What is coinmarketcap? Explain and use basic features


What is coinmarketcap?

Coinmarketcap or coinmarket is a statistical page of all virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies, digital currencies or cryptocurrencies) circulating around the world, including Bitcoin and Altcoins. I Coinmarketcap.co is a website you can not ignore if you are looking for about Cryptocurrency, one of the most reputable news sites about Cryptocurrency.

I Coinmarketcap.co

You can find on coinmarketcap.com The detailed information about any coin such as: The number of transactions in the past 24 hours, the value change in 24h according to the percentage, the total number of coins in circulation, the official website, the total market capitalization school, social networking sites, .. of any coin. Usually before investing in a coin you should see that coin is on coinmarket or not. If not, you should consider carefully before investing. Because coinmarketcap will look very closely at the criteria of a coin before listing it.

Currently, there are more on the coinmarketcap statistics 1000 coin and it is not a page used to buy or sell coins or give advice on any coin at all, but simply a tool to help you track the fluctuations of the value of coins from which give a reasonable investment direction. Down here Virtual money blog will show you how to use and explain the basic features on the page coin market cap ok

Some basic information on the coinmarketcap homepage

What is coinmarketcap?
What is coinmarketcap?
  1. Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrencies, algorithms or digital currencies
  2. Market Cap: Total market capitalization, I have circled two numbers 2, above is the total market capitalization of all existing coins, and below is of each coin.
  3. Currencies: The currency here is electronic money.
  4. Assets: Cryptocurrencies are developed based on algorithms from the open source of previous coins.
  5. Dominance: Market dominance, e.g. BTC Dominance is the advantage of Bitcoin over the whole market
  6. Circulating Supply: The amount of cryptocurrency mined and circulating in the market
  7. ETH: This is the symbol of that currency, next to Circulating Supply
  8. Volume: The transaction volume in the last 24 hours, I also circled two numbers 8, above is the total volume of all coins, and below is each of each coin.
  9. % Change (24h): The value of that coin has changed in the last 24 hours in%
  10. Price Graph (7d): The chart shows the change in value of that coin over the past 7 days.
  11. Price: The current price of that coin is in USD, you can view the price in BTC or other currencies by clicking on the green box "USD" on.

Not Mineable: Coin issued, which means no coin is issued by the developer and cannot be mined, symbolized as “”Next to the coin's symbol.

Significantly Premined: There is a special event that took place before the coin was announced (there is an opinion that it was mined at its easiest or released a prior amount), denoted "”Next to the coin's symbol.

  1. Market Cap: Includes all coins that are being traded on the market at exchanges, curries and assets

For those of you who are interested in learning about the coin's technology platform, you can find out on the official website or go to Assets, column Platform is the foundation on which that co-development is based.

Assets in coinmarketcap
Assets in coinmarketcap
  1. Trade Volume: The transaction volume of each coin is aggregated on the exchanges, when you click on it you will see 3 more items:
  • 24 Hour Volume Rankings (Currency): Cumulative trading volume in the last 24 hours of each coin.
  • 24 Hour Volume Rankings (Exchange): Accumulated trading volume in the last 24 hours of each trading floor.
  • Monthly Volume Rankings (Currency): Transaction volume of each coin is listed by 1D; 7D; 30D
  1. Trading: Summary of market trends, when clicking on you will see 2 items:
  • Gainers and Losers: Ranking the percentage increase / decrease through 1H, 4H, 7D
Gainers and Loser in coinmarketcap
Gainers and Loser in coinmarketcap
  • Recently Added: New update
  1. tool: Useful utilities include:
  • Global Charts: Graph of market capitalization of the whole market
  • Historical Snapshots: A quick review of market history since 2013
  • Currency Converter Calculator: Calculator to help you convert quickly from coins through USD and other currencies
  • Website Widgets: Price lookup utility of the coin, coinmarketcap will give you a code to embed in your website if you want to display the price list of any coin on your website.
Utility of coin price chart to embed in your website
Utility of coin price chart to embed in your website

How to view details about a specific coin

This will probably be the part of interest for many investors, when you want to find out more information about a certain cryptocurrency, on the home page of I Coinmarketcap.co Click on that coin. Here I will take the example is Bitcoin ok

Detailed information about Bitcoin on Coinmarketcap
Detailed information about Bitcoin on Coinmarketcap
  1. Bitcoin (BTC): Coin name and symbol
  2. The current price is $ 4516.88 (in USD) and is increasing 5.62% in the last 24 hours, below is the price in BTC
  3. Total market capitalization is $ 74,745,556,084 equivalent 16,548,050 BTC
  4. The trading volume for the past 24 hours is $ 2,268,990,000 equivalent 496,214 BTC
  5. Currently available 16,548,050 BTC have been exploited and circulated in the market
  6. The maximum number of Bitcoin is 21,000,000 BTC
  7. This section includes some information:
  • website: The official website of this coin, many coins have up to 2,3 pages
  • Explore: Blockchain (ledger) records transactions of this child
  • Message Board: Community, forum where that coin is discussed
  • Announcement: Official notice on page Bitcointalk.org (The largest forum for discussion and research on Bitcoin and altcoins)
  • rank: Rank above coinmarketcap
  1. Charts: The chart helps you keep track Bitcoin exchange rate fluctuations over time, you can adjust by day, month or All all the time right below
  2. Market: Click here you will see it all Bitcoin trading floor + currency pairs + 24-hour trading volume + BTC price on that exchange + exchange rate change in%
  3. Social : Click here to see Bitcoin's social networking sites, usually Twitter , and Reddit, help you follow the news this coin will update regularly.
  4. tool: You want to embed BTC price chart Go to your website and go here to get the code
  5. Historical Data: Here you can view the coin's price history, market capitalization and transaction volume over the past 2 months.

View Information of Exchanges

In 2019, Coinmarketcap has added additional functions so that we can see clearly about market capitalization, trading volume 24h, 7d, 30d, as well as the trading pairs and the increase and decrease of markets. exchanges.

Exchange On Coinmarketcap
Exchange On Coinmarketcap
  • Top 100 By Adjusted Volume: Top 100 by number adjusted
  • Top 100 By Reported Volume: Top 100 by number reported

Normally, we should only look at the adjusted amount, as this is a real reflection of the actual number of transactions taking place in the market according to statistics from Coinmarketcap. As you can see, on the current picture number 1 is Okex, then Binance… With 24, 7d, 30d transaction capitalization, as well as 24h change (change of total transaction of the floor). So this is useful information if you are planning to learn more about exchanges.

But according to the latest statistics from Bitwise, these statistics are virtual, real rankings with very low transaction volume. The highest exchange at the moment is only Binance exchange, so you should not believe too much in this ranking.

Watchlist - Small Function That Is Very Cool

This is probably my favorite function when using CMC on mobile and desktop. Watchlist is a function that will help you keep track of the coins you like, and the advantage of it is that you do not need to register an account at all, the system will automatically store according to your cookies (unless you delete cookies, you must Add Watchlist again from the beginning).

As you can see, this Watchlist you add your favorite coins / tokens, next time just go to CMC to watchlist to see your favorite list without signing up for an account.


Ok, got it Above is the article "What is coinmarketcap? Instructions for using and explaining the basic features of CoinmarketHope the article will bring you the most useful information. In addition, there are some other information but I just explain the main things that you need to learn when investing. If you have any questions please leave below the comment I will support offline. Good luck.

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