What is Kyber Network? Learn about virtual currency KNC coin - The biggest Token Sale project of a Startup Vietnam


What is Kyber Network?

Kyber Network (KNC) is a reliable new decentralized trading platform that enables near-instant trading and switching between any digital asset. Kyber Network promises to offer diverse payment APIs and a new contract wallet that allows to receive payments from any Token and ensure high liquidity.

What is Kyber Network?
What is Kyber Network?

Kyber Network help users reduce risks in the cryptocurrency world through the use of transactions generated by Kyber Network. The main difference between Kyber Network and other digital asset exchanges is that it is based Blockchain technology. The transaction process is on-chain, meaning that it will be less likely to be "hacked" by hackers. It is also reliable and completely transparent.

What is the feature of Kyber Network?

As mentioned above Kyber Network The advantage is that it is developed based on Blockchain technology, different from today's online exchanges. KNC Provides quick trading, high liquidity and compatibility. With Blockchian technology gives Kyber Network better security, a reliable system and minimizing the risk of customer theft. Here are some salient features:

  • Trustworthy and secure: All activity on Kyber Network is handled by smart contract (Smart Contract). Trust is needed. Kyber Network never holds users' money.
  • High liquidity: Kyber Network announced it would reserve a large amount of tokens to provide high liquidity. You can get your token immediately when you trade.
  • Transaction quickly: No need to wait for confirmation and no deposit required. You can get your Token immediately when your transaction is in Blockchain.
  • Compatibility: Kyber Network is compatible with current contracts, so you do not need to make changes to integrate with Kyber Network.

The difference of Kyber Network

The purpose of Kyber Network is to improve other traditional exchanges. What makes Kyber Network different from Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex, Shapeshift, Coinbase and other popular exchanges? Here are some key factors that make the difference between Kyber Network and regular exchanges:

  • Low transaction costs
  • Trust
  • Transaction quickly
  • On-chain
  • High liquidity
  • Good security against hacker attacks

Kyber Network's development roadmap

In the month of 8 the year of 2017, Kyber Network intends to launch testnet to prepare for the full mainnet release in Q1 2018. The launch of the mainnet will support trading between tokens and Ethereum (ETH). In the second quarter of 2, Kyber Network will support the trading of exclusive card pairs, and in Q2018, they will support advanced financial instruments. In early 3, Kyber Network hopes to support cross-border trading.

Kyber Network project development roadmap
Kyber Network project development roadmap

Kyber Network project development team

Kyber Network made by Loi Luu (CEO and Co-Founder), Yaron Velner (CTO and co-founder), Victor Tran (Chief Engineer and Co-Founder).

Loi Luu (Loi Luu) is a specialized researcher cryptocurrency, smart security contracts and consensus distributed algorithms. He is also a frequent speaker at seminars on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Velner, meanwhile, holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Tel Aviv University, where he focuses his research on game incentive theories in Blockchain protocols and officially verifies smart contracts. Victor Tran is a senior auxiliary engineer and Linux system administrator.

Most notably on the list of Kyber Network advisers present Vitalik Buterin founder Ethereum, as well as Leng Hoe Lon (co-founder of Shentilium) and Prateek Saxena (professor of computer science research at National University of Singapore).

Kyber Network development and advisory team
Kyber Network development and advisory team

Kyber Network ICO Token Sales event

Kyber Network Starting the ICO on September 22, 9 in Singapore, after just a few hours this project has raised 2017 ETH, equivalent to about 200.000 million USD (about 52 billion VND). This has made KyberNetwork the biggest capital-raising deal in Vietnam's startup history and on par with the world's top 1.200 startups in terms of the amount raised in 10.

Immediately after the moment Token Sale The end is around mid-September, domestic and foreign startups have congratulated Kyber Network and CEO Loi Luu. After more than a week after the Token Sale deal ended, Kyber Network continued to not let investors be disappointed when KNC coin was listed on major exchanges around the world such as Binance, Cryptopia, Liqui, Tidex cause the price of KNC co has increased by times compared to the selling price when Token Sale.

Where to buy and sell KNC coin?

Present, KNC coin virtual currency has been listed on some major exchanges like Liqui, EtherDelta, Binance, Tidex, Mercato and COSS. You can Buy and sell KNC coin On these exchanges, all exchanges are allowed trading Kyber Network with Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT.

Here is the link to access the floor you can refer to:

Some other floors you watch here ok

Exchange rate of the current KNC coin

Current exchange rate of Kyber Network virtual currency
Current exchange rate of Kyber Network virtual currency

At the time of Virtual money blog Write this article, according to the statistics of coinmarketcap the price 1 KNC = $ 2.09 and has a total market capitalization of 288,715,774 USD equivalent to 74,145 BTC ~ 990,800 ETH and ranked 22nd on coinmarketcap. According to the reviewers KNC may be a potential cryptocurrency in the future and the value will continue to increase in the long run. If you intend to Invest in Kyber Network you can track KNC coin exchange rate Get us updated 24/7 in real time.

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