What is a maker? Learn about the Coin Maker cryptocurrency (MKR)


Maker (MKR) what?

Maker (MKR) is a smart contract-based digital currency deployed on Maker Blockchain's Ethereum Blockchain based in Santa Cruz, California, and established since 2014. MKR coin was created to stabilize the price of another cryptocurrency called DAI through smart contracts called Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs).

Maker coin's development history

Maker Introduced in August 8, it is a "tokenized first" token on the Ethereum blockchain network. At that time, the virtual currency Maker raises capital by issuing MKR Token so that users can buy MKR with BTC, ETH through pairs of MKR / BTC or MKR / ETH and it is traded through its own exchange. was named OasisDEX before officially launched in April 2015.

Maker coin's development team

Coin Maker Developed by a team of experts from various fields including blockchain technology, business and finance. The main members of the group include:

  • Rune Christensen: Managing director
  • Andy Milenius: Technology director
  • Greg Diprisco: Sales manager


There are also many other members such as: Matt richards, Nikolai Mushegian, Soren Peter Nielsen, Jerome Grilleres... You can see the details of the members on the official website below.

Rate of virtual currency Maker coin currently

At the time of Virtual money blog If you write this article then the price of virtual currency Maker is significantly reduced compared to the end of January 1, the price was then at 2018 $. As of the time we wrote this article on March 1687,86, 13, the price of MKR is $ 3.


Also at that time Virtual money blog write this article, Maker (MKR) is ranked at the top 33 among the coins being traded, with a market capitalization of more than USD 500 million, equivalent to 54.137 BTC and 718.065 ETH, and has a 24-hour trading volume of nearly 800.000 USD, equivalent to 84,05, 1115 BTC and 1.000.000 ETH. The total number of coins issued is 618.228 MKR, the total number of coins currently mined is XNUMX MKR. You can see Maker Rate Coins are updated in real time to keep track of their price movements.

Buy and sell coin Maker?

market maker

You can perform MKR copper transactions via BTC, ETH, USDT, WETH, DAI at many exchanges such as Bibox, Oasisdex, IDEX, Gate.io, OKEx, Radar relay wherein the trading volume is at Bibox , and Oasisdex is the biggest.

What is the Coin Maker store for?

Coin electronic Maker is developed based on the smart contract of the Ethereum Blockchain system according to ERC20 standard, so it can be stored on any type of wallet if the wallet is built in accordance with Ethererum's ERC20 standard. Some types of wallets can be used for storage Maker as MyEtherWallet, Safe deposit, Ledger Wallet, ImToken, Dappradar, ... of which MyEtherWallet wallet is used most.

Also, you can host Maker coin directly on the electronic wallets of the exchanges for ease of trading. But if you are a long-term investor and do not need regular trading, you should use the separate wallets we have suggested for you above.

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