What is CSC Jackpot (CSCJ)? Is CSCJ a worthwhile investment?


The article is only objective and reference about CSC Jackpot project. Not the purpose of investment advice. I personally will not participate in this project. This is money game, To be able to make the right investment decision for yourself, please read the analysis of Blogtienao (BTA) .

CSC Jackpot

What is CSC Jackpot?

CSC Jackpot is an American lottery form similar to Vietlott of Vietnam. But Vietlott's lottery form is still very much a concern about transparency. With CSCJ's lottery, transparency is guaranteed by Blockchain. Why is CSCJ transparent? Read the article I will clarify.

CSC Jackpot lottery

Choose 6 with 5 white balls and 1 Jackpot ball number from 1-39. Then, pay for 0.0002 BTC

CSCJ lottery ticket


The player who wins the Jackpot prize if they match 5 white balls and 1 Jackpot ball will get 60 BTC.

CSCJ Award

Why is the lottery form of CSC Jackpot so transparent

You can completely check for yourself this result posted publicly on the page: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/blocks/ .Because Block Hash is completely public and cannot be edited or predicted. So cheating is not possible.

For example:

Lottery results on October 03, 10, the 2019rd draw: (31) (01nd) (18nd) (11nd) (27nd) (14 )

And the Hash code 03/10/2019 13:29:52 (UTC): 0000000000000000000eb5128b1032dbebe4f71f68e4b3914b747b03ea769100

The last 24 characters of the Hash code will be divided into 6 sets of 4 from right to left: 9100 ea76 7b03 4b74 b391 68e4

-Results number 1: 9100 will be converted from 16 (HEX) to 10 (DEC) and then divided 39 by the remainder:
((9*16^3)+(1*16^2)+ (0*16^1) +(0*16^0))mod39 = 31

-Results number 2: Ea76 (A=10,B=11,C=12,D=13,E=14,F=15)
((14*16^3)+(10*16^2)+ (7*16^1) +(6*16^0))mod39= 01

-Results number 3:7b03
((7*16^3)+(11*16^2)+ (0*16^1) +(3*16^0))mod39=18

Same until the 5th digit

-Results number 6: 68e4 will be slightly different than you would divide 18 by taking the remainder instead of 39 as the numbers 1-5
((6*16^3)+(8*16^2)+ (14*16^1) +(4*16^0))mod18=14


Lottery results on CSCJ
Lottery results on CSC Jackpot on October 03, 10

What is CSCJ token?

  • Token: CSCJ
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Total supply: 190,000,000 CSCJ
  • Team held: 50% (95,000,000 CSCJ)
  • Can be traded floor: Btc-alpha
  • Present value: $ 0,405459 at the time of writing according to Coingecko

CSCJ is distributed

So CSC Jackpot is worth joining

From my perspective there are the following points that I decided I would not invest

Information discrepancies on the Whitepaper

According to the Whitepaper, CSCJ token has a total supply of 190,000,000 CSCJ but when I checked in etherscan.io the total supply is only 1,200,000 CSCJ. Only 90 wallet addresses are holding, the total number of transactions is only 218. It proves that CSCJ is not traded and stored by many people.

CSC Jackpot Token

The way to calculate the lottery results on the Whitepaper was wrong. It proves that the whitepaper only writes poorly when such important information is mistakenly written.

CSC JACKPOT information discrepancy

The investment package of CSC Jackpot

Everything is fine when this investment package appears. With such interest, my suspicion of this project increased. Moreover, they pay capital and interest with CSCJ tokens. So where will the liquidity be if the lottery system no longer works. Some people will say that BTC-Alpha, CSC Jackpot holds 50% of the token, what do you think they will do when inactive?

12-month cycle:

  • Beginner package: $ 200 interest 2% month ie 24% / year
  • 1-Star Package: 1,000 $ interest 3% monthly ie 36% / year
  • 2-Star Package: 2,000 $ interest 4% monthly ie 48% / year
  • 3-Star Package: 5,000 $ interest 5% monthly ie 60% / year
  • 4-Star Package: 10,000 $ interest 6% monthly ie 72% / year
  • 5-Star Package: 20,000 $ interest 7% monthly ie 84% / year

The irrationality of the project 

-First that's the CSCJ Token. The team said the price would increase every month as I found out in Vietnam they said it was up 20% per month. Tokens can only buy lottery tickets and buy investment packages, while BTC has the same function. So the possibility of increasing 20% ​​per month is too absurd. They can push the price to the cloud, so they can also bring the price to ZERO.

23% of ticket sales will go to Ambassadors who buy investment packages. What if the revenue is not enough to pay the investor?

With lottery model, why should we offer investment? The odds of winning 1 / 10,363,626 are very low while the highest prize is 60+ BTC. According to the online reference they call for capital to increase the Jackpot prize from 60+ BTC to 250+ BTC ... With the lottery form, just increase the ticket price or decrease the winning rate, the prize can increase. The Jackpot increase but the same ticket price and odds are no different from reducing sales right now.

For example:

-Not yet to increase the prize after 10 million tickets, CSCJ must pay 1000BTC prizes. Every ticket 0.0002 * 10,000,000 = 2000 BTC, the profit earned 1000 BTC
- After increasing the prize 4 times, after 10 million tickets, CSCJ has to pay 4000 BTC. For each ticket 0.0002 * 10,000,000 = 2000 BTC, the profit = -2000 BTC

CSCJ Jackpot investment packages


Hope this article gives you knowledge and can decide for yourself whether or not to invest in CSC Jackpot project

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  1. Haiz, you have to consider if you care. If you only refer to information online but don't really analyze and understand the project, why dare to make such a mess? Try investing to see how they do business? The project is very good and is helping a lot of people. I have invested relatively long and feel very good. If you need to ask something, I am ready to answer. Dear!

    • Hi I just found out about the card for a few months. I don't understand much. Looking forward to a consultation. Thank you very much


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