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What is Coinecko? Good data sources and analytics that you should know

Everyone has probably heard about it Coinmarketcap when every day we check the prices of coins on it, But maybe you won't know much about Coingecko?

Launched in 2014, Coinecko has become one of the industry's earliest and largest data aggregators, taking a more holistic approach to tracking tokens/coins and money exchanges. electronic. CoinGecko currently tracks over 12335 coins and over 553 exchanges.

So, what are the features and usage of Coinecko, please see the instructions below of BTA.

What is Coinecko?

Coinecko is a tracker of bitcoin prices and tokens as well as the actual trading volume of exchanges, a useful comparison tool for bitcoin investing.

With the goal of raising “crypto participants” understanding of the fundamental factors driving the market, TM founders Lee and Bobby Ong wanted to find more transparent ways to track crypto. . Ong told Coin Rivet:

We believe that market cap is not an entirely great measure of a valuable cryptocurrency because it is already highly manipulated.

Coinecko has always been my go-to site for some basic data analysis. It is very useful for judgments. Blogtienao has an agreement with the Founder of Coingecko that allows Blogtienao to use all of their data.

Blogtienao will rely on experience and user experience in Vietnam to design a copy that is more suitable for Vietnamese people, making it easier for you to analyze, hope you support.

See here: https://blogtienao.com/ty-gia

Basic Features of Coinecko

In fact, the basic features of Coingecko are not much different from CMC's, but I will still repeat it for those who do not know.

coinecko main interface

I will divide the interface into 5 parts and introduce each part as follows:

(1) The main menu for managing tools on Coingecko includes: Logo, Coins, Exchange, DeFi, NFT, Portfolio, Publications, Resources, Products.


  • Language: Language.
  • Display currency: You can choose crypto, fiat, etc.
  • Help: Coingecko's centralized help for users.
  • CoinGecko Candies: Collect a lot of candies to get a free gift,…
  • Portfolio: Your portfolio.
  • User: Account and user information.
  • Light and dark interface.
  • Subscibe: Where to sign up for CoinGecko Premium and some FAQs.
  • Search: Search box for desired coin/token.


  • Coins : This is the total number of coins they are tracking and analyzing
  • Exchanges : Total number of crypto exchanges they are monitoring and analyzing
  • Market Cap : Total market capitalization
  • 24h Vol: Trading volume in 24h
  • Dominance : See here
  • ETH Gas: Current Ethereum gas fees you may want to make transactions.


  • Portfolio: Also known as a Watchlist, a crypto-following list created according to the user's intent.
  • Coins: List of cryptocurrencies.
  • Recently Added Coins: New coins listed on Coinecko.
  • Large Movers: A ranking of the coins that gained the most and lost the most in 24 hours with a trading volume of over $50,000.
  • Categories: Ranking cryptocurrency categories by ecosystem, game fi, Metaverse,…
  • Custom Tabs: Add or remove the tabs you want to display in this part 3.


  • The list of cryptocurrencies circulating on the market includes the following information: Rank, Coin Name, Marketcap, price, 24h volatility, 7 day volatility, 24h trading volume and in-frame miniature chart 7D.

Learn about 1 coin in detail on Coiningecko

Coinecko is the place to help you learn all the details about a coin. Of course you must know English, although they have Vietnamese language, there will be points that you do not understand, if you are not a data researcher then you do not need to pay much attention to this, for example. copper example Ethereum (ETH).

Part 1

coinecko details coin token

(1) Project Name, Ticker, Rank

  • Project name: Name of the project
  • Ticker: Project coin/token symbol
  • Rank: The rank of cryptocurrency market cap.

(2) Share, Add Price Alert, Add Portfolio

  • Share: Share coin information on FB or twitter or you can copy the link from Coingecko.
  • Add Price Alert: When the price hits the target price, an alert will be sent to you via browser notification. To receive notifications, please allow your web browser to allow notifications.
  • Add Portfolio: Add your cryptocurrency and portfolio. Coinecko also shows how many people have done this.
  • Price scale 24H

(3) Market Cap.Max Supply,…

  • Market Cap: The market capitalization of that coin.
  • 24 Hour Trading Vol: Trading volume in the last 24 hours.
  • Circulating Supply: The number of coins circulating in the market.
  • Max Supply: The number of tokens that will last for the lifetime of the project.
  • Total Supply: Amount of coins/tokens currently in existence and in circulation or locked. Or is it the total amount mined (or released) minus the total amount burned or destroyed.

(4) Belongs to the advertising of external services

(5) Website, Community, Whitepaper

  • Project website
  • Explorers: The blockchain explorer link allows you to view the live activity of transactions on the project's blockchain network.
  • Community: Join a project community or chat group.
  • Soure code
  • Whitepaper: Official project report.
  • Tags: Tags related to the project.

Part 2: Price Chart

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart: Chart of the price of ETH over time and percentage change in the price of ETH.


3 Part: Price and Market Stats

In addition to some of the information that has been recorded in this section, here you know some more facts such as:

  • 24H Low / 24H High: Lowest and highest price in 24 hours.
  • 7d Low / 7d High: Lowest and highest price in 7 days.
  • All Time High: The highest price the coin has ever reached and the specific time.
  • All Time Low: The lowest price the coin has ever reached and a specific time.

price and market of coin token coinecko

Information about an exchange

Coingecko divides into 4 types of exchanges: Spot, DEX, Derivatives.

I will take Binance exchange as an example, you will see information related to Binance exchange including:

  • Rank
  • Logo
  • Trust Score: Trust Score
  • 24h Volume (Normalized): 24h trading volume
  • Visit (Similarweb): Visits
  • #Coin: The number of coins/tokens of the project on the exchange.
  • #Pair: Number of trading pairs on the exchange.
  • Last 7 days: Scaled chart of transaction volume.

coinecko exchange

Some useful features to know on Coinecko

CoinGecko News

CoinGecko News is an easy way to stay up to date, not only on crypto prices but also crypto industry news. CoinGecko provides a news feed that aggregates blog posts from top blockchain and crypto publishers. Including CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, Blockchain News,…


CoinGecko Beam

This section shows an aggregate of published updates by projects, teams, and developers. However, not all projects use this medium. Larger projects that are more active will share updates through CoinGecko Beam.

You can access by selecting Resources -> Beam Updates.


CoinGecko Podcast

Co-founders Bobby Ong and TM Lee also host the CoinGecko Podcast. As an alternative to industry insights and blockchain updates, CoinGecko Podcast hosts interviews with successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

All historical podcasts are archived and available for free by visiting: Publications -> Padcasts.


CoinGecko Candy

Select the little candy box right next to your profile.

Every day when you login to CoinGecko you will have a chance to get some free candy. The more continuously you log in, the more candies you will get.

Free gifts and discounts on crypto-related products are why CoinGecko users keep collecting candy. CoinGecko often issues limited edition prizes that can be purchased with candy. This includes limited edition NFTs, discounts on hardware wallets, and more.

There are quite a few useful features, but I think you just need to know the above information to be able to understand the basic information that you want.

Instructions for creating an account on Coinecko

Step 1: Go to Coinecko and select “Sign up"


Step 2: Fill in personal information:

  • Email address:
  • Password

Check the box "I agree to…"then select"Sign Up“. Finally, you go to your email to check the mail from Coingecko to complete the account registration process.


Some frequently asked questions when using Coinecko

How to list new crypto on CoinGecko?

To get listed on CoinGecko, the cryptocurrency is first tradable on an exchange tracked by CoinGecko.

Once you have verified that the exchange is tracked on CoinGecko, fill in Request form. The listings will have to meet a set of internal criteria before it can be listed on CoinGecko. These criteria will not be disclosed. The CoinGecko team will review your request in 5 business days and add it if it meets all the listing criteria.

How do I add my ICO on CoinGecko?

CoinGecko does not have an ICO listing tracker. You cannot list it on CoinGecko until your token is traded.

After your token is traded, you can follow the steps in question 1 to list on CoinGecko.

How to update token information on CoinGecko token page?

You need to submit your application via Request form to update all token information, such as social network links. Requests for changes in the Website, Twitter, Discord, etc. or other social media must be verified and supported with user-accessible proof.

It takes a few business days to process your application and work on the requested updates.

How to buy/sell crypto on CoinGecko?

CoinGecko is not an exchange or wallet service and does not provide a service to buy/sell cryptocurrencies.

CoinGecko only provides trading information from various cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. To buy/sell a specific cryptocurrency, you can view the exchanges that sell it and go directly to the exchange's website.

For example, you can buy/sell Ethereum from the list of exchanges listed here: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ethereum#markets


Thus, the Virtual Currency Blog has helped you find a place to check prices as well as track analysis, which in itself is quite suitable for those who need to capture information in a simple way. It can help you analyze, research and thereby make the best investment decision. For many users, Coinmarketcap seems more difficult to use.

There are other small functions such as wiget, api, news, etc. that I think you guys are not interested in, so I don't write more. Wish you success, if it is useful, please rate 5 stars, like, and share to support BTA. Thank you to everyone who read this article.

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