What is ViettelPay? Instructions for registering and using ViettelPay in the most detail


What is ViettelPay?

According to Viettel Group, then ViettelPay is an electronic payment ecosystem, also known as digital banking developed by Viettel, in which the main product is a mobile payment application that can be used on all types of phones, including mobile phones. universal mobile phone and smart mobile phones, helping subscribers when registering the service can make recharging, transferring money, paying utility bills, booking air tickets ... quickly and conveniently , easy, saves time, costs.


Although Viettel calls it a digital bank, it is more like an electronic wallet in many ways. The advantage of ViettelPay is that it has a network of transaction points covering the whole country, including the countryside. You can receive cash from someone sent to you within 24 hours and support up to 20 million when using ViettelPay.

Main features and functions of Viettel Pay

ViettelPay is a mobile payment application that provides a variety of diversified utilities to help people meet all payment needs in life and business of users. Here are the main features and functions of Viettel Pay application:

- Payment for telecommunications: Phone, internet, television.
- Quickly purchase goods and services via QR code.
- Safe cash transfer 24/7.
- Payment for electricity in 63 provinces / cities, countries in 8 provinces / cities.
- Payment of finance, insurance, education (Home Credit, FE Credit, Doctor Dong, Maritime Bank ...).
- Book more than 8.000 domestic hotels and 1 million international hotels.
- Book air tickets, passenger cars right on the application.
- Buy game cards, buy apps quickly.

Instructions on how to register Viettel Pay

To be able to use the features and utilities of ViettelPay application, you only need to register to install this application for mobile phones according to the instructions below:

- Step 1: Download the app at the link https://viettelpay.vn/#tai-ung-dung-hide or call * 998 # to listen and follow the instructions (for Viettel subscribers).

- Step 2: Select the operating system that is right for you and Click the Download button.


- Step 3: You select the Register and enter your phone number and your full name in the registration box below. Next, enter your Viettel Pay account password.


- Step 4: The system will send an OTP code, enter it exactly and click Authenticate, you will register Viettel Pay account successfully.


Instructions on how to use, recharge, withdraw money at ViettelPay

You can use the Viettel Pay application to recharge your mobile phone account, withdraw money, transfer money between ViettelPay accounts, pay Viettel telecom charges, Viettel telecom charges, pay electricity and water bills. No need to go to the counter.

Instruction to top up Viettel Viettel

You can top up Viettel Pay from your bank account or deposit cash from more than 30.000 transaction points of Viettel nationwide.

Option 1: Deposit money from a bank account

Viettel Pay allows you to top up from ATM cards of 33 domestic banks, but on the condition that your bank account must register for payment services via Internet banking.

You choose the sign icon "+" at the top to access Viettel Pay recharge interface. Here, enter the amount you want to deposit and select the bank and click Continue to confirm the transaction.


Next, you enter the card information including card number, full name of the cardholder and the effective date and click Continue, then enter the verification code sent to the phone message.

Method 2: Deposit cash

If your bank account is not registered for Internet banking, you can choose a cash deposit option. Currently, Viettel Pay has more than 30.000 stores supporting cash to Viettel Pay accounts nationwide, click on the Menu icon in the upper left corner and select Find a place.


Select the item Look up transaction points, transfer Viettel and enter recharge points / stores and choose directions. Viettel Pay will show you the way to the store. After finding the store, go there and ask a staff of Viettel Pay for cash recharge support.


Recharge phone from Viettel Pay

To top up your phone via Viettel Pay, select Recharge phone at the main interface of the application. Then, in turn, select the network operator and choose the face value to be loaded into Viettel Pay and click Pay and enter the scratch card code is Done.


Pay online transactions with Viettel Pay

You select the icon on the Home page Payment à Select Get started à Point the camera at the QR code of the store / Invoice à Enter the amount and content of payment, click "Payment" à Confirm à Enter translation password service ViettelPay to complete the payment.

Instruction to transfer money by ViettelPay


ViettelPay can help you to transfer money extremely diverse with 4 ways: Transfer money to phone number, transfer money to account number, transfer money to card number, transfer cash.

Transfer money to phone number:

Select the Money transfer icon to enter the phone number and enter the phone number you want to transfer money to (the receiving phone must use ViettelPay) and select the recipient's receiving account à Enter the amount to be transferred and the content to be transferred à press Make a transaction and confirm payment information, enter your password and verification code to complete.

Transfer money to account number:

Select the Money transfer icon to the account number and select the bank you want to transfer to, enter the account number, the amount and content of the transfer, confirm the transfer information and enter the password and OTP verification code.

Transfer money to card number:

Select the icon Transfer to card number enter the card number, amount into the content transfer à confirm payment information and enter the password and verification code to finish.

Cash transfer:

Select the Cash transfer icon and enter the recipient's information, choose the method of receiving money and enter the recipient's address and confirm the payment information, enter the password and verification code.

Does ViettelPay have any packages?

Package 1 (free of charge for maintenance):

  • A basic service package for beginners to register on the phone and have not updated personal information (CMT, address, ...).
  • Basic benefits of the package: pay service charges, buy scratch cards,…; Do not allow customers to transfer money. To use more utilities, you can upgrade to package 2 or 3.
  • Minimum limit: VND 10.000 / transaction.
  • Maximum limit: 5.000.000 VND / transaction.
  • Maximum limit / day: 5.000.000 VND / day.

Package 2 (Upgrade from pack 1 - free maintenance):

  • It is a package for customers who have registered information (CMT, address, ...) on ViettelPay application.
  • Benefits of the package: pay service charges, buy scratch cards, transfer money ...; To use more utilities, you can upgrade to package 3.
  • Minimum limit: VND 10.000 / transaction.
  • Maximum limit: 10.000.000 VND / transaction.
  • Maximum limit / day: 20.000.000 VND / day.

Package 3 (Upgrade from package 1 or 2, maintenance fee of VND 11.000 / month):

  • This is a package for customers who have registered information at Viettel transaction points, allowing subscribers to pay service fees, buy scratch cards, transfer money, pay QR Code ...
  • Minimum limit: VND 10.000 / transaction.
  • Maximum limit: 20.000.000 VND / transaction.
  • Maximum limit / day: 50.000.000 VND / day.

Detailed information about the fees for ViettelPay's services (applied from April 21, 04 to December 2018, 31)

No. Function name Charges
1 Recharge
- Deposit cash + Free the first 2 transactions / month.

+ From the 3rd transaction, cash deposit service fee will apply.

- Deposit money from domestic ATM cards + Free (from February 11 to December 02, 31)

+ From December 31, 12: 2018% of the value of Education + VND 1,1

2 Withdrawal + Free the first 2 transactions / month.

+ From the 3rd transaction, cash deposit service fee will apply.

3 Transfer money between ViettelPay accounts Free
4 Transfer money to accounts other than ViettelPay Free
5 Cash transfer According to the fee schedule of cash transfer service
6 Payment of Viettel telecommunications charges Discount:

+ Pay for yourself: 6%

+ Payment to others: 4%

7 Pay off-line telecommunications charges Discount: 4%
8 Buy Viettel scratch cards, foreign networks Discount: 4%
9 Query, look up Free
10 Paying electricity, water bills Free
11 Buy Game / Insurance / Installment ... Free
12 Cancel the service with all accounts Free


Detailed information on cash transfer fee:

Transfer money received at counter:


Transfer money received at home:

Fee for money transfer received at home = Fee for money transfer received at the counter + Additional fee

In which: Additional charge is calculated based on the form of transfer (fast, usually) and the address to receive money:


- Class 1 area - favorable area, including: wards of districts / cities / towns, district towns.

- Class 2 area - normal area, including: Communes in District / City / Town, plain and midland areas.

- Geographical areas of grade 3 - difficult areas, including: Communes in high mountains, rivers, and islands


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  1. I used witty phone, had never previously registered viettelpay service but today it sends a notice that minus 11k of subscribers because of inactivity for 6 months, to get free transaction fee of at least 10k. I don't know how much money I usually have, but it seems like I've been deducted. What should I do now.

  2. My baby while on the phone accidentally logged out of the account because of the fear of being scolded for having wrong passwords many times and being locked out of my account, because I still had a young child who could not go to the store to reopen the account. Is there any way to do the account unlocking procedure at home?

  3. Recharge some of your viettelpay accounts at viettelpay's desk and there is a fee of 15k with no cost? Customer Nguyen Tri Dung, SDT 84975141972 have paid 500.000 VND to ViettelPay's account, SDT 84975141972 of Viettel customer 1000154100_VTP 16/03/2020 16:56:47. LH 19008099 (0d TB Viettel, other VND 1.000 / v. Other) You have paid 500.000 VND in the ViettelPay account of KH Nguyen Tri Dung, STK 9704229209126189 through Viettel channel ma 1000154100_VTP. Phi GD 0 VND. Right GD 16/03/2020 16: 56: 47OTP confirmed Viettel pay for Viettel 6139

  4. This is the second time I was charged a fee of 2k at this transaction point when I recharge for myself OTP to confirm the payment of ViettelPay for myself 15 Customer Nguyen Tri Dung, SDT 6139xxxx849 has paid 972 VND to Viettel Viettel, SDT 500.000xxxx84975 of Quy customers at Viettel ma 972_VTP on 1000154100/16/03 2020:16:56. LH 47 (19008099d TB Viettel, other VND 0 / piece, other) You have paid 1.000 VND in the ViettelPay account of KH Nguyen Tri Dung, STK 500.000xxxxx97042292 via Viettel channel, which is 189_VTP. Phi GD 1000154100 VND. Right GD 0/16/03 2020:16:56

  5. Let me ask: I've finished, viettelpay but I've forgotten Mk. I forgot my password and entered cmt. Below ask for an approximate balance of vtpay account
    What is tk vtpay? See where to do ntn to get back Mk? Just help me

  6. Can I ask, the identity card I used to register for bankpul and now I don't want to register for viettelpay? What should I do?


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