What is bitrue? Overview of Bitcoin and Bitrue cryptocurrency exchanges


What is bitrue?

Bitrue is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore, and was founded by a team of Blockchain experts from around the world, so it has offices in many parts of the world. like the United States, Canada, Singapore, Japan or Taiwan, some other countries. Floor Bitrue allowing transactions of many cryptocurrencies today, with cheap and safe transaction fees.


As of November 11, Bitrue is the standing floor at number 77 on the list of leading cryptocurrency exchanges by 24-hour trading volume of Coin Market Cap. The most popular trading pairs include ETC / XRP and BTC / USDT Bitrue leaves https://www.bitrue.com/

Features of Bitrue trading platform

  • About security: The safety factor for users is of utmost importance to Bitrue. Bitrue uses a multi-tiered security architecture. Floor Bitrue Using current best security methods such as SSL encryption technology, 2FA 2-layer authentication, along with cold wallets for storing multi-signature digital assets. And distributed servers and automated protection from DDoS attacks, are a great way to keep the platform safe and stable.
  • High performance: Bitrue can process 10.000 orders in a second and without interruption.
  • About transaction fee: Currently transaction fee on the floor Bitrue is quite competitive with the fee for all transactions being 0.098%, for XRP only 0.05%.
  • Regarding legal proceeding: Current floor Bitrue not yet support legal money.
  • About the cost of deposit: Floor Bitrue No deposit fee when users deposit into the floor
  • Supported coins: Floor Bitrue Supporting a wide variety of coins, at the time of this writing, the list of coins includes Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and also some of the less popular coins.
  • Trading platform: The trading platform of Bitrue Considered to be quite beautiful, with streamlined specifications, suitable for crypto traders and investors.
  • About the language: Floor Bitrue Currently only supports 2 languages: English and Chinese.
  • About margin trading: Current floor Bitrue Does not support margin trading
  • About customer support: Floor Bitrue 24/7 customer support through various channels to send live chat on the web, email, ticket or via social networks like facebook, twitter, telegram.
  • Service providers worldwide: Bitrue has millions of users in over 30 countries around the globe. You can use this exchange if you are in the United States, Singapore, Japan or Taiwan, etc.

Which coins and tokens does Bitrue support?

Current floor Bitrue Supporting a wide variety of coins, at the time of this writing, the list of coins includes Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and also some of the less popular coins. The trading pairs have the most volume on the platform Bitrue are ETC / XRP, BTC / USDT, WAN / XRP and BCH / XRP.


Trading volume of the past 24 hours Bitrue Currently, there are more than 6.9 million USD, equivalent to over 1074 BTC.

What are the trading fees on Bitrue?

Currently, the main types of transaction fees in the platform BiteBTC deposit, withdrawal, and buy / sell transaction fees have not been announced.

  • Deposit fee at the floor Bitrue is free.
  • Trading / buying fee: On the floor Bitrue the transaction fee for all transactions is 0.098%, for XRP 0.05% only.
  • Floor Bitrue It allows for a lot of virtual currencies, and each one will have different costs. As for Bitcoin withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BTC; Ethereum withdrawal fee is 0.01 ETH ... See details at https://www.bitrue.com/exchange-web/footer/fees.html

Is Bitrue a scam (Scam)?

Current floor Bitrue have not encountered any scam cases and have never been a Hacker attack. This is always a good sign for the user.

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Above is the article about "What is bitrue? Overview of Bitcoin and Bitrue cryptocurrency exchanges"Hope through writing, you can get more useful information about the floor Bitrue this. Advantages of the floor Bitrue is a good security, supports many types of altcoin, nice trading platform, competitive transaction fee, high performance. The downside of the exchange is little information about the company, does not support margin trading.

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