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What is Binance exchange? [Guide to register and use from AZ]

Binance Exchange

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What is Binance?

Binance is a Crypto exchange was founded by Changpeng Zhao. Currently, Binance is the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume with over 900 trading pairs.

First nameBinance
Founded year2017
FounderChangpeng Zhao, Yi He
Head OfficeMalta

Binance Exchange Review

China's Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance known for its low transaction fees (0.1%) as well as its fast transaction processing.

Technology of Binance Exchange capable of handling 1.4 million orders per second. This makes it the most promising exchange in the future in terms of trading volume.

At the time of Cryptocurrency Blog As of this writing, Binance is holding the #1 position in terms of total 24h trading volume according to the site's statistics Coinmarketcap.

Binance supports trading of virtual currencies with BTC, ETH, BNB , and USDT.

However, recently, Binance has integrated many different payment methods: Visa Card, Master Card.

This means you can use your credit card to buy crypto assets directly on the Binance exchange.

But Blogtienao We recommend that you do not use this method because the cost is very high, it costs 3-4% of the Transaction Fee.

Binance Exchange Ecosystem

In most cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance has a very diverse ecosystem. The exchange provides many services such as: Lending, Margin trading, Futures, Staking, DEX, ...

Explore this ecosystem with Blogtienao through the following articles below.

Binance Futures

Futures trading platform

This article will help you understand the fees and usage of this platform.

Binance jex

Conventional and derivatives trading platform acquired by Binance from JEX

Although not as popular as Binance Futures. But Binance is still developing the platform. The article introduces the platform as well as futures and options.

Binance Margin Trading

Margin trading

You will learn how to open an account as well as make a deposit through this article.

Binance DEX

Decentralized Exchange

Online transactions between two people without going through any middlemen. Eliminates hacker problems as well as scams.

Binance Lending

Cryptocurrency loan form

Those who store coins long term can consider Lending for extra profit.

Binance Launchpad

Token launcher for blockchain projects

A stepping stone for startups "To the moon". The exchange's token issuance platform.


Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform

You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in VND directly on the Biannce exchange.

Binance Cloud

Open a cryptocurrency exchange

Helps you build a crypto exchange simply and quickly.

Binance Options

Trading American-style options contracts

You can make a profit by predicting the price up or down.

Trust wallet

Decentralized cryptocurrency storage wallet

In addition to storing money on the exchange, you can use this wallet to save to ensure the safety of your assets.

Features of Binance Exchange

Like most other cryptocurrency transactions, Binance promises to provide good security, user-friendliness and strong performance. Here are some of the features advertised by Binance:

  • Safe and stable: Using a powerful multi-tier architecture system
  • Multi-device support: Support web browsers, Android, IOS, HTML5, WeChat and other platforms.
  • High performance: Can process 1.4 million orders per second.
  • Multi-language support: Support Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean, Russian and Spanish. Of course, recently there is also Vietnamese on both website and app.
  • High liquidity: Offers several crypto pairs with extreme liquidity.
  • Multiple Coin Support: Allows trading more than 271 different virtual currencies
  • Strong development team: Binance is operated by Changpeng Zhao. Overall, the company says its team has extensive experience in both Wall Street and crypto finance, along with a track record of successful startups.
  • Proven product: The Binance platform has been implemented on 30 existing interfaces. The platform supports all devices and multiple languages, providing a good user experience.


Trading fees on Binance exchange

As for the transaction fee, I mentioned above is 0.1% for both Taker and Maker. If you use BNB as a transaction fee, the cost will be reduced to 0.075% or less depending on the level, you can see the picture below.

Grant30 Day Trading Volume (BTC) & BNB HoldMaker & TakerMaker & Taker Using BNB
Chung<50 BTC or >=0 BNB0.1000% & 0.1000%0.0750% & 0.0750%
VIP 1>=50 BTC & >= 50 BNB0.0900% & 0.1000%0.0675% & 0.0750%
VIP 2>=500 BTC & >= 200 BNB0.0800% & 0.1000%0.0600% & 0.0750%
VIP 3>=1500 BTC & >= 500 BNB0.0700% & 0.1000%0.0525% & 0.0750%
VIP 4>=4500 BTC & >= 1000 BNB0.0700% & 0.0900%0.0525% & 0.0650%
VIP 5>=10000 BTC & >= 2000 BNB0.0600% & 0.0800%0.0450% & 0.0600%
VIP 6>=20000 BTC & >= 3500 BNB0.0500% & 0.0700%0.0375% & 0.0525%
VIP 7>=40000 BTC & >= 6000 BNB0.0400% & 0.0600%0.0300% & 0.0450%
VIP 8>=80000 BTC & >= 9000 BNB0.0300% & 0.0500%0.0225% & 0.0375%
VIP 9>=150000 BTC & >= 11000 BNB0.0200% & 0.0400%0.0150% & 0.0300%


Deposit and withdrawal fees on Binance exchange

today, Binance exchange Free for deposits (Deposit) and when withdrawing (Withdrawal) you will be charged for each different Coin.

People can refer to the withdrawal fee via the following link: binance.com/vn/fee/schedule

Binance exchange deposit and withdrawal fee

Instructions to register for Binance exchange

Register on mobile phone

Step 1: Access to https://blogtienao.com/go/binance. Next, you fill in the registration form and check the box I agree to Binance's Terms Of Use. Finally press the . button Sign up.

Register for a Binance Account on Mobile

Step 2: Confirm by dragging the button (|||) to match the figure.


Step 3: Go to the email you registered and press the button Confirm Register  To confirm.

Registration confirmation via email

If there are no errors, you will see the line "Account Activation Successful” has successfully activated the account.

If you have an error, you can re-register or contact Binance support. How to contact me will guide in the following section.

Confirmation of successful Binance account registration

Register on the computer

For on the computer, people also register similar to the registration on the phone, but the interface is a little different.

Step 1: Access to https://blogtienao.com/go/binance. Enter your email and the password you want to register.

Check the box “I am over 18 years old and I accept the Binance Terms of Use Binance Terms of Use.”

Sign up for a Binance account on your computer

Step 2: The remaining steps are the same as creating an account on the phone. You can refer to the rest Register on the phone on.

About the interface 

The interface of Binance App for Android and IOS operating systems is a little different. Basically it's still the same.

I will introduce the interface of both for everyone's reference.

Application interface on iOS

Maybe when people first download it, English and Theme will be displayed. If you like it, let it be normal.

To change to Vietnamese, please go to Account -> Settings -> Language -> Vietnamese.

To switch to the dark interface, everyone also enters Account -> Settings -> Themes -> Dark

*Note: Everyone should look at the picture and read the caption for more clarity.

Now I will briefly introduce the interface through the image below.

(1) Account: You can login, scan QR code, customize settings, enable 2FA security.

You can customize the language and theme according to your personal preferences. After successful login, you can also enable account security.

(2) Home page: See an overview of the coin's rising and falling prices. See the news published by the exchange. Shortcuts to some services

(3) Market: In this section you can see the markets: BNB, BTC, ALTS, USD(s), Futures. You can get volatility up and down of trading pairs.

For example: The BTC market is where you use Bitcoin to buy other virtual currencies. And you sell that cryptocurrency for BTC.

(4) Transaction: Where you can execute regular trading orders, margin, futures

(5) Command: Where to manage executed orders, review command history.

(6) Fund: Property management site. You can view balances or make transfers and get wallet addresses.

Binance App IOS interface

Interface on Android application

Also quite similar to Binance IOS but the item account has been moved to the bottom. Item "Fund" converted to "Capital".

Binance App Android Interface

Interface on Website Binance.com

(1) Market: See the price of coins available on the market.

(2) Fiat: Buy coins with fiat currency.

(3) Exchanges: Access to Basic, Advanced, Margin trading interface.

(4) Futures: Access the futures trading interface.

(5) Make money: Using Lending, Staking . services

(6) Log in

(7) Sign up

(8) Conversions display in fiat currencies. You can convert to VND, CAD, …

(9) Old Website: Switch to the old website interface

(10) Quick buy crypto with fiat.

Note: People can switch languages ​​to other languages.

To change the language, people scroll down to the bottom of the page in the right corner of the screen and drag their mouse to Binance Language. Select the appropriate language and you're done.

Interface on Website Binance.com

Sign in to your account

On Smartphone

On item account then enter Sign in or Register. Enter your email and password.

Binance App IOS account section when not logged in

On the Website

On item Log in at the top of the page. You also enter the newly registered account when bouncing is done.


If anyone does not know where this item is located, please review the interface above to know.

Those who log in for the first time on a new device must confirm with the registered email. Enter the 6 characters Binance provides and you're done.

From the next time you will not need to confirm the new device anymore.

Authorize new Device

Instructions to enable 2FA for account security

This is a very important feature to protect your account. You can use 2-factor authentication using SMS or Google Authenticator.

I recommend using Google Authenticator for security. Because when you use SMS, there will be times when the network operator fails. You will not be able to log in.

Enable Google Authenticator on Binance App 

Go to Account -> Security -> Authenticate with Google. Details of the steps you can see at Enable Google Authenticator for the exchange account.

Enable Google Authenticator on Binance Website

If you have not turned on the 2FA feature, when you log in you will see a request as shown below. You can click “Confirm Google” to proceed with the installation.

Confirm Google Authenticator

If the table does not appear as shown above, you can go to Account -> Security. Press the button Turn on. 

Enable Google Authenticator on Binance website

Next follow the steps below

Step 1: Get the Google Authenticator app available on the App Store and Google Play

Step 2: Scan the QR code provided by Binance, if you can't scan it, you can enter it manually.

Step 3: Save backup key. When you lose your phone, you can enter this key to use it as usual. If you don't save it takes 7 days to reset Google Authenticator by submitting a ticket to support.

Step 4: Enter the login password and 6 numbers in the 2FA app

SMS Verification on Binance App

Everyone come in account, choose Security -> Authentication by SMS. Enter your phone number and press Send SMS.

Enter the code sent to your text message in “SMS verification code“. Next, enter the Google Authenticator code if you already have it installed.

Finally press the . button Confirm .

authenticate by sms

SMS authentication on Webiste

Everyone come in account and choose Security Just like the Google Authenticator section above. But now press the . button Turn on in SMS Authentication

Verify SMS on Binance Website

Enter your phone number then press the . button Send SMS messages. Then, you enter that code in the box “SMS verification”.

If you have Google Authent enabled, enter “Google Authenticator Code“. Finally, press the . button Allow authentication by message SMS is done.

Enter your phone number and verification code

Instructions for KYC identity verification to increase withdrawal limit

Identity verification or KYC helps you to increase your withdrawal limit from 2 BTC/day to 100 BTC/day. You can only do KYC when you have two-factor authentication for your account.

Some documents needed for verification: Citizen ID card or Passport. In addition, everyone needs to know the zipcode of the place they live.

Summary of the latest ZipCode/Postal Codes of 63 Provinces/Cities in Vietnam 2020

On the Binance App 

The KYC form on the app can only be verified for individuals. For businesses, you must verify at the website of the exchange.

Everyone go to account choose Identity verification

Identity Verification on Binance App

Step 1: Choose a form of KYC

If you are not a business, your choice is an individual form.

Note: Only one of these 2 authentication methods can be selected. It is not possible to verify both at the same time.

Choose form of KYC

Step 2: Enter basic information

You enter all the basic information and then press the button Tiếp theo.

Enter basic information

Step 3: Enter residency information

Fill in your residency information and click the button send personal information.

Enter residency information

Step 4: Select the type of document to verify

Here I will choose Identity Card. You can also choose Passport depending on you.

Select the type of verification document on the App

Step 5: Scan the front of the CCCD . card

Move the camera to match the white frame.

Scan documents on the front

Step 7: Check the CCCD . front panel

Check if the document you scanned is clear or not. If not, you can click RETAKE to rescan. If everything is ok then click READABLE

Check the front of the CCCD . card

Step 8: Scan the back of the Identity card

The same goes for scanning the front. Move the camera to match the card with the white edges.

Step 9: Check the back side

Checking the back is the same as the front.

Step 10: Face Verification

You click TAP TO CONTINUE. Then move your face closer to the camera to fit the circle.

Capture Face

You see the words Upload successful appear. So complete the KYC completely on Binance App. The rest just wait for Binance to approve.

On Webiste

To start the process you visit account, you choose Security. At section identity confirmation, you choose Accuracy.

How to verify your identity - KYC

Choose KYC form. If you are an individual, select Personal Information. If you are a business choose Enterprise.

Choose a form of identity verification

Step 1: Enter personal information

Fill in your full name, date of birth and residential address. If you do not know the postal code, you can see the article right below.

Finally press the button Start verifying to move on to the next step.
Enter personal information

Step 2: Verify ID

First you click the . button Home to start the verification.

ID verification

Select Country and identity verification document type. You can choose Passport or Identity card (citizen identity card for Vietnam).

Here I will choose Passport. The ID card is similar, you just need to take a picture of the front id, the back of the ID and a selfie photo.

Select Country and type of verification document

You can take pictures (Take photo) or upload an existing image file. If your device captures not clear, I recommend that you choose a device that captures clearly and then upload that file.

Upload the file by clicking Upload file with a cloud image and an arrow on the right as shown below.

If so, authentication is easiest to succeed.

Choose the form Submit photo

You press the button Choose file and select the photo to upload.

Upload passport photo

Double check your image to see if it is clear. You must be clear and see all the information of the Passport. Next, press the . button Confirm to go to the next step.

Check uploaded images

Upload your selfie by tapping the button Choose file.

Upload a selfie

Check to see if the photo is clear. Do not wear hats or glasses. Should part your hair up for those of you with long hair. Once done, press the button Complete.

Check your uploaded selfie

Step 3: Face Verification 

You can use an app or browser to verify your face. If you can't use the app then press Can't use the App? Verify in your browser to use the browser.

There are 2 instructions for both of you can see below.

Face Verification on Binance

Via Binance App

Open the Binance app on your phone. On the homepage, there is a button to scan the QR code as shown below. The Android app is located in the upper right corner.

Click and scan the QR code on the computer screen.Face Verification on Binance App

Remove glasses, hats, choose a place with full of light. You press the button Tiếp theo and follow the request on app. Some requests such as: shake your head, nod your head, open your mouth.

After completing, wait for Binance to approve.

Note: You should make the requests very smooth, the probability of success is very high. If your KYC fails more than 3 times, it will take 24 hours to do it again.

Start face verification

Via web browser

Please refer to the video below to know the verification on the browser. Remember to do the operations smoothly.

Instructions for depositing coins on Binance exchange

On the Mobile app

Step 1: You go to "Fund” for iOS devices or “Capital” for Android devices. At section Exchanges, people choose the Load button.

Top up coins on Mobile application

Step 2: Select the coin to deposit by entering the coin's name in the section “Please enter a keyword”.

Select the coin to top up

Step 3: Deposit coins to the address provided by the exchange

The address of the coin provided by Binance exchange

For example: My address is GAHK7EEG2WW….BTODB4A and has a MEMO as 1079138711. I want to load 709 XLM floor.

Then I will deposit XLM from coin storage wallets or withdraw from other exchanges. Here I transfer from Keybase wallet to the address provided by the exchange.

Note: When loaded with some cryptocurrencies there will be MEMO. Some people should not be careful to pay attention to!

Some coins will take longer to transfer than others. If you pass the correct information, then there is no need to worry about losing it. It just takes a while to confirm.

Transfer XLM from Keybase to Binance

On the Website

Step 1: Everyone hovers over Saw choose Transaction wallet.

Step 2: Select Deposit, when choosing to load, the default coin will be BTC.

Step 3: Click on BTC Bitcoin in the word Coin section. Enter the coin you need to deposit.

Step 4: Select the appropriate Network. In which, the common types of networks ERC20, BEP2, BTC. A coin can have more than one Network.

For example, XLM only has one, which is Stellar Lumens, so people cannot choose another network. When depositing, everyone should see which exchange or wallet supports withdrawal to avoid mistaken deposits.

Step 5: Transfer coins to the address provided by the exchange. Wait for the network validation time and the money will enter your exchange wallet.

Note: When transferring cryptocurrencies with a Memo tag, remember to fill it in to avoid losing it.

Deposit coins on Binance exchange

How to trade on Binance exchange

Trade coin or the transaction of buying and selling coins on the exchange you can do via mobile phone or Website.

Here, I will guide you through the Binance App. For on the web you can refer to the article Instructions for trading coins on Binance.

Some basic knowledge to know

Before we start, let's have a look at some of the basics.

Trading order

To buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the exchange, you must place a trading order. When you want to buy, place a buy order. If you want to sell, place a sell order.

A trading order is roughly a request from you to tell the exchange how much you are looking to buy or sell for that coin. Several types of trading orders: Limit, Market, Stop-limit, OCO.

For example, when you want to buy BTC for 7000 USDT. Then you can't say to the exchange "Sell me 1 BTC for 7000".

In order for the exchange to understand you, you must place a limit buy order of 1 BTC with 7000 USDT for the floor to understand.


The main market is the main currency traded there. For example, you buy and sell normally in Vietnam. The market here is the VND market.

BTC market is using BTC to buy and sell other products. The products bought and sold at that exchange are other cryptocurrencies.

Trading Pairs

The main trading pair is the price of one coin relative to another. In the BTC market, there are trading pairs ***/BTC. Similar to the BNB market, there are ***/BNB pairs.

For example: We have an ETH/BTC pair where you use BTC to buy ETH or you use ETH to sell BTC.

Trading interface on the Binance App

To enter the coin trading interface, go to the Transaction and select section Exchanges.

(1) Change trading pairs.

(2) A place to view charts and switch to other markets of your chosen cryptocurrency.

(3) Choose to place a buy order or a sell order.

(4) Select the order type.

(5) Price options for trading and placing orders.

(6) Sell ​​wall in order book. Or simply the seller's orders are displayed.

(7) The current price of a coin.

(8) Buy wall in the order book. Buyer orders are displayed.

(9) Adjust the display of the command window. Adjust the decimal of the price. You can adjust to display only the buy wall or display only the sell wall.

(10) Where to display and manage pending orders.

Binance App Trading Interface

How to place trading orders

Step 1: Everyone chooses the coin you want to buy and sell at the exchange of trading pairs

Step 2: Choose to buy or sell

Step 3: Select order type

Step 4: Price setting

Step 5: Click buy or sell

Examples of trading orders

Limit order

A limit order helps you buy a cryptocurrency at a desired price. The desired price is the Limit price.

For example, I want to buy BTC for 7000 USDT, then I choose BTC/USDT pair. Place a limit buy order for 1 BTC at 7000 USDT.

Example limit order on App

Market order

Market orders help you buy or sell quickly at the market price.

For example, I see the price of BTC increase by 10% compared to the price I bought. I want to sell immediately and don't want to wait any longer. At this point, I just need to place a sell market order to take profits.

Example market command on App

Stop-limit order

Stop-limit orders are often used to cut losses in case the price drops sharply. Reduce peak swing risk. Or use to buy when breaking the resistance area.

But often these commands are easy to "hunt". They will push the price to break the support or resistance area and then the price will return to the original level.

For example, I buy BTC for 7000 USDT and accept a loss of $100. To preserve capital and not incur further losses. At this point, I will place a sell stop loss order with a Stop price of 6910 USDT and a limit price of 6900.

The stop price or stop price is the condition for triggering a limit order. This means that when the Bitcoin price drops to 6910 USDT, the floor will automatically place an order of 6900 USDT.

The difference of 10 USDT used to deduct when the price drop is too strong will not be matched.

Let's say BTC is a car. When this car met the price of 6910 USDT began to brake. The speed decreased slowly and stopped at 6900 USDT.

If you set this spread too low, it will be difficult to execute the order if the price falls sharply.


  • The stop price is at the top and the limit price is at the bottom.
  • When selling stop price > limit price.
  • When buying stop price < limit price

Example Stop limit order on the app

OCO command

The combination order consists of two orders: limit and stop-limit order. It helps you to stop loss and take profit at the same time. That means we have both upper bound and lower bound

Limit your risk when placing your order. The main downside is that it also limits your profits.

For example, I bought Bitcoin at 7000 and I want to sell when it goes up to 7300 and also cut my loss when it drops to 6900. Then the OCO order is suitable for me.

Limit order is the sell price (upper block). Stop-limit order is the stop loss price (even below). If one of my two orders is active, the other will be cancelled.


  • Buy order: Limit price < current price < stop-limit price.
  • Sell ​​order: Limit price > current price > stop-limit price

Example OCO command on app

Instructions for withdrawing coins on Binance exchange

Here I will guide you to withdraw Stellar Lumens (XLM). Some other cryptocurrencies are also a little different but essentially the same.

On mobile app

Everyone go to the "Fund" on iOS or "Capital" for Android. Next, you directly click on the coin you want to withdraw or press the . button "Withdraw" .

Withdraw coins on Mobile application

I often use clicking directly on the coin to withdraw because my number of coins is small and it is easy to find. In case, you have too many coins, you should click "Withdraw" and find the coin you need to withdraw.

After clicking on the coin you want to withdraw. Then it will appear as below. Press select button Withdraw.

Click directly on the coin to withdraw

Read the note of the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. Next, press the . button I understand. Continuation.

Note to withdraw coins

Enter the exact coin address to withdraw. Then you press the . button Withdraw.

Enter the coin address to withdraw

Enter the 2FA verification code you installed. Be it SMS or Google Authenticator.

Enter the 2FA verification code

Notice of withdrawal request. Leave the screen here and open your mail to check.

Withdrawal Notice

You check the withdrawal address information. If everything is correct then press the . button Confirm Withdrawal.

If clicking the button does not work, you can click on the link provided by Binance.

Usually the link does not work, you copy the part Verification codes. You go back to the application and click on the section you framed above. Type in the copied code and you're done.

Confirm withdrawal request by email

If there are no additional errors, you will get as shown below. So you have successfully withdrawn.

Notice of successful withdrawal

On the Website

Everyone come in Saw and click Trading Wallet (Deposit & Withdrawal). At section "Money" Enter the coin you want to withdraw. Finally press the . button Withdraw.

Withdraw coins on the website Binance.com

Enter the exact address you want to move to. Then you press the . button Send.

Enter withdrawal address information

The remaining steps are to enter 2FA. And email authentication. You can see the draw on mobile as it is the same. You have successfully made your withdrawal request.

Some tips and notes you need to know

How to keep your account safe

The trading account always has money, right? If you have money, you will always be watched. To stay safe, Blogtienao will suggest you some of the following ways:

  • Enable 2FA feature. Of course I mentioned above. Not only enabled for Binance accounts. Turn it on for both Gmail and related things.
  • Do not click on strange links. Always make sure you only log in at “binance.com".
  • Do not see strange emails. The best giveaway email or coin giveaway that you should not click to see.
  • Do not give out personal information to strangers.

Deactivate Binance Account

Why disable the account?

When you detect unusual access or withdrawal orders that are not yours to withdraw. Then what you need to do is disable to avoid losing your property.

If you disable it, what will happen to your account?

When disabled, the following occurs:

  • Pending withdrawal orders will be cancelled. If the withdrawal order has already been confirmed by email, you can't help it.
  • You will not be able to make any more transactions.
  • Your API keys will be deleted.
  • Devices that were once associated with the account will be deleted.
  • To reactivate your account, you need to contact support@binance.zendesk.com.

How to deactivate an account

On the iOS app

Everyone go to Accounts and hit the Deactivate button.

iOS Account Deactivation Button

Press the button Deactivate the account. It is done.

Deactivate on Binance App IOS

On Android 

The app on Android devices does the same thing on iOS, but the disable button is a bit different. Click the button next to the email and press Deactivate the account .

Account Deactivation Button on Android

On the website

You come in account choose Security. At section Account Activity, click on the words Deactivate account.

Disable Binance Account on Website

Press the button Deactivate this account. By clicking you confirm that your account will be disabled.

Proceed to disable

Use BNB to reduce transaction fees

On the App, everyone enters account and press select Use BNB to pay transaction fees.

Turn on using BNB to reduce Mobile App transaction fees

On the website, people go to the account. In the section Overview, People pull down your transaction fees. Press turn on Use Paid BNB .

Turn on using BNB to reduce transaction fees on the Website

Submit a support request to Binance exchange

If you have problems with the help platform, you can take the following steps:

Everyone access binance.com/vn/support then select Send require. Here at the “Send Request” section. Select the type of request you need support for.

Submit a request to support Binance exchange

For example, you withdraw XLM but forgot to enter MEMO. Then now you choose Help with Withdrawals. “Withdrawal Issue Type” of your choice Forgot or Wrong Tag/Memo/PaymentID. You enter all required floor information. Finally you just need to press Gui .


Binance staff will not ask you to send funds to any other address. They do not communicate through other social networks. Therefore, everyone should be careful with messages claiming to be Binance employees from social networks, especially Binance.

Example of sending a request to support Binance exchange

Some frequently asked questions

Is Binance a scam?

Binance is one of the largest exchanges in the world in terms of both users and trading volume.

Up to now, there has been no scam related to Binance, there have been many reports that Binance is a scam but those information are not accurate.

In the history of this exchange, it has been attacked by hackers but did not cause damage to investors because Binance's technical team was more skilled than hackers and they were able to handle all problems, this also shows the ability of this exchange. Binance and make investors feel more secure.

Update 24/12: Binance exchange has been hacked 7000 BTC (nearly 41 million USD). But there are SAFU funds, so users are not affected.

Once again we see the prestige of the floor.

On which devices can Binance exchange be used?

You can use Binance exchange with a variety of devices from computers to mobile phones.

For mobile devices, almost the same features have been integrated on the Website. But after a while it was updated.

Android devices are often updated with features earlier than iOS. You should consider using the right device to make transactions.

If you are a person who works regularly with computers, you should visit the website to work faster.

And you are a person on the go, you should consider using the app to trade. In this article, I will show you how to use it on both Web and App.

Currently, the Binance App is available on both the App Store and Google Play. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can download it by clicking on the image below.

Google Play App Store

Who can register and use Binance's services?

All citizens in countries around the world except the US can register and use Binance.

In addition, you must be over 18 years old and have an Identity Card (in Vietnam called a citizen identification card), a driver's license or a Passport.

If you are a US citizen, you can use Binance.us, an American-only platform, or use the Binance DEX.

Channels to follow Binance exchange


Binance Exchange is one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with good security, safety and low transaction fees, plus the advantage of extremely fast transaction processing and high liquidity. Binance will also be a good choice for you if you have a need to buy and sell coins Altcoin and trading BTC or ETH.

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