What is tether (USDT)? Should we invest in USDT?


What is tether (USDT)?

Tether (USDT) is the electronic money issued on Bitcoin blockchain via protocol Omni. (Currently, Tether also runs on ERC20 and TRON)

Each USDT unit is backed by a US Dollar kept in reserve Tether Limited and can be acquired via the Tether platform.

Tether USDT can be transferred, stored, spent, like Bitcoin or any other virtual currency.

Users can transact and store via dedicated wallets like Ledger Nano S, Trust wallet or Exchange Wallet.

What is Tether Coin?
What is tether (USDT)?

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In Tether's proof and data system, the amount of USDT in circulation can be easily checked on the Bitcoin blockchain through the tools provided at Omnichest.info

While the corresponding total amount of USD reserve is proved by publishing bank balances and undergoing periodic Audits by experts.

To prove that the USD amount in the bank account is equal to or more than the amount of USDT in circulation, Tether Limited Publish your bank account balance on the transparency sheet of your website.

Professional auditors will regularly check, sign and publish basic bank balances and remittance reports.

Tether is not an AltCoin

Executive group Tether has carefully emphasized that virtual currency This is not one AltCoin or a competitor to Bitcoin that adds technology to Bitcoin.

It is meant to support Bitcoin's wider use, allowing users to be intrigued by blockchain but fear of volatility becoming an easy entrance into the market.

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Tether is not an altcoin
Tether is not an altcoin

But due to the 1: 1 guarantee with Dollars, USDT can be said to be one Stable Coin.

And so, the arrival of Tether (USDT) brings huge expansion opportunities for Bitcoin and the CryptoCurrency other.

Value of Tether USDT virtual currency

The value of the virtual Tether coin
Value of Tether virtual currency (USDT)

The rate of USDT also frequently fluctuate like other virtual currencies and Tether will also depend on fluctuations of Bitcoin.

At time Virtual money blog If writing this article (2017), the price of 1 USDT = $ 1.05 = 0.00049181 BTC and has a total market capitalization of $ 110,128,931 equivalent to 51,637 BTC.

See exchange rates for Tether (USDT) and the coins update in real time squid fishing tours.

Trading tether (USDT) at which exchanges?

USDT As a popular coin and an intermediary coin traded between other coins, similar to BTC, ETH, so many exchanges listed and provided USDT.

In Vietnam, there are many support floors trading in Vietnamese Dong with very low fees.

You can also use Visa Cards to buy USDT at major exchanges like Binance, Huobi,… But the fee is so high, the BTA does not encourage you to use it.

Tether Investments (USDT)? Maybe not?

As previously known, USDT is one Stable Coin - one coin is listed in USD value, which means 1 USD = 1 USDT.

So why is it valuable and if it's listed like that, how do I invest it?

Because it is listed in USD, it also follows the rules, at least like the USD and according to the law of supply and demand in Vietnam.

For example, when many people need to buy USD and the amount of USD is limited, of course, the USD price will skyrocket, and vice versa, the supply is much and the demand is less, the USD price will drop.

I used to remember that at the peak of December 12, USDT price in Vietnam sometimes reached 2017 = 30.000 USDT due to the great demand.

So you can see it as a commodity and as a currency, from which we will show you the method. USDT investment

USDT Investment Method

# 1 Invest Tether (USDT) Short-term

According to the law of supply and demand, there will be buyers and sellers, Just buy cheaply, sell at a slightly higher price will generate interest.

Sometimes only interest about 50-100d on a USDT but if in a day you just need to trade more than 1 billion ($ 50000), you probably profit at least from 2tr5-5tr already.

I was told that there are people working in the exchanger profession, they sit all day buying and selling USDT, with days of interest can be up to 10-20 million.

Of course, it is not easy to make this easy, you may be involved in fraud or fraud, so you need to have a lot of experience as well as high credibility and reliability to stand firm in the profession. this is.

Therefore, I will point out the necessary points for you to become a USDT trader:

  • First of all, you must have capital, the more capital you have, the faster you rotate. The faster you rotate, the faster the interest.
  • Prestige is a must, reputable to be able to trade.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable about USDT, trading USDT, and about the cryptocurrency market to be able to judge quickly and resolve specific situations as quickly as possible.

# 2 Investments Tether (USDT) Long-term

This method is the same as above, however there is a little difference. If the above, you must buy and sell fast, compact, rotate capital and take profit on that day.

Then this long-term investment method requires you to have a careful view, understanding the market.

Capitalization of USDT and USDT Price
Capitalization of USDT

We have some tips but are not 100% sure, because I have been watching for 3 years now:

  • When the floor goes up, green, the price of USDT will plummet. And vice versa, the red floor, the price of USDT will rise sharply. Sometimes the opposite is true but rarely seen.
  • Before the Lunar New Year, the price of USDT will decrease deeply and decrease until the days of the Lunar New Year, after Tet, the price will increase again ...

Depending on the law of supply and demand, we hug, sell, take profit, and then return again.

# 3 Smuggling Tether (USDT)?

USDT Price On The Familiar Floors

Let's take a look at some famous sites, Should we see if this time should be smuggled?

Exchange Rate on Remitano Exchange
Exchange Rates on the Floor Remitano


Exchange Rates on the Floor T-REX
Exchange Rates on the Floor Coinhako
Exchange Rates on Huobi OTC
Exchange Rates on the Floor Huobi OTC

These are 4 popular floors today, and a few others. However, the ad will not include images, but will list them later.

Compare USDT Prices

So at a glance we see what, Buying and Selling Prices are the same, but there is still a slight difference. For example:

  • Remitano - Purchase Price: 22928 - Price: 23299
  • T-REX - Purchase Price: 23122 - Price: 23175
  • Coinhako - Purchase Price: 22897 - Selling Price: 23351
  • Huobi OTC - Price: 23119 - Price: 23173.89

(This is the price reflected in the 4 pictures above dentist)

If you're in the position of a smuggler, there probably won't be any profit, because if you want to be fast, you'll have to buy a high spear, and sell it at a low price. And make sure !!!

So how to be profitable?

Go hunting in the storm. Especially at times Bitcoin price decline.

On the above exchanges, the price reflects the buy and sell orders of investors, they place buy and sell orders at different prices, and the floor will display the nearest price to show out.

For example: The price on Remitano is 22928 and 23299, the purchase price will be for 22900, 22800 people and the selling price will be for those who book 23299, 23300, 23350.

Back to the point when the price of BTC plummets, then the price of USDT will certainly increase sharply depending on the SML level of Bitcoin. On the contrary, green floor, USDT price will drop.

Within that fluctuation range, within 15-45p when bitcoin has just plummeted, the above orders are still kept at that price, you just need to collect, wait for the price to move 200-500d and then discharge again. Ad has observed this many times, and it is true.

Ad used to raise $ 20k at a time when the price did not increase, and immediately discharged with a difference of 200d / 1 USDT to take profit. And you can do that too.

The job is just to find the lowest price, the fastest and discharge as soon as there is profit, take profit depending on your mouth (sometimes ad discharge interest to 500d / 1 USDT).

What are the conditions for smuggling?

Due to the small market, maybe after the ad has finished writing this article, the ad will not be able to eat well because some of you are located faster than the ad. But no problem, just share for you a little bit of banh chung. What are the conditions for smuggling?

  • You must have 1 available capital, about 100-200 million is enough, but the more the better.
  • You must understand USDT: know how to use, send, receive, check ...
  • Must register all floors and identity verification (ad will list a series of sites for you to track).
  • Must have a bank account, have internetbanking, identical to the registered name of the floor.

For when there is a wave, immediately login to the floor, prepare cash, change hands, then take profits 2-3 hours after the storm to eat the highest difference. (Depending on each person's experience).

List of Floors You Should Note (click on register and be ready to go)

  1. Coinhako
  2. Remitano
  3. T-REX
  4. Huobi OTC
  5. Aliniex
  6. Bitmoon

Trafficking is not necessarily a good method and can not make a lot of money, it is better to make an exchange, you will make more.

If you want to know about exchange investment, see the article: Bitcoin investment guide nhé


So, you can briefly understand what is USDT? Until now, USDT is still the most used vehicle in the market electronic money.

Through the article, we also visualized as well as know where to buy and sell, and especially how to invest USDT. Good luck.

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  1. Is the currency usdt up again or not, it's just $ 1, it's just like me. Are there any directions like the other ones? Who helps explain the dap dong today vs difficult to understand

    • It tricks to bring Bitcion coin higher and higher. If you invest, you need a lot of young potential and enthusiasm to form a group of people and spread your group into the market up to a certain point.When you have a profit, you will continue to invest. into bitcion ……. want to understand more deeply, please contact me. 1


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