What is DigixDAO? Learn about DigixDAO Coin (DGD)


What is DigixDAO?

DigixDAO (DGD) is a new form of crypto assets developed on the platform Ethereum in which it is a decentralized or autonomous organization DAO for short. DAOs are basically code-written companies that are there to perform a set of functions with the owners of the votes cast regarding the number of tokens they hold.

Digix DAO allows users to take advantage of the business of Digix (DGX) tokens that own the right to store gold in a Singapore bunker. So if people trade 20 bars of gold a day - Digix DAO token holders will benefit from commissions from trades equally distributed among them.

What is the special feature of DigixDAO?

DigixDAO Is one "Decentralized organization trUh ”- DAO is a new idea so it is not a fully proven concept. Digix DAO votes give holders voting rights on how DAO funds are earned and spent acting like stakes in a traditional Company.

Tags DGD allows users to profit from the trading of DGX credit cards - they are 1: 1 backed tokens with a gram of gold. The DAO tags either DGD Earn a commission fee based on the number of transactions of the DGX cards. The owner of the card can vote for

There is a fee for DAO so the commission is not equal to the profit. The cost comes in the form of gold storage and checks its authenticity. This is where the role of voting rights comes as the owners of the cards can vote who they want to audit gold.

If the DAO runs out of capital, the founder can ask for an additional card in an offer that requires a majority of voters to agree.

The original bid has increased 5,5 million USD for 85% of card numbers. The remaining 15% is a reward for developers and founders.

The exchange rate of the virtual currency DigixDAO

Present 1 DGD price = $ 79.21 and total market capitalization is $ 158,427,000 equivalent 71,735 BTC a very large number. Looking at the chart above we can see the value of DigixDAO co Tending to increase, many investors have started to pay attention to the DGD. Many analysts assess the future DGD is most likely a direct competitor to Bitcoin. You can see DigixDAO rates Coin updated in real time to have a reasonable investment direction.

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