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What is VietinBank iPay? Instructions for registering and using Vietin iPay

To help customers easily manage their accounts as well as perform transactions quickly, Vietinbank has provided vietinbank internet banking service called vietinbank. VietinBank iPay with many attractive features. So what is VietinBank iPay? What features and utilities does it have that so many people register to use? And how to use iPay, all will be in the article below Cryptocurrency Blog, follow along!

What is VietinBank iPay?

Vietinbank iPay is one of Vietinbank's electronic banking services for individuals and organizations that open an ATM card account or make a payment deposit at Vietinbank to help customers easily perform operations such as viewing account information, transfer, pay bills, repay loans, send online savings, receive remittances, view statements of transactions in a certain period of time… through the Internet.

This service is available for Internet-connected electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and even mobile phones.

To use this service, you need to register for the service at Viettinbank's transaction office and you will be given a password. Then you use that password and go to the website https://ebanking.vietinbank.vn to proceed with the login. In addition, for devices using ISO or Android operating systems, you can immediately download the Vietin iPay App to use the service.

Main features of Vietinbank Ipay

With Vietinbank iPay you will be able to manage your bank account easily about information such as the balance on the card, the last transactions of the card… And the transactions will be done quickly, anytime. anywhere, minimizing travel time for customers.

Besides, with the diversity in access methods on many devices such as laptops, phones, and mobile phones, it is convenient for customers to use. Finally, financial transactions are secured based on Viettinbank's leading advanced technology, so you can rest assured that your information will not be stolen.


In addition, the outstanding features of Vietinbank Ipay also include:

  • Online account management: Helps query and manage account information, look up card usage history.
  • Buy phone scratch cards from supporting carriers such as Viettel, MobiPhone, Vinaphone, ... as well as game cards of Zing, Oncash, Genera, ... with denominations from 10.000 VND to 500.000 VND.
  • Online transfer for same-bank or inter-bank accounts. Transfer money via the recipient's phone number with the minimum amount of 1.000 VND/transaction and maximum 3.000.000 VND/transaction and maximum 10.000.000 VND/day.
  • Deposit term savings online.
  • Pay bills for electricity, airplane, phone, internet, telecommunications.
  • Support for normal loan repayment, credit card debt payment, Western Union remittance or insurance purchase...

In addition to these features, when using VietinBank iPay, you also have the opportunity to receive many promotions and discounts from VietinBank's strategic partners.

VietinBank iPay service fee schedule

Register to use the serviceFree
Service maintenance fee8.800 VND/month (VAT included)
Look up bank informationFree
Look up account informationFree
Bank transfer transactionVND 1.100 (transactions under VND 1 million)
2.200 VND (from 1-3 million VND)
3.300 VND (from 3-50 million VND)
0,01% of transaction amount for transactions over VND 50 million
Bank transfer9.900 VND for less than 50 million VND
0,01% of transaction amount for transactions over VND 50 million
Transfer money to phone number3.300 VND/transaction.
Loan repayment at VietinBankFree
Paying credit card debt at VietinBankFree
Send savings onlineFree
Prepayment of online savingsFree
Support online charityFree
Pay electricity and water billsFree
Air ticket paymentFree
Payment of charges for landlines, wireless homephones, postpaid mobile phones.Free
Prepaid mobile rechargeFree
TV bill paymentFree
Payment of ADSL Internet chargesFree
Buy some kind of insuranceFree
Top up OBU (automatic toll card)Free
Receive Western Union RemittancesFree

Instructions for registering and using VietinBank iPay

To use VietinBank iPay, you need to know the following user regulations:

  1. Target users:

  • This service is only applicable to customers who have E-partner accounts and payment deposits (CAs) opened at Vietinbank.
  • Customers must register for Vietinbank's Ipay service
  • Customers must accept all conditions of use of Viettinbank
  1. How to register Vietinbank ipay

Step 1:

If you do not have a Vietinbank account, you need to open a payment account before registering for online banking at the nearest Vietinbank transaction office. If you already have an account, you just need to bring your card and ID card to the nearest Vietinbank transaction office and ask the staff to open a Vietinbank Ipay account integrated with your existing payment account.

Conditions and procedures for opening a Vietinbank account

Conditions and procedures for opening a Vietinbank account for individuals: Full 18 years old, then you

  • Bring your ID card or ID card to the nearest Vietinbank branch where you are living;
  • Fill out the registration form to open a Vietinbank bank account.

Procedures for opening Vietinbank bank accounts for businesses:

  • Registration form for opening a bank account (bank form);
  • Papers on establishment of an enterprise: Business registration certificate (or decision on establishment of an enterprise, or a document proving the legal representative status of a foreign enterprise);
  • Personal papers of the legal representative of the company. In addition, the bank may request a sample of the company seal and some other related documents.

Step 2:

Fill in all information in the bank's form such as full name, account number, date of birth, email to receive information... The bank staff after having your information will provide you with information about the number. account and password. You can use Ipay immediately by visiting the website https://ebanking.vietinbank.vn or download the VietinBank iPay App listed above.

Just register once, you have the whole bank at your fingertips, can make transactions anytime, anywhere. VietinBank iPay has opened up a new generation of electronic banking, helping customers to have a better experience.

3. Instructions for using basic features of Internet banking Vietinbank (Ipay)

You will use this account to log in to Ipay Vietinbank website address, after logging in will be as follows.

ipay website interface

Home page interface

The user interface is extremely simple, so customers do not feel surprised the first time.

Checking account balance

To check your balance, at Ipay's homepage, select "account” in the vertical toolbar on the left side of the screen. Then select the corresponding account type.

ipay check the earphone

Check account

This feature allows customers to list all existing accounts such as existing payment accounts, loan accounts, credit card accounts, term savings accounts, etc.


This feature includes money transfer inside/outside the system, money transfer to mobile phone and ATM withdrawal without card.

ipay drills


To transfer, at the interface homepage, select the item "Transfer"Or"Transfer money to phone number” depending on the transfer purpose, then follow the instructions.

Note that the recipient's name must be written in CAPITAL without accents, the content of the money transfer is in Vietnamese without accents.

Pay the bill

To pay the bill, you will select the "checkout, then select the appropriate invoice.

  • Note that when paying for air tickets, you need a customer code / reservation code. To receive this code, you must have booked your ticket on the airline's website in advance;
  • The customer code is also on the monthly utility bill.

ipay pay flowers

Pay the bill

This feature supports payment of bills such as electricity and water, air tickets, and telecommunications charges. You can pay for the service 24/7 regardless of holidays, holidays / Tet.


Above is the article “What is VietinBank iPay? How to register and use the latest Vietin iPay? of the Virtual Money Blog, hopefully through the article you can more easily register, use deposit and withdraw money at your account. VietinBank iPay.

If you have difficulty in installing, logging in, using VietinBank iPay Then leave a comment below of Cryptocurrency Blog OK, we will reply to you as soon as possible. And don't forget to give yourself a Like, Share and rate 5 stars below. Good luck.

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