What is Bityard floor? Receive 258 USDT free (detailed instructions)



What is bityard?

Bityard is a cryptocurrency contract exchange operated by a fund in Singapore. Currently, the floor has been present in more than 150 countries including Vietnam.

Currently the floor has been licensed from the United States, Singapore, Australia, Estonia:

  • MSB (Money Service Business)
  • ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority)
  • Estonia's MTR
  • AUTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center)

License information related to Bityard

Some highlights of Bityard floor

  • Support multiple security features 2FA, multi-signature (Multi-Signature), the property is stored by cold wallet, ...
  • Friendly interface, easy to register for an account with only 30 seconds.
  • Support for recharging with fiat money with many payment channels (MOMO, ViettelPay, ...)
  • Quick contract transactions with a minimum of 5 USDT.
  • There are mobile apps on Android and IOS
  • Support leverage from 20-100
  • No need KYC

Types of fees when dealing

When you trade on the floor, there are 2 types of fees: position opening fee and overnight fee:

-Open position fee = margin * (leverage-1) * 0.15%

Instructions to register for a Bityard account

First you access:

There are 2 parts to register by email and register by phone number. You choose 1 in 2 and then fill in the information.

After entering it, click the Get code button to receive the SMS code. Finally press the button Register .

Sign up for a Bityard account

During registration as well as use you will encounter the authentication below. You just need to drag to match the shape.

Captcha authentication when registering an account

Instructions on security of Bityard trading floor accounts

Email link

To increase security and withdraw money, you must at least link the email. The first thing you need to do is enter the area Account and security at the right of the screen.

Next in the section Accuracy e-mail You choose the button Link.

Bityard account security

Enter the email you want to link and press the button Get the code. Enter the code sent to the email in the box Email code Then press the button to confirm.

You check all the mail including spam if you do not see the email sent offline!

Enter the link email

Password of property

Your password to use in cases where your account is exposed and avoid being withdrawn. If someone illegally access your account but does not have this password, it cannot be withdrawn.

Also in the area Account and security You choose the button the setting at line Password of property.

Next you enter:

  • Login password Your password in the Password box
  • The new password is the property password
  • Re-enter the asset password to Confirm .

Set a property password

Instruction for deposit and withdrawal 

For Bityard floor, the withdrawal is quite simple. Particularly for loading, there are 2 forms for you to choose:

  • Deposit with available coins
  • Deposit with legal money.

Here I will show you 2 ways!

Deposit money with available coins

First, you enter account -> select Recharge. Next select the coin you want to load and chain name for USDT offline.

I also encourage using USDT because you buy or sell contracts must use USDT at all. If you deposit other coins, you must also convert to USDT for trading.

Once you have the address you want to deposit, you just need to transfer it to that address.

Note: When loading, please remember to note the minimum of each coin. For example, USDT has a minimum deposit of 15 USDT. Transferring XRP, remember to fill in the tag.

Deposit funds into your Bityard account

Deposit USDT in legal currency

For fiat money you choose the payment method and Quantity purchased. The amount of purchase you customize Buy in VND amount or Buy in USDT amount.

Deposit USDT in legal currency

Withdraw money on Bityard floor

  • First you choose Chain name: OMNI, ERC20 or TRC20. Then enter your USDT number and address.
  • Next, enter the Property password. This code is the one you have set up above that security.
  • Enter your email and get the code
  • Finally press the button Confirm .

Note: The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 50 USDT!

Withdraw money on Bityard floor

Instruction to trade on Bityard

Introducing the trading interface

Bityard transaction interface

The trading interface of my floor is divided into 4 parts:

(1) - Coin contracts can choose the coin in this area when translated

(2) - Price chart of each contract

(3) - Area to place buy and sell orders (long / short)

(4) - Where you can keep track of the positions you have set

Instruction for placing trading orders

Install the command

Before placing an order, we set the rate of stop loss, stop loss for orders and overnight charges. To install people click on the word the setting at the top right of the command area.

Everyone choose the profit and loss level that suits your trading style. If you only trade during the day, then you do not need to select on The Overnight (overnight charge).

Those who hold orders overnight must choose if not you will be closed at 6:55:00 Vietnamese time home

Install stop loss stop on Bityard

Place a market order on Bityard

Place a market order

For market orders, the price will match the market price at that time.

If you anticipate a price increase, choose Buy (Long). You predict the price will go down then choose Sell (Short). If the price goes exactly what you predicted then you will be profitable.

The leverage you can adjust from 20x-100x depends on your tactics.

Remember, the greater the leverage, the higher the risk. For example, if you play 5 USDT but x100, it is equivalent to playing a 500 USDT order.

So when the price goes against the trend you expect ~ 1% you will lose that deposit of 5 USDT.

Initial deposit is the amount you want to play an order (I encourage you to play only 5-10% of the initial capital).

Finally, you click buy or sell is done.

Place a limit order on Bityard

Place a limit order

This order is only different from that you can set the price first. This means that the order you place pending orders will be effective.

For example, if you predict the price of BTC to 10k it will plummet, you place a sell order of 10K. If the BTC goes up, it will match or you remove the order and not lose anything.

Guide to receive 258 USDT for free

Mission bonus 258 USDT

Get the first 4 USDT

Modify username: At the "First name"People click on the line below and then enter the username you want and press the confirmation button to get the first USDT.

Modify the username to receive 1 USDT

Link mail, sdt this step I have performed should be able to receive always offline

Next, complete a trade demo order and you will receive another 2 USDT USDT.

To trade demo, you switch from Live Thành Demo at the left of my screen.

Place a demo order to receive 2 USDT

Get the remaining 254 USDT

For the remaining 254 USDT, you have to load USDT to trade. You must reach a trading volume with hooks of 10,000 - 25,000 - 100,000 - 500,000.

Although it's not easy to achieve, but if you hit well then do not hesitate to try it!


Hopefully through the article, everyone has a better understanding of Bityard floor! In addition, Blogtienao has a discussion group on Margin trading that everyone can join by following the link:

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