What is Bitmax? What is BTMX? Registration guide and Bitmax investment advice


Recently, the keyword Don't finish appearing prominently on social networking sites, large trading groups in Vietnam with many attractive advertising promises. So whether the ad is true or not, we often find out the details and evaluation as well as the steps for beginners and Investment tips on Bitmax trading platform

What is Bitmax?

BitMax is a global digital asset trading platform with a range of products and services available to all customers around the world. With a focus on transparency, reliability and quality of products and customer service, BitMax.io is becoming one of the leading trading platforms in the digital asset trading system. Especially, this floor is backed by the great-great-great-great-founders in the world of crypto world: Bitmain, FPG Capital, GBIC, DAHUA Capital,…. Generally a series of large investment funds and companies in the world.

Bitmax Investor
Bitmax Investor

The project roadmap has many features that make Bitmax.io user-friendly, so that users with a passion for digital money of all classes can easily use it. One of them is the "Mining" solution that will be launched, in the first pilot phase, the mining operations on the network will be launched on the BitMax.io platform on December 1, at 12am EST (around 12pm on November 11).

Introducing the "Mining" function of BitMax.io

Utilizing its quantum trading platform and knowledge of the capital markets, the team is working to release a "Trans-Fee Mining" model based on transaction fees and will distribute transaction fees to users by token their own announcement (token code). The more users trade, the more tokens they will get, so that's why you see the term “transaction mining"Appeared in the floor. Furthermore, the development team offers a variety of activities, aimed at increasing the liquidity of the trading platform.

(Note: transaction mining is a fairly new term for investors, so we will write a separate article for you to understand more about this relatively new investment method, please follow and read in the forum. Invest on Blogtienao)

Exchange bitmax - transaction mining
Bitmax exchange - transaction mining

Trade on traditional trading floors

This is an interesting point that you should understand. On traditional trading platforms there are different prices from both Maker and Taker on their platforms, and transaction fees range from 0,2% to 0,05% depending on the exchange for each transaction made. . This means that the more transactions, the more money you lose on transaction fees. Many major exchanges have already made a lot of profits by following such models, but BitMax.io is bringing about a change in the trading model by making it easier for investors and individuals to enjoy. benefit from the transaction as users can save transaction fees and Receive tokens (tokens) by performing transactions on the BitMax exchange, regardless of market conditions, volatility or other external factors.


As mentioned above, the token code, the token, is the BTMX code, therefore, BTMX is token code of Bitmax trading platform Designed as standard ERC-20 It is intended to serve the needs of investors and below is the basic information:

What is Bitmax Token BMTX
What is Bitmax Token BMTX
  • Total supply: BTMX
  • Circulation: Unknown
  • 24h trading: ~ $ 15.457.783 USD (this is the vol while I'm writing.

And this is also a potential Coin Floor if you intend to invest when it is still low (currently it is growing strongly, there will be a period of quick adjustment). About investing coin floor, you can refer to the article I just analyzed yesterday afternoon

Review of Bitmax Trading Platform

# 1 Advantages

  • No matter what the support of the great ancestors, the elders in the investment industry and the very long portfolio is to see him handsome armpit ache.
  • In addition to the main coins, they always update very hot coins very quickly, like the trend IEO in 2019 with children FET, BTT, ...
  • Orientation helps fomo brothers extremely strong in every transaction is to receive BMTX tokens. But also from the enthusiasm that comes from serving users, helping traders feel happy when trading in order to attract more users.
  • The rest of the criteria are very often mentioned are: Safety, Security, Friendly Interface, Good User Support ,,….
  • New launch has always been functional Margin, enable Margin X10 with tokens Binance Coin and other coins.

# 2 Cons

  • There is no Vietnamese language support and advice yet.
  • The Development Team has not had much experience.
  • Strong competition from other major exchanges.

# 3 Transaction Fees

  1. Deposit Fee: Free (almost any floor is free of this)
  2. Withdrawal Fee: same as other exchanges
  3. Trade fee: 0.04% - quite cheap compared to other big floors, twice as cheap as haha
Bitmax trading fee
Bitmax trading fee

For a full list of fees, please refer here

Instruction to Register Bitmax Account

Registration and KYC are also quite easy and simple, so I just introduce the preliminary steps only. First you press Click here to register

Step 1: Enter your Email, Stick tick the box “I have read and agreed to Terms of Services ”Then Click Signup

In the Invite box, you can enter the code "POAAOLDM"To support me.

Bitmax floor registration
Bitmax floor registration

Step 2: The floor will send a verification email to your account, you log in the email to get the 1 bold numbers in the email. The example in my case is:

Thank you for registering at BitMax.io

Please use verification code 925776 to complete the registration process.

Step 3: After entering 6 numbers, you will be asked to choose a password. Choose strong passwords of at least 8 characters with uppercase, lowercase, and numbers or special characters for safekeeping. And so successfully registered, you login (login) and prepare to see its interface

Step 4: Process KYC - Identity Verification and 2FA Setup for the account

This is the step that I always take the highest step in the registration process, because when KYC is complete, you can trade more when you need it and install 2FA to keep your account always safe. You drag the mouse to the email and select Account Verification to KYC offline.

To install 2FA, guys come in, then scroll down to google 2FA section, click Setting to install offline

Thus, Blogtienao introduced and instructed registration and preliminary evaluation of Bimax floor, to learn more, please visit the information channels below.


Article Source From Blogtienao.com

Investment Tips

This is a brand new platform, with attractive features, it is worth the investment, I think you should invest a little in advance because this team has a lot of big investment funds behind as well as good products. good. However, we still have to follow the progress of this team, if it is good we will analyze in depth on the investment section. Maybe throw in here $ 1 and six months after x200 (this is advice not recommended, please consider offline). Good luck!

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