What is WINK [WIN]? Details of the 7th IEO project on Binance Launchpad


Wink WIN

Following the success of 6th Launchpad project ELROND. WINK (WIN) is the 7th IEO project on Binance Launchpad. Just like the basic rules to join IEO, you must have an account on Binance and must KYC succeed. If you do not have an account, please register here.

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WINK project

  • WINk is a gaming platform. Users can play, interact and participate in many blockchain ecosystems.
  • WINk has built a good ecosystem, providing a quality gaming experience, allowing developers to build applications that drive adoption and engage users as stakeholders. positive.
  • As part of a strategic investment from the TRON Arcade fund. Towards sustainable growth, the group officially changed its brand name from TRONbet to WINk (Wink.org) to further reflect its commitment to community building and platform expansion.

Main features and highlights

  • Leading dApp in terms of user and volume
  • Tools, APIs that allow developers to seamlessly integrate their projects or create unique game applications on the blockchain
  • Investment cooperation and a strategic partner of TRON
  • WinDrop reward mechanism and unique token ecosystem
  • Fiat onramp, stablecoin and new DeFi integration
  • Governance model, content discovery tool and ecosystem fund are coming soon
  • There are gaming licenses in Curaçao and Costa Rica

Value proposition

The TRON WINk-based platform will provide unique and engaging user experience:

  • The game will have audited smart contracts
  • Most games will give users full control of their money
  • Users will receive tokens and rewards while playing
  • There are social features and exclusive events
  • Brand partnerships with TRON & BitTorrent to support dApp development and use
  • Give users the right to monitor their money
  • Deploy DApps in a transparent manner. The main trend of WINK is towards users / players

In addition, the unique improvements in the WIN token and the "play to mine" mode will "win the hearts" of VIP users, creating a "dedicated, loyal" platform.

Cryptocurrencies WIN

What is WIN token?

WIN is a native token in the WINk ecosystem. WIN coins were issued in two forms: TRC-20 and BEP-2.

Information about WIN token

WIN token ecosystem

+ WIN TRC-20:

The TRC-20 WIN token is a utility token (Utility Token) built on the TRON blockchain. This is the native token used in the WINk platform, which encourages active participation from key stakeholders including developers and users.

The following is an incomplete list of the main use cases for the WIN TRC-20 token:

  1. Used in the WIN ecosystem, for developers and users.
  2. Used for staking
  3. Governance Rights. This means that users have the right to vote for the development direction of WINk, depending on the amount of tokens they stake.
  4. Staking WIN to receive RainPower. Accumulate RainPower to a deadline to redeem TRON (TRX)
  5. Receive Airdrop
  6. Service fee reduction: When participating in the WINk platform, users must pay service fees. But if they hold WIN, they will get a discount.
  7. Attend exclusive events on the platform; such as popular poker tournaments or car giveaways

+ WIN BEP-2:

The WIN BEP-2 token is built on Binance's blockchain and is the token sold during this IEO. They will then be listed on the Binance platform for trading and liquidity.

Distribute WIN

  • Reserve: Accounting for 3.75% of total supply
  • Launchpad: Occupy 5.00% of total supply
  • Platform development: accounts for 7.00% of total supply
  • Gaming Partnership: Accounting for 9.3% of total supply
  • Strategic partnership: Accounting for 6.25% of total supply
  • Airdrop: Accounting for 5.00% of total supply
  • Initial community: Occupying 12.00% of total supply
  • Seed Sale: Accounting for 15.00% of total supply
  • Team: Occupying 10.00% of total supply
  • Ecosystem: accounts for 27.00% of total supply

About Seed Sale:

  • Conducted in April 4
  • Mobilized a total of $ 10.0MM, ~ $ 0.00006673340 / token
  • Sold 15.0% of total supply.

About Binance Launchpad Sale:

  • Started in July 7 with a total mobilization of ~ $ 2019MM (BNB value). Price ~ $ 6.0 / token
  • Sold 5.0% of total supply
  • The exchange rate of WIN / BNB will be determined before the date of sale

Wallet hosting

Do WIN It's still new, so it's not supported by many wallets. Tokens are in BEP-2 form so people can store them directly on Binance.

Managing tokens and using funds

Since July 18, 7, WIN has not used any raised funds. However, all funds raised will be spent according to the following allocations:

  • [5%] Partnership and community development
  • [15%] Marketing
  • [55%] FTE team cost
  • [3%] Product development
  • [4%] Equipment and software
  • [13%] Legal and license
  • [5%] Operating expenses

The team will keep the money in a multi-signature cold wallet.

WIN token issuance schedule

The following chart shows the number of WIN tokens intended to be issued monthly:

WIN release schedule

Roadmap and updates of dWINK project (WIN)

Quarter 3 / 2019

  • WINK rebrands
  • WINk Poker & Sports Launch
  • "Phase 1" Onboard on multiple blockchain platforms (BTC, ETH, LTC)
  • Release user hierarchy
  • Buy a gaming license

Quarter 4 / 2019

  • "Phase 2" Onboard on multiple blockchain platforms (EOS, ERC-20s)
  • The official version of WINk Sports
  • Collaborate with more DApps
  • Test and improve user hierarchy
  • Eco-fund launch

Quarter 1 / 2020

  • Stablecoin integration
  • Release SDK and API
  • Partnership with the portals * for wallets and DApp information websites
  • Launch open platform

Quarter 2 / 2020

  • Cooperating with large traditional game businesses
  • Cooperate with European football clubs
  • Launching the Gaming DApps store
  • Acquisition of users through BitTorrent and Opera

Overview of WINk development team

  • B Wong (Project Leader): Master of Media Management in Hong Kong, former member of Ogilvy
  • Alex Ye (Head of Operation and BD): Manager at CITIC. Participated in more than 20 gaming projects
  • S Tang (Planning Supervisor): Co-founded a leading publishing company on web and mobile games

In addition, the project also brings together experienced engineers, developers, graduates from prestigious universities as well as former employees of the world's leading companies.

WINk transaction data


WIN tokens have not been actively traded since the publication of this report.

Technical overview of WINk

The group has yet to open source all the repositories. SDK and API for WINk platform will be released in Q1 2020.

WINk Products & Figures

As the first party to enter the trustless & permissionless gaming space, WINk (TRONbet) is currently the highest ranked app in terms of users, number of transactions and transaction volume - according to reports from dApp tracking sites DAppRadar and DappReview.

WINk transaction data


The daily volume of WINk is at an average of 10 million USD with more than 4.000 daily active users. WINk is also proud to be a platform with strong data storage and will continue to improve as users onboarding are optimized.

New WINk user data

He says

Dice WINk

Dice is the top game when the platform first launched in late 2018. Players pick a number and predict whether they will roll over or under.


Moon WINk

In Moon, players are paid based on an exponentially starting at 1x and can reach over 250x. The multiplier increases steadily, but can be reduced to zero at any point. Players can withdraw money anytime and get value exponentially.

Ring & Duel

Ring WINk

Ring & Duel is a simple yet engaging game. In which the player chooses the color they predict the wheel will stop at. The reward in gray is 2 times the bet, red is 3 times, blue is 5 and yellow is 50.

Ring and Duel WINk


Slot WINk

WINk has partnered with leading slot machine developers to provide a "mainstream" casino experience.

Table game


Provide the full table game set often found in casinos; like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and russian poker.


Poker WINk

WINk created an online poker product that combines the transparency of blockchain technology with a seamless user experience.

Community data of WINk

WINk is proud to be one of the largest communities in blockchain, with members actively participating on many social media channels.


The mechanism of distributing WinDrop rewards to the community is one of the first community development strategies. WinDrop will take place daily and will encourage people to join the ecosystem with TRX. The number of TRX distributed per user will be proportional to the number of Win Power they have accumulated from staking WIN

Airdrops token WIN

The WIN token airdrops will act as an additional incentive to attract users and developers into the platform. To encourage participation, WINk intends to distribute WIN to TRX, BTT holders and many other TRC-based tokens. If the user is holding the designated token, they will be eligible for WIN airdrops.


The platform will also host a number of tournaments to engage the WINk community and TRON fans in general. Recently, the group hosted their first Charity Poker Cup alongside Binance, TRON and Litecoin. The event brought together Binance co-founder & CEO Changpeng Zhao, TRON founder Justin Sun, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee and other leaders from other industries such as NBA, eSports and entertainment.

Partnership with TRON

The WINk team has a close working relationship with TRON to take advantage of the opportunities that the TRON ecosystem offers. The WIN token will be built on ANTE's current needs and liquidity by bringing stakeholders from TRON, BitTorrent and other communities on the blockchain.

In the near future, TRON will continue to add some utilities to the network and WINk will be one of the earliest applications.

Community and social channels

  • Telegram | 7.3K Members
  • Reddit | 920 Members
  • Twitter | 9.1K Followers

How to own a WIN token?

  1. Join IEO Elrond
  2. Attend exclusive airdrop, windrop events of the project
  3. Buy WIN on Binance

How to make a profit from WIN coins

  1. You can buy tokens on Binance and then trade like BTC or ETH
  2. In addition, you may occasionally check to see if Binance supports the monetization method lending For WIN

Should we invest in WIN?

In this regard, Blogtienao hopes the detailed article above can help people in making decisions about whether to invest or not.

Details of Wink (WIN) offering on Binance Launchpad

  • Project name: WINk (WIN) with the intention of opening 49,950,000,000 WIN for 999,000,000,000 WIN (about 6 million USD)
  • Total token supply: 999,000,000,000 WIN
  • Price: 1 WIN = 0.0001201 USD. Selling by lottery
  • The total number of winning tickets is expected to be 200.000, 1 winning ticket will buy $ 30, bought in copper Binance Coin (BNB)

Time dial

  • HOLD BNB time: 7:00 July 24 - 07:7 July 00
  • Receive Ticket (Ticket): from 13h on 30/07 to 13h on 31/07
  • 15:00 PM: July 31: announce the number of winning tickets.

Allocate lottery tickets

The ticket number will be calculated by the number of BNBs you hold

  •  50 - 100 BNB: 5 tickets
  • 100 - 150 BNB: 10 tickets
  • 150 - 200 BNB: 15 tickets
  • 200 - 250 BNB: 20 tickets
  • Over 250 BNB: 25 tickets

You must hold the average number of BNB according to the number of days specified. For example, this Launchpad 7 requires you to hold for 7 days and the number of BNB will be copied at 7am every day in Vietnam time. For 7 days, if the first 6 days you did not hold BNB, and the last day you played, you will need to hold 1800 BNB on the last day (1800 divided by 7 equals 257, greater than 250 and will receive 25 tickets).

Predict the 8th IEO on Launchpad

So you have to understand some basic information. However, I want you to know this project as well as the following project to make the right investment decisions. A lot of people have asked about this issue so I wrote this section for your attention

  • Launchpad 7 (WINk) will hold for 7 days: Hold from the date of publication
  • Launchpad 8 will hold for 15 days: Hold from 7-8 days before publication. For example, if the publication date is August 08, 08, then you will have to hold from August 2019, 01 to be counted. If you forget this, you must double the number of BNB hold for the remaining 08 days to have the opportunity to join IEO 2019.
  • Launchpad 9 will hold for 30 days: same as above.

So Ad thinks from IEO 8 onwards, the price of BNB will keep the price good or at least will not SML as it is now. And the rules are still the same. But if anything new, Ad will publish it on Fanpage for everyone to know. Everyone, please pay close attention.

Basic analysis of IEO WINk (WIN)

Many opposite opinions

It can be said that on the occasion of the launch of this event, there are many conflicting opinions taking place, such as:

  • BNB price unintentionally increased before the event (probably the news was leaked first and helped you from 30 to 32.6 USD). Then the brothers swing in and lead to the top swing ...
  • After that, BTC made a red column that made BNB unable to hold back and is currently supporting.
  • The disappointment from the last IEO,… when the hit rate was too low and most of the brothers were swinging cool.
  • The disappointment of IEO this time when 1 ticket for winning is only $ 30 ...

So should we or should we not invest this time? According to Ad's basic point of view:

  • For those who are determined to be loyal to BNB, just play, I don't want to play.
  • Whoever has not won many times and basically likes SHORT more then just SHORT go, no need to play.

Predict the hit rate

About IEO this time, Hardcap sold up to 6 million, nearly double the previous IEO was 3.25 million. And according to the new calculation:

  • With 50 BNB you had 5 tickets, 250 BNB you had 25 tickets.
  • A winning ticket will buy the equivalent of $ 30.

CZ is targeting those who are few, but the ones that the majority of previous times did not win when there were only 50 BNB. Accompanied by the wrath of being in the top swing and not getting hit last time, there will be a lot of chances for you to give up, all of which will help the chances of winning greatly increase compared to the last time. Therefore, Ad predicts the hit rate will be in the range of 18-25%. This means that if you own 5 tickets you will have a chance to win 1 ticket, and can buy $ 30 worth of tokens.

Predict WIN prices

Many questions are raised, how many times will this project increase? This, no one can predict how much Dev and CZ want to push. According to Ad's prediction, it will be only x5 - x6. Drop the top 50 on Coinmarketcap with a capitalization of about 500 - 600 million USD. Is there any illusion?

Not clear, because Tronbet - the old name of WINk is a pretty famous Dapp with daily sales of up to 5-8 million USD. As an existing product that has had steady sales, Ad is not surprised that it can push its capitalization very high. But if only x5, in short, not much profit if BNB SML. Therefore, you should calculate your own risks and be responsible for your own investments

  • If x5: WIN capitalization will be 600 million USD
  • If x7: WIN capitalization will be 840 million USD
  • If x9: WIN market cap will be 1080 million USD - top of trillion
  • If x3: WIN capitalization will be 360 ​​million USD

Those are some parameters for you to predict and decide whether you should participate or not.


So we have informed you about the 7th IEO on Binance Launchpad and how to get involved. Blogtienao Thank you for viewing this article and wish you a successful investment!

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