What is Monaco? What is the overview of Monaco coin (MCO)?


What is Monaco?

Monaco (MCO) is a cryptocurrency debit card (VISA Card) that is expected to bring about revolutionary change in the world and mobile wallet solutions for Ethereum, Bitcoin and other ERC20 currencies. Monaco allows customers to spend and transfer money at the interbank rate, saving between 30 and 40 euros for every 500 euros spent. In addition, this Monaco Card works on the VASA® network.

Founder Monaco Technology, he Kris Marszalek said: "Our research and development team has worked tirelessly throughout the past year to create the Monaco VISA® Card and App Mobile to provide to the market. This is a simple but extremely perfect product, saving the maximum money transfer costs that banks apply to customers. We believe that any are possessed Bitcoin , and Ethereum want to own a Monaco card. It brings great benefits and comes with high transparency as well as peace of mind".

What is the feature of Monaco?

  • International transfer of 23 currencies to 120 countries with fixed interbank interest rates.
  • Transactions are extremely fast and free between Monaco users, the money after successful transfer will be ready for use immediately and completely accessible via card Monaco VISA®.
  • Opening an account via the mobile application takes less than 3 minutes.
  • Use Ether or Bitcoin by your card Monaco Physical, regardless of the card being accepted, both online and offline.

Monaco app

Where to buy and sell Monaco virtual currency?

Present Monaco electronic currency (MCO) has been listed and allowed to buy and sell by some big and small exchanges in the world Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, Huobi, OKEx, Bit-Z, HitBTC, Liqui, Gate.io, Livecoin, Coinnest, YoBit, .. with popular pairs MCO / BTC, MCO / ETH and MCO / USDT.

In which 3 floors are floors Binance, Upbit , and Bittrex The 3 exchanges have the largest volume of digital currency transactions. If you want to invest in Monaco coin, you can choose Binance or Bittrex to trade, because Upbit is mainly suitable for the Korean market and the website does not have English.

Where to store MCO Token?

Because the MCO coin is an ERC20 token developed on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, so you can store it in wallets that support ERC20 tokens such as MyEtherWallet, Safe deposit, Ledger Wallet, ImToken good Metamask.

In addition, if you regularly buy and sell MCO coin transactions, you can store it directly at the wallets of the exchanges to facilitate trading without having to transfer it again and again very costly.

The current exchange rate of the Monaco coin

The current exchange rate of the Monaco coin

Time Virtual money blog Write this price 1 MCO = $ 1.54 and have a total market capitalization of $ 15,071,032 The equivalent of 4,449 BTC ~ 49,923 ETH. Value of Monaco coin is also on the rise since the beginning of August until now. You can follow up Rates of Monaco as well as its capitalization we update in real time to understand its daily fluctuations.

Theo https://www.mona.co/
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