WHAT IS PERFORMANCE POWER? What is the 80 Plus standard?


The source of the computer is like the heart of the computer. When it is strong and stable, the computer can run stably. For mining brothers, choosing a good source is very important, will help the miner run more stably and possibly save electricity and finance.

WHAT IS PERFORMANCE POWER? What is the 80 Plus standard?

Normally, you can look on the source to know what kind of source you are buying and using, when you buy the source, you only care how much wattage it has and how much it costs. There is a small but not small problem is power efficiency - standard 1plus. (More information can be found on the wiki: https://goo.gl/0jZ54

High performance only makes sense when the system is consuming a lot of electricity

For PSU, the "efficiency" value is the quotient of the EFFECTIVE power consumption (its max is the number on the source - the maximum level of the power) that we get on (dividing) the power ACTUAL power consumption (measured outside the meter). For example, if my whole buffalo consumes 1000W of power (for card + main + CPU), but the power supply is only 80% efficient, the electricity you pay will be calculated according to the consumption of 1000/80%, ~ 1250W.

THE EFFICIENCY electrical power is determined by the total electrical energy it must supply to the components in the machine. The difference, or wasted energy (20%, 10% or 6% of the remaining energy) between the two power levels will be converted to heat.

The highest efficiency is achieved when the load is about 50% load

The longer the efficiency, the longer the amount of electricity saved can be greater than the difference between two types of power sources of the same capacity but different performance. For example, there are 2 2W sources with efficiency 1000plus usually (80 at 0.8% load) for 100 million and performance Gold (2 at 0.87% load) for 100 million, the performance difference is 3% => if you run 7 year then The amount of electricity reduced by 1% will be> 7 million savings when buying the source (1% x 7th x 12 million / month = 1.8 million)

What is source performance? What is source 80 plus power efficiency? What is the source of 80 plus? That is the reason why the source is branded, the Gold-Platinum performance is extremely high (refer to the CORSAIR PSU price. Reliable performance is not high.
Source server is high performance (gold) and the price is cheap, the cons are very noisy, can not be put in the house to sleep.

-Performance is the ratio of OUTPUT SUPPLY output / CLOCK GAUGE (input)
-The source of recording is 1000W, the actual power (output) can provide maximum 1000W rather than withstand only 1000W at the clock (some people understand fear of fire due to overload when using their source test). If the power supply is enough 1000W output (effective power), it will withstand 1000W / 0.8 ~ 1250W (actual power). And it can not bear it, it is weak, it records the power on the stamp for fun, should ignore as long as the table (if the power supply is 1000W then test 1.15V carefree).
-Modder mod buffalo should only compare how much lower VDDC voltage is (<0.9 is good), and the meter does not reflect the mod level because it consumes more or less due to the 80plus performance.

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