What is Bitmoon floor? AZ trading guide for newbies


What is Bitmoon?

Bitmoon is a VND exchange that supports the purchase and sale of over 200+ different coins in Vietnam for quite cheap fees.

With a young, enthusiastic team! Bitmoon has been gradually gaining the hearts of customers for 2 years of development.

Catch problems like:

  • Recharge time to withdraw coins is long
  • The support time for a problem often lasts a few weeks
  • Differences in language
  • Buy USDT high price then use USDT to buy XRP BTC ETH ... have to pay another fee
  • When selling coins to VND, there is a big difference compared to the time of buying (2% -10%)

Bitmoon has focused on improving the product, from which came out with powerful features:

  • Integrate 200 types of coins and continue to integrate more
  • Large trading volume due to aggregation from all exchanges
  • The best general sale and purchase price from the exchanges
  • Automatic withdrawal of coins
  • Lowest transaction fee
  • Allows you to mine coins directly to deposit coins to sell
  • VND withdrawal 24/7 payment for all banks
  • Support 24/7 live chat without having to create tickets like international floor for a few days to be answered

Upcoming Estimates of Bitmoon

You can see the price difference is very low. Currently, Bitmoon is implementing a program to waive 100% VND withdrawal fee for members.

Upcoming projects are deployed on Bitmoon.net - BMTD token runs on ERC20 platform like Binance coins, donates 300 BMTD directly to new customers and 100 BMTD to referrers. Total BMTD of Bitmoon.net is expected to be 1 billion BMTD and commits to use 60% of monthly profit to buy BMTD for members.

In addition to supporting customers with less experience in the field of surfing traders, Bitmoon.net is also preparing to launch the function. QUICK SALE - 1 CLICK ORDER.

Information about Bitmoon Flooring

Information about Bitmoon.net

How To Buy And Sell USDT On Bitmoon

Perform the following steps:

  1. Sign up to create an account at Bitmoon.net HERE
    1. After registering, an email will be sent to the email, click on the link to activate the account
    2. Then you log in and fill out information about yourself
    3. Activate 2-layer security with Google Authenticators software
    4. Identity verification before trading (required by all exchanges)
  2. Deposit or USDT to trade
    1. Deposit VND to buy USDT
  • Then choose Bank to deposit (this is the only floor to deposit quite a lot of banks)
  • Choose the amount you want to deposit then click Continue
  • Access your bank via internetbanking and transfer the correct amount and transfer content of the website
  • Wait 2 minutes will see the money in the account
  1. Deposit USDT into bitmoon.net
    • Go to the top of the field to withdraw Coins
    • Search USDT or Tether
    • Clicking to load will give USDT wallet
    • Transfer your USDT from other exchanges to sell VND


  • After depositing VND or USDT, you will enter PURCHASE
  • Select Tether market (USDT)

Then you will see The list of guests who are placing a sell order , and The list of guests who are placing a buy order

Here you will see the columns:

  • Purchase Price: The price the customer is ordering, another member wants to buy that price
  • Price: The price at which the customer is selling, another member who wants to sell the price
  • Amount: quantity wants to sell, quantity wants to buy
  • Total amount: total money when purchased or sold in that quantity and price

If you want to buy USDT:

  • Buy immediately the quantity on the List being ordered for sale -> Click to show the price for you, then enter the quantity and click Buy Tether
  • Place a buy order at a price lower than the selling price -> you just enter the amount of USDT and the price you want to buy then click buy, the system will hang the order for you

You want to sell USDT:

  • Sell ​​now: click on the sale price or the price on the Ordered List to display the price up -> enter the quantity you want to sell -> click Sell Tether
  • Place a sell order at a higher price than the person who wants to buy -> enter the quantity and price -> click sell Tether to let the system put your order up waiting for someone else to buy a good price.

After you place a buy and sell order, you will see the order processing is right below

  • You can click Cancel to create another order or wait for the buyer / seller

When the transaction is completed you will see in the transaction history section below

Video guide to buy and sell USDT:

In addition to USDT, Bitmoon.net also has over 200 other coins you can buy and sell directly to VND similar to Tether trading with 0.25% transaction fee to help users more conveniently without going to other international exchanges. .

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