What is Red Pulse? Information to know about the electronic currency Red Pulse Coin (RPX)


What is Red Pulse (RPX)?

Red Pulse is a blockchain platform built on ecosystem NEO. Its purpose is to share data about China's financial market and economy publicly, transparently and with good security to those who want to participate in this market, because currently China The nation is a very developed country, has the second largest nominal GDP in the world and is the largest purchasing power economy in the world.

Red Pulse

In addition to being a strong economy, China is also a very confusing market and if you want to enter this market, you need to conduct a lot of market research with a lot of information, and Red Pulse. created to help people gather research content; increase the accuracy and transmission of research content; and to prevent the researcher from being overloaded with information. Its ultimate goal is to become a "new generation of content and smart ecosystem" in China's financial industry in particular and the economy in general.

RPX is the main cryptocurrency of Red Pulse is used for various purposes such as paying for the purchase of information on the platform or for encouraging those who make a positive contribution to the platform.

Features and characteristics of Red Pulse

Project Red Pulse was introduced and officially operated since 2015. This platform has been used by big companies in the world such as Fortune 500 and financial institutions to help them penetrate the Chinese market in a thrifty way. The best and accuracy of the information is best. Here are some features and features of Red Pulse:

  • Rally: Red Pulse Help collect information about the Chinese market automatically and collect them according to the specific symbols for each industry. This feature helps new market participants gain an overview of China's financial market and economy.
  • Manage: This is a feature that helps analysts have the right to destroy or delete information, biased views about the industry without reasonable evidence.
  • Analysis: Once gathered, all the information is Red Pulse Evaluate carefully, accordingly. Further studies and analysis are used to explain the impact on markets, companies and investors.
  • The web portal is only for customers: The personal portal on Red-Pulse.com provides real-time data feeds and access to the data warehouse studied in the last 4 years stored and marked only for customers.
  • Mobile application: The iOS app for iPads and iPhones, the Andorid app provides real-time new notifications based on company, industries and topics.

History and development roadmap of Red Pulse

  • Quarter 2/2015 - 2/2107: Launch of a web-based Chinese real-time financial research platform; build apps for iOS mobile devices; Collaboration and integration with financial analysts at major companies such as Bloomberg, Thompson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ and FactSet
  • Quarter 3/2017: Publish RPX token Whitepaper; allow trading RPX Token
  • Quarter 4/2017: Start developing platforms with Python / Django to replace existing platforms; Develop and launch Android mobile application versions; Create a working group between the company's blockchain developers and developers in the NEO community
  • Quarter 1/2018: Launch new platforms with Python / Django; conduct synchronized research / information data across all devices; Started to integrate RPX token as a monetization mechanism through NEO blockchain and NeoContract; Build a mobile app in a new platform called Revamp (for both iOS and Android); Provides content API and current data about the platform as a premium service
  • Quarter 2/2018: Testing the RPX beta; Integrated market feed
  • Quarter 3 and 4/2018: Deploy new RPX platform; Began to develop AI-based Smart Assistant for premium customers; expand project scope to Asia Pacific
  • 2019 Allow financial services of other affiliate platforms to integrate with the Red Pulse platform; Expand the scope of research to North America and the rest of the markets; Deploy industry conferences in key financial cities (such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Frankfurt, London, New York)

Red Pulse's development team

Red Pulse Launched in 2015, is a website that provides information on China's financial markets. Today, it has many large corporate clients like Fortune 500 and global wealth managers. Red Pulse There is also an iOS mobile app with over 50.000 subscribers in China. Red Pulse was created by 3 talented founders, including:

  • Jonathan Ha - Founder, CEO: He has more than 12 years of experience in financial consulting and services, Computer Engineering, Economics, Business Education. In addition, he was the consulting manager of Z-Ben; Management consulting in the financial industry with AMS, IBM, EMC. He also holds a master's degree from UC Berkeley Haas
  • Stanley chao - Co-founder, Head of Data Science Department: Stanley has 11 years of experience in investment management and financial services and has a strong background in applied mathematics and computer science. He was previously a financial analyst at Golden Crops; is the manager of ATA; risk analyst at Pacific West Securities
  • Peter Alexander - Co-founder: He has more than 20 years of experience in Chinese financial markets and research. Before that, he was the Founder / CEO of Z-Ben Advisors company; Prudential Financial's Chief Representative in China


In addition, your team can follow other members of the team on the web below.

The exchange rate of the current RPX Coin virtual currency

RPX cryptocurrency is listed at Coin Market Cap from November 10 with an initial price of US $ 2017. At the time of writing this virtual money blog is June 0.04, 21, the price of RPX digital currency is 0.08 USD.


Show RPX electronic currency has a total capitalization of over 68 million USD. The trading volume in 24 hours is over 1.1 million USD. The number of coins being issued is 1.358.371.250 RPX, and the number of coins being mined is 805.911.699 RPX. You can see RPX exchange rate Coins are updated in real time to keep track of their price movements.

Trading exchange RPX coin on?


For the time being, you can trade coins RPX On many world exchanges including: Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, Bitbns, Coinrail, Switcheo Network, HitBTC, Abucoins and TDAX mainly through the pairs of RPX / BTC and RPX / ETH.

Which RPX Token is stored in which wallet?

Red Pulse is a blockchain platform built on the NEO ecosystem so that token RPX Its will be stored on the wallets of the NEO blockchain. And you can download the NEO wallets at https://neo.org/download

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