services in this day and age. We have software with artificial intelligence: virtual assistants, image analysis software, language analysis applications, search engines.

In addition, there are also tangible objects that carry artificial intelligence such as collaborative robots, self-driving cars, drones, internet of things.

In today's factories, collaborative robots is a significant factor in helping businesses reduce costs, avoid labor fluctuations, and perform difficult stages at a faster speed. A product collaborative robots of Universal Robots named UR20 will help your business earn more customers and profits with new features and higher performance. 

While waiting for an answer as to when machines will have feelings or senses, humanity is applying artificial intelligence machines to production to create more value.


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