What is Marginbta? Introducing training platform and trading margin trading


What is marginbta

Margin is a form of trading that becomes even more risky if you do not improve yourself. A handful of successful deals with very small percentages.

Most of them fail due to a number of reasons: Do not undergo training. Not aware of how to trade to make a profit from it. Or there is no floor that can help you trade effectively, most of which let you practice when you do not know where your level is.

For reasons on the platform Margin was launched. Focusing on dealing with the stated reasons, marginbta is a good opportunity for you to experience.

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So let's find out what the Marginbta platform is? There are features and how to create an account.

What is Marginbta?

Marginbta is a margin trading platform designed to educate trade margin in a disciplined manner and to compete for prizes.

This is the foundation of the Blogtienao team made to provide a rewarding playground for all trades at all different trading levels.

In addition, when making a trade with marginbta, tournament organizers with a minimum prize of $ 1000 will also be made on the platform. So, you should get acquainted so that you can both practice and have the opportunity to receive awards from Blogtienao.

Types of accounts used on Marginbta

Unlike every other exchange using Demo account and Live account. Marginbta uses 2 types of accounts: Demo accounts and accounts for prize competitions. The basic characteristics of these two types of accounts are as follows:

  • Demo Account: The balance is 10000 $. The balance reset can be performed at any time. The margin amount for the order is fixed at $ 200
  • Competition account: Balance is credited to the account when the competition time is organized by Blogtienao. At that time the order entry will be decided by you

Basically, you just need to understand that. To switch between these two accounts, just do the following:

I am in demo account mode, then press Demo and choose "Switch to competition account" and I will move to competition account. Do the opposite to return to the demo account by selecting the competition button.

convert two types of accounts

Assess the advantages of Marginbta

Flooring has many advantages that other floors do not have such as:

  • Demo account balance can be changed back to initial $ 10000 quickly.
  • Easy to use interface, chart frame with all kinds of technical analysis tools you can perform directly on it.
  • Using the trailing stop order makes it possible to optimize your profits and reduce your trading risks.
  • It is possible to separate commands from large orders into many different small orders with the remaining parameters unchanged.
  • It is possible to raise the margin amount and lower the leverage and change the new stop loss price as you like.
  • Two modes of cross margin and insolated margin for you to experience.
  • The transaction support is done by the Blogtienao team via the margin group on Telegram whenever you need it.

With the integration of many new things, you may not adapt or find it difficult to understand at first. But when you trade on this platform for a while you will get used to it and make sure to see how the modern floor is.

Types of assets that can be traded on Marginbta

The exchange currently offers the following 11 long / short asset pairs:


Instruction to register an account on Marginbta platform

Step 1: Access Marginbta.com and select the button "Register"On the menu bar.

marginbta access select register button

Step 2: You will see the form shown below. The personal information you need to fill out includes:

  • First and last name
  • username
  • Email address used
  • Phone number: Choose the right area code and enter the phone number.
  • Select trading experience in the drop-down menu of the "Have you ever traded" section.

Finally check the box "I have read and agree"Then click"Register"

Fill personal information into the registration form

You are notified that the account was successful successfully. And was asked by marignbta to check the maill to get the login information.

Account registration successful

Account and password information is sent in the email. You can use mail or phone number as the account name when conducting login offline.

Login now via the button "Login"In the mail or return to Marginbta's homepage to proceed with login.

password account

The registration form on the phone is exactly the same as the registration form on the computer I just introduced. Take a few simple steps and you already have an account to be able to experience trading on marginbta.

Introducing the general interface on Marginbta.com

Marginbta's interface is comfortable because you can trade with an optimized platform that facilitates flexible operations.

Log into your Marginbta account and you will see that the delivery of electricity on the computer or on the phone will have the following introduction:

Interface on the computer

I numbered from 1 to 4 for the components, can list the functions of the components as follows:

  • (1): Consists of "Deal","News","Support“. This is where you access charts to execute trades, view market news. Or join with support from Blogtienao's Margin team on telegram.
  • (2): Where you choose the language (English or Vietnamese). Your username is displayed there. When you click on the username is drop-down menu you are moved to the area of ​​personal account management to be able to manipulate many familiar functions.
  • (3)Including posters, announcements about courses or tournaments, or information related to Marginbta can be easily monitored 24/24.
  • (4): Summary of information, exchange rates for coins traded on Marginbta.

marginbta interface

Interface on the phone

The interface on the phone is quite similar to the computer only. Even more compact and easy to manipulate, details:

  • Clicking on the 3 dashes will have the functions mentioned: Transaction, news, support and language conversion.
  • When you click on the humanoid icon, where you perform the functions: View your balance, set up your account, view transaction history, confirm your phone number and exit (log out) from your account.
  • Below is the exchange rate and information on coins traded on Marginbta.

marginbta interface on the phone

Marginbta transaction interface

Interface on the computer

I numbered the parts in the transaction as follows:

  • (5): List of tradable coins.
  • (6): Chart of a specific coin. Where you perform technical analysis. The chart frames are also full from 1 minute to 1 month. The properties of the candle color, or familiar properties, are ready for you to experience.
  • (7): Total assets, total profit and loss, deposit, available funds in the account are aggregated here. Or pending orders and transaction history will be managed when you switch through different tabs.
  • (8): The part you make the order (Details I will mention in the following)
  • (9): Icon chat with everyone online: You can exchange and chat with all people online on Marginbta via this channel.

marginbta trading interface

Interface on the phone

You can see the trading interface on the phone as shown below. Also includes trading charts and parts to help you perform different operations:

  • (1) Market: Complete information of all traded coins
  • (2) Trading Where you place the trade order
  • (3) Positions: A place to manage your open positions, pending orders and trading history
  • (4) Chat: Online chat frame as I mentioned.
  • (5) Lever slider: You can drag the mobile lever from X10 to X100 without having to click.

Trading on the phone

Trading guide on Marginbta

The floor is integrated with many new things that you see in other professional exchanges.

But mainly to lead you to the end result of technical analysis and successful margin trading, there are a few parameters that are set by default to help you practice emotional management and management. capital.

In order for you not to wonder any more, now let's go and place an order on the marginbta platform. About the trading interface, I have introduced the details above. Now just to focus on the command, a few details to consider:

  • (1) Type of orders you can choose: Stop, Limit and Market.
  • (2) The default entry amount of demo account is 200 $ (this is how you learn how to manage capital)
  • (3) Lever slider, can make adjustments from X10 to X100.
  • (4) Ratio R: R, ratio of risk and profit: That is the ratio of stop loss and take profit.
  • Available: Deposit amount available.
  • Trading: Amount of money on current order (default in demo should always be $ 200)
  • Process fee: Processing fee (Formula of calculation: Trading * leverage * 0.075%)

transaction way

Just fill in and set the parameters as I mentioned and then click the button "OPEN”To open your long or short position. Check your position on the open position panel and press “Confirm”To confirm your position.

The example below is a Short command that I am confirming:

Short command on marginbta

How to choose the mode Cross margin or Isolated margin

These two modes are so familiar, explain the simple concept for you to easily imagine:

  • Cross margin: Use the entire margin in the margin account used to ensure avoiding liquidation of the open Long / Short position (This is too risky but the profit is extremely high).
  • Isolated margin: Less risk, can only take up to a maximum of margin and preserve the remaining amount in the account.

Unlike every platform, Isolated margin is the default mode on marginbta. This helps you manage capital better, but adjusting back and forth between the two modes is quite simple, do the following:

  • Step 1, For example, short order BTC / USDT was matched and displayed in the tab “POSITION“, Click on the price at S / L or T / P to open the position setting panel:
  • Step 2, Notice in the Liquidation Price section (liquidation price): If you choose to check the price on the left you are selecting the Insolated margin mode. Also ticking the price on the right is choosing Cross margin mode. Simple right.

After installation is complete, press "Confirm"To confirm.

cross isolated option

How to install the Trailing stop command on Marginbta

Usually when the brothers have already made profits, that means that the P&L part of the position is positive, then trailing stop can be placed.

If you don't know the trailing stop command, you should read it this lesson.

Briefly explained, this is a type of stop loss order and it moves in the same direction as the trend of the order (as long as it is beneficial to you) gets higher for the buy order or lower for the sell order. How to enable it is shown as below image.

Place trailing stop order on marginbta

Now I will example a specific command for you to understand:

The command below I am entering is the short order of BTC / USDT pair with the following parameters:

  • Current SL price is: 10324.49
  • I will set a trailing stop with a value of 5
  • Sl after using the trailing top will be calculated according to the formula: Minimum value (Initial SL price compared to the Sum of the current price + set trailing top range).

According to the above, after setting the trailing stop and the current price of BTC / USDT is 9546, the formula is applied:

  • The new SL is: Min (10.324.49, 9546 + 5) = 9551, Because 9546 + 5 is smaller than 10.324.49, the new Sl is 9546 + 5 = 9551

Short commands use trailing stop

This is the result after using a trailing stop, the current SL is still 9551 because the current price when installing the trailing top is 9546, the current price it increased to 9549.54 so the SL will still stand still at 9551.sl current after using trailing

For long orders, the new SL price is the maximum value of two numbers (initial SL compared to the difference of the current price minus the trailing range) or MAX (current SL, current price + trailing interval).

Instructions for splitting one command into several commands


This concept is quite new to brothers, but as the name implies, splitting an order means making many small orders with the same leverage as the original and the total margin of small orders will be equal to the margin amount of the orders. The main command was originally separated:

Just as you will split on orders with a minimum amount of 0.01 USDT.

Note: The range of marginable margin is in the range of 10% to 50% of the split of the original order and two values ​​can be rounded offline.

For example, if we separate from the main margin order of 0.05, the price of 10% will be 0.01 (rounded) and 50% will be 0.03 (rounded). These two values ​​have been rounded offline.

Example of using splitting command in Marginbta

Below is that I will separate long BTC / USDT orders from the original order with the main margin margin of $ 200 I will split into two orders $ 20 and $ 180.

split order in marginbta

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Click the bidirectional arrow in the Action section of the order then enter the amount you want to split into the Margin box. Here, I will enter 20.

Enter the amount of order splitting

Step 2: Below is the result after separating the order. Two orders with margin amount of $ 180 and $ 20 with different parameters are exactly the same.

command after separation

How to raise the margin and lower the leverage

This is a great way to manage your risk when trading on marginbta. Increasing margin and lowering leverage means you will lower the leverage from higher to lower than at least X10.

At that time, the deposit amount will also be increased so that the position is still at the beginning.

For example below when I Long a command with a margin of 200 and leverage is X20. I implemented to raise the margin and lower the lever as follows:

  • Step 1: Click on the lever number X20 in the order number
  • Step 2: Drag the lever bar down to X10 then a new Sl price will appear in the Limit Stop Loss section. If you want the Sl price to remain the same, do not check the Set Stop Loss to the Limit box. If you want the new SL to change according to the leverage, the number has been reduced to that box.
  • Step 3: After lowering leverage to X10, I got a new order with Sl as the original and now the new margin amount is 400 and leverage X10.

raise margin and lower leverage

How to calculate profit and loss when trading on Marginbta

This part is too simple already. Profit / loss will be added to account after deducting processing fee, overnight fee (if any). On Marginbta the symbol is NET P&L, For example, I will calculate the net interest added to the account according to the example below:

  • NET P & L = P&L + FEE processed + Overnight FEE, Since the swap is not used, the net interest to be added to the account is: 2.13 - 1.5 = 0.63. So this order I profit 0.63 USDT after deducting the fees stated:

sl current after using trailing

How to use the "Quick Transactions" function on Marginbta

Quick trading is like a bot. You give it an instruction and follow your action, it will execute the action as required.

In marignbta, the quick transaction function is integrated, so that people can quickly perform the following two actions:

  • Enter the order without confirmation: That is, you have entered the position when selecting fast trading, the order is immediately entered in the order book
  • Close all open positions: Close many open positions at the same time without having to manipulate individually.

Temporarily understand the function, now guide you how to do it:

First notice the line "Type text" One click trading "to use this method". You fill in that box "One click trading"If in English. Or type "Fast transaction"When in Vietnamese mode. Remember to capitalize the first letter and type accented with Vietnamese.

Fast trading on marginbta

After you have typed the word, you can execute the command without having to confirm. As for closing orders, you just need to type after that word and press the blue button "Close All”All open orders will immediately close.

Instructions for installing the amount in a Demo account on the initial $ 10000 balance

Once the amount of your Demo account has increased or decreased to above or below $ 10000, you can perform the reset so that the balance changes to the original level as $ 10000 to be able to perform the transaction again. This has the following advantages:

  • Re-evaluate your own trading ability. During the same period of time you will trade to see how the balance you traded in the two periods before and after resetting the balance changed to assess your level.
  • You can reinstall the Demo account balance at any time you like.

Proceed as follows:

  • Step 1: Click the Demo button in your order book section
  • Step 2: The table you want to request will appear, select the box "Reset balance of demo account“. The Demo account balance will then return to the initial $ 10000 as mentioned

reset the demo account balance


With the introduction of the entire feature set on marginbta you can imagine how modern the floor is.

Please be emphasized once again, the purpose of the platform is completely launched for the purpose of training you how to effectively trade margin and control capital well.

Please create an account on marginbta to trade and experience. Thereby, you also have the opportunity to become the winner when Blogtienao competes trade margin on the competition account. Thank you and good luck.

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