What is ODEM? Overview of ODEM (ODE) cryptocurrencies


What is ODEM?

ODEM, abbreviated as ODE is a platform that provides on-demand educational services built on the platform blockchain of Ethereum. The goal of ODEM is to create a global environment where students can buy quality courses anywhere in the world, serving them in a practical way, if buyers of courses are close to home. or buy online and pay using ODE tokens of ODEM.


In order to do that, ODEM will connect students, students, or people who want to learn something with teachers, lecturers or experts in any field, along with educational service providers with by using artificial intelligence to manage these complex requirements continuously, and organize complete training programs around the world. When programs are joined by students and educators, ODEM smart contracts will continuously manage the program's activities from start to finish. It can be said that ODEM is revolutionizing the current education.

How does ODEM work?

ODEM creating a market through an open source based on Ethereum's blockchain, and an ERC20 utility token used to trade digital assets on the ODEM platform and the corresponding set of smart contracts. to manage transaction data related to education and information programs. Along with an offchain exclusive cloud-based platform that provides students, educators, employers and other stakeholders, easy-to-use tools to participate in learning programs and receive blockchain-based education certificate.

At ODEM, students and educators can talk to each other without intermediaries. This environment will serve as a venue for hands-on educational experiences around the world. Students can buy courses, lectures and educational programs by paying easily with ODEM wallets, which generate transactions through smart contracts.

At the same time educators will be able to send their products: courses, lectures, programs and receive commissions via ODEM wallets. This wallet has a zero transaction fee, which means that teachers will receive the full amount of money paid from students.

ODEM will also use artificial intelligence to always verify professors and students to prevent any problems. This system will allocate tests to assess and ensure the quality of programs on the forum.

Benefits of ODEM cryptocurrency

For learners

For learners, the ODEM electric currency brings many effects, specifically as follows:

  • Create public and private profiles in ODEM platform.
  • Search and buy programs, lectures and curriculum directly.
  • Submit custom curriculum to ODEM educators for bidding.
  • Earn ODEM Tokens as royalty for custom content.
  • Get ODEM token sponsorship from businesses and individuals.
  • Give feedback and evaluate program quality.
  • Benefit from flexible payment in the currency of choice.
  • The certificate, after completing the course, will be posted on the blockchain, which makes that person's comments more credible.

For educators

For educators, using ODEM digital currency will help bring many benefits, specifically as follows:

  • Get visibility by creating a custom profile and growing reputation reputation.
  • Submit programs, lectures and curriculum.
  • Participate in bidding for student-created curriculum on ODEM platform.
  • Receive ODEM Token as copyright for successful content.
  • Collaborate directly with students to refresh the program material.
  • Earn extra money for the curriculum by eliminating costly intermediaries.

Development team of ODEM (ODE)

Development team of ODEM very crowded. Here are some key members

  • Richard Maaghul, CEO (CEO): Richard Maaghul is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in emerging and breakthrough technologies. He is a former software provider for Chevron Group and co-founder of education partner ODEM, Excelorators Inc., Richard Maaghul is committed to using blockchain technology to make higher education more accessible and good price.
  • Bill Bayrd, Director of Token: Bill is a leader, innovator and natural thinker. An early developer of the ODEM concept, he founded three companies, including Excelorators Inc. Bill has a PhD in Pharmacy from the University of Tennessee. Passionate about big ideas and changing the world, he spent six years in the Marine Corps Reserve.
  • Michael Zargham, Systems Engineer: Michael holds a PhD in Systems Engineering, focusing on optimizing and controlling decentralized systems. With over 10 years of experience applying data to business decision-making applications, Michael founded BlockScience, a company focused on applying rigorous design to social engineering networks.
  • Adel ElMessiry, Chief Technology Officer: Adel is a proven technology leader and superior thinker. He played a central role in the establishment and development of several technology companies, including Utilize Health and InVivoLink.


Also, you want to find out more about the members ODEM then find out at https://odem.io/the-team.php .

Exchange rate of virtual currency ODEM current

At the time we updated this article (February 14, 2), the price of 2019 ODE = 1 USD with a total market capitalization of more than 0,21 million USD and ranked 46 on CoinMarketCap.


Digital currency ODEM Currently, the trading volume in 24 hours is over 770 thousand USD, and there are currently 221.771.136 ODE being circulated in the market, out of the total number of OCT 268.946.131, the maximum number of coins created. You can see ODE rates We are updated in real time 24/7 here to understand the price fluctuations of this virtual currency.

Buying and selling Where is ODEM?

Currently, you can buy and sell ODEM at a lot of different exchanges like DragonEX, Bitmart, BitForex, Ethfinex and Bitbns. In which trading volume ODE at floor dragonex , and Bitmart is the most.


Luu tru Which wallet is ODEM?

There is currently no official wallet for ODE coin, but due to Ethereum's ERC20 encryption standard, you can use the following wallets to store ODE coin: MyEtherWallet, Safe deposit, Ledger Nano S, ImToken or Metamask.

In addition, you can also store ODE on the wallet of the exchange for your convenience if you regularly trade. However, if long-term investment, please choose the above wallet offline.

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Above is an overview of the cryptocurrency ODEM, hopefully through the article will help you gain more knowledge about ODEM. If you have any questions or would like to share your knowledge about cryptocurrencies ODE With us, please contact us in the comment section below, we will respond to you as soon as possible. Lastly, don't forget to Like, Share and give us a 5-star review below to support Virtual money blog ok

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