What is PIVX? Learn about PIVX Coin


What is PIVX?

PIVX Coin (Symbol: PivX) or confirm a Private Instant Verifiable Transaction. PIVX developers are working on a solution that creates a unique currency and has the potential to become the next major difference focusing on high security and anonymity.

PIVX Coin developed from Dash but added Stacking, and converted the algorithm to Quark, besides it upgraded security technology from coinjoin to a fully blown zerocoin integration protocol, making PIVX the leading anonymous currency.

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Development team of PivX is a group of people who have a sharp mind and a passion for cryptocurrencies, they are planning to make a big change while many others are confused in the debate about how to escape. out of size problem Bitcoin, Bitcoin scripts and more.

How is PIVX different from other Anoncoin like Monero?

You should understand PIVX coins It's not just a simple cryptocurrency that focuses on personal security, but it also has staking, a network. Masternode, the goal of PIVX is to ensure a long-term effectiveness for the development and compliance of personal privacy as originally conceived. In addition, PIVX also owns a management mechanism so that the capital can be used for the development of PIVX and PIVX's sub-projects.

Have you ever wondered, "Do you have any skills to get ready to join the PIVX network?". Keep an eye on it PivX and wait for your best chance, and maybe you will earn some awesome PIV. However, it depends on the progress and complexity of that project.

Where to buy PIVX virtual currency? And how to learn more about PIVX?

PIVX Coin Currently being sold widely on major exchanges around the world, some exchanges you can buy PIVX such as: Bittrex, YoBit, EmpoEx or Cryptopia. In the near future, the trading floor Poloniex will also include PIVX into their system. If you want to learn more about copper PIVX virtual currency What is as well as the surrounding concepts are accessible www.pivx.org, there will soon be a completely new website, you should wait and follow it, the site will have important changes and upgrades on the old web platform.

In addition, some information on Slack slack.pivx.org Also very useful, where there are many active users, get help directly from PIVX. There is still a lot of work to be done, and much needed support from PIVX community for PIVX coin may develop rapidly in the near future.

The exchange rate of the PIVX Coin electronic currency

The exchange rate of the PIVXCoin cryptocurrency

Since PIVX Coin When it was announced to operate on the exchange, its female ratio increased sharply, looking at the chart above, we can see how strong the price of PIVX has grown. This is also considered a virtual currency worth long-term investment in the future. At the time of writing this article is virtual money blog price of 1 PIVX = $ 1.72 and have a total market capitalization of $ 91,819,614 equivalent 42,118 BTC.

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Reference source: Tiendientu.org

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