What is LMT [Let Me Trade]? Guide from AZ for newbies



What is LMT?

LMT LetMeTrade is a Crypto Broker - cryptocurrency broker. Do not misunderstand people because this is not an exchange!

As a broker, LMT provides a cryptocurrency trading platform. The platform offers you many trading methods such as Margin trading, Social trading, Instant trading.

Moreover, LMT provides you with trading algorithms that help you limit your exposure to financial risks.

Currently, the broker platform offers you 5 Strategy (strategies) such as: Stop-limit, Time-weighted average, Trailing, lceberg order, Sniper order.

Transaction fee

Except for Instant trading, you will have a maker and taker fee of 0.1%.

Instant trading0.15%
Other types of transactions0.1%0.1%

Note: Maker was the one who placed the order, taker is the person who executes the order.

Margin trading interest

Crypto typeMaximum leverageInterest rate every 8 hours
XRP 50.05%
BCH 50.05%
TRX 50.05%

Strategic partnership

Strategic partnership

What is the difference between LMT and other units?

As mentioned above, the strength of LMT is that Social Trading (copy transactions), Margin Trading (using leverage) and Instant Trading (Swap very quickly). So it has advantages that others don't.

  • Social Trading will allow customers to copy trades of “Pro Traders”. Applies to non-leverage trading too.
  • The profit sharing program is carefully designed. It better encourages professional traders by allowing them to customize their share of trade profits with their followers.
  • The affiliate program is designed specifically for influencers and community leaders. The commission refund rate is as high as 60%.
  • Instant Trading (Swap) offers better rates and quotes will last for 15 seconds.
  • Margin Trading - Margin trading on different exchanges allows you to use your capital better.
  • A set of professional trading algorithms that allow you to trade large volumes.

Instructions for registering Let Me Trade account on the phone

Here I will guide registration on the phone for everyone offline.

Step 1: Everyone in https://blogtienao.com/go/lmt will be registered interface as shown below.

Sign up for a Let Me Trade account

Step 2: Choose to register by phone number or email

Here I will guide you to register by phone number. Everyone +84 if it is a Vietnamese phone number. Next, to register you enter the following information:

  • Phone: Enter your phone number
  • Password: Enter the password
  • Confirm: Retype the password

Finally sell click the button Sign Up .

Enter the registered phone number

Step 3: Enter the verification code sent to your phone number.

Enter the verification code sent to the phone number

So you have successfully registered for LMT account already. Very simple is not it!

Account login instructions

Step 1: Everyone in Settings then click Register / Login to log in to your account.

Where to login account

Step 2: Enter your phone number and password into “Phone Number"And"Password“. Finally click the Login button is finished.

Sign in to your account

Account security instructions

Email link

Step 1: Click on your account section as shown below.

Account security

Step 2: Click on it Sercurity

Select Security

Step 3: In the area Email, people click Link to associate an email with your account.

Email link

Step 4: Enter your email then press Send. Check your email and enter 6 numbers then press the button Confirm.

Enter email

Step 5: Entering the code sent to your message is the link with the email is done.

Enter the SMS code

Turn on Google Authenticator (2FA)

Step 1: Also in the Security section as above, click Link at "Google 2FA".

Turn on Google Authenticator 2FA

Step 2: You download the Google Authenticator application to your phone. Then you copy the key in the section (2) then enter the downloaded application.

Copy 6 numbers from Google Authenticator to enter the section (3). Finally click on the button Confirm .

See now: Instructions for use Google Authenticator

Enter 6 numbers from Google Authenticator

Guidelines for identity verification (KYC)

Step 1: In the account area, select "Identity“. If you don't know where this is, please review the section Account security home

Identity verification

Step 2: Enter the following information:

  • Last Name: Your name
  • First Name: Your first name
  • Nationality: Click and select a country (Vietnam)
  • Certificate: Type of document for verification (Passport or Citizen Identification Card)

After selecting all the information, click the button Confirm to the next step.

Enter personal information

Step 3: Upload a photo of the front, after the verification document, and an image of the face you are holding the document.

Upload a photo of the front of the back of the verification document

After you have downloaded all the documents, click the button Submit.

Upload photos with faces holding documents

Now you just need to wait for identity verification.

Wait for identity verification

Note: Currently, you can register and not required KYC can still trade. However, you should KYC to protect your account and withdraw money easily.

Instructions for Deposit / Withdraw

Deposit funds on LMT


To make a deposit: Click on "Deposit". The loading process is also very simple. LMT supports deposit in BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XLM. Very convenient.


After 3 confirmation on Bitcoin Network, the money will go into your account.

Withdrawing Money On LMT

Currently, when you withdraw money, you only withdraw on the website. BlogTienAo has contacted them about this issue, they said that they will update as soon as possible the feature of mobile withdrawal for you to transact conveniently.

Therefore, BTA will update after this part.

Trading guide on LMT

Social Copy Trading

Social Trading is probably the trend in 2020. When you can make trades easily by copying the trades of other Pro Traders.

Step 1: Click on "Community", reputable Pro traders appear with interest rates, winning rates.

Step 2: To view Trader's details, click on their name.

Jim Lee: The name of the trader
Personal profile: Brief description of the trader
Return: Returns
3w Win: Win rate within the last 3 weeks
Avg Profit: Average profit
Followers: Number of people who are copying this person's transaction
3w Orders: Number of orders in the last 3 weeks
Share: Profit sharing ratio

After selecting your favorite trader, click "Follow" to copy.

Step 3: On the copy screen, select the number of commands you will copy according to that person. Then click "Confirm":

Instant Trading

This function is quite simple, it's just like the SWAP function common on other exchanges.

To trade Instant, all you need to do is enter the amount you need to SWAP. Press GET A QUOTE.

The system will get the nearest price, you have 15 seconds to think, OK, press REDEEM NOW.

If the timeout is as shown below, then click again and try again.


Margin Trading

You just need to enter the amount, with the 0.15% fee equivalent to x10 leverage. So you can calculate your own numbers to enter.

Social Trading

You choose long short as well as leverage accordingly. The Advanced section will help you take profit or stop loss. Good luck


Although this is a newly launched floor, with the enthusiasm of the team (up to nearly 50 people), the Hong Kong-based company with clear legal. As well as great and powerful features, you can safely use it. The remaining problem is how to win.





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