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Binance Futures

When opening a Binance Futures account, people enter the code "blogtienao"For a 10% discount. You can also access the following link to open an account: https://blogtienao.com/go/futures

Recently Binance Exchange Has launched futures trading platform with a huge leverage up to 125x times. With a high leverage like this can help you bring huge profits. If you are a professional trader, why not try? If you are new, you should also learn to know what Binance Futures is.
Let's Blogtienao (BTA) learn about Binance Futures Come on!

What is Binance Futures?

Binance Futures is a trading platform futures contract of the Binance exchange. That is, you can make a profit when the market goes up or down by guessing the price of a certain electric currency in the future with Binance Futures.

The unlimited Bitcoin futures trading volume on Binance Futures is just behind BitMEX at the time of writing. For a platform that has just launched less than three months, this is yet another success for Binance.

Currently, the Binance exchange has 2 futures trading platforms. The first is the Binance Futures platform that BTA is introducing to everyone.

The second platform is Binance jex. But JEX is quite "inferior" compared to Futures. Futures platform with x125 leverage is still the "money making machine" of Binance.

On November 28, 11, the 2019nd eternal futures contract - ETH / USDT was launched on Binance Futures. With this contract the user can customize the leverage from x2 up to x1 times.

Update 4/10/2020: Currently the platform has updated many other eternal futures contracts such as: BCH, XRP, EOS, ..

Transaction fees on Binance Futures

The following figure is a schedule of perpetual contract transactions.


  • Maker: Order maker
  • Taker: Matcher

Transaction fees of Binance Futures

Overview of leverage on Futures trading platform

When opening a position you must pay an initial amount and an amount to maintain the position. The initial amount is called the Initial Margin. The maintenance amount is a maintenance margin.

To be able to understand, please refer to 3 examples below.

Let's say a BTC price of 10000 USDT and you have 40000 USDT in a mortgage account and choose 125x leverage

Example 1: You open 1 BTC, nominal value 10,000 USDT

  • Initial Margin: 10,000 * 0.8% = 80 USDT
  • Maintenance Margin: 10,000 * 0.4% = 40 USDT
  • Collateral: 40000 - 40 = 39960 USDT
  • Giá thanh lý: 10000 – 39960/1 <0; bạn sẽ không bao giờ bị thanh lý

Example 2: You open 4 BTC, nominal value 40,000 USDT

  • Initial Margin: 40,000 * 0.8% = 320 USDT
  • Maintenance Margin: 40,000 * 0.4% = 160 USDT
  • Collateral: 30000 - 160 = 39840 USDT
  • Giá thanh lý: 10000 – 39840/4 = 40
  • Bankruptcy price: 10000 - 40000/4 = 0

Example 3: You open 6 BTC, nominal value 60,000 USDT

With 125x leverage, the nominal value does not exceed 50000 USDT. To execute this command, you must lower the lever to lower levels.

Initial Margin

Initial Margin is the amount you need to have when opening a wallet. For example, when the leverage is 125x. At this time, the actual amount you have to pay to open the position is 1/125 compared to the value of the contract.

BTC / USDT perpetual futures contracts

BTC / USDT Initial Margin Rate Binance Futures
BTC / USDT Initial Margin

ETH / USDT perpetual futures contracts

ETH / USDT Initial Margin Rate
ETH / USDT Initial Margin Rate

See more: What is leverage trading? (What is a margin)

Maintenance Margin

Maintenance Margin is the amount you must maintain in your margin account after opening a position. To avoid auto-liquidation, you should actively liquidate before the collateral drops below the maintenance margin.

BTC / USDT perpetual futures contracts

BTC / USDT Maintenance Margin Rate Binance Futures
BTC / USDT Maintenance Margin Rate

ETH / USDT perpetual futures contracts

ETH / USDT Maintenance Margin Rate
ETH / USDT Maintenance Margin Rate

Funding Rate

This is the amount that the Maker will have to pay to the seller (Taker). Every 8 hours Funding will be once every 0.01% ie 0.03% / day.

This 0.01% level may vary depending on market conditions. This is a direct transaction between the two parties so Binance does not collect any amounts.

Note: Funding Rate will never exceed 0.05%.

Pros and cons of Binance Futures

Update: 13/12/2019

Currently, it is now possible to use Binance Futures on the running Binance application Android , and IOS.


  • Provide high leverage up to x125 times. Highest in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Large trading volumes are easy to liquidate.
  • Simple interface easy to see.
  • Can use Binance account without having to open another account
  • Can trade on Binance Android app.


  • Relatively difficult to use with beginners.
  • Currently Binance Futures does not have an iOS app.
  • There are still quite a few trading pairs

Trading guide on Binance Futures

Open Binance Futures account

On the website

You must first have a Binance account. If not, register with the following link: blogtienao.com/go/futures. After registration is complete, everyone chooses Futures.

Sign up for a Binance account

At the bottom right bottom part Open Futures Account. People fill out blogtienao into the "Futures referral code"As shown below. Next is to click Open now.

When you enter the BTA referral code, everyone will get it Kickback 10%. That means a 10% discount on transaction fees. Also if everyone uses BNB for a discount, they get another 10% off. So people get up to 20% off the fee. Too good is not it!

Enter the referral code futures code

Then there will be notification icon Open Success root side on screen. So successfully opened the account Binance Futures and that. Too simple, right?

Open an account successfully

On the Binance App

First, everyone goes to the "Fund"Then click Futures.

Open Futures account on Binance App

Next, people enter the code "blogtienao"10% discount on transaction fees and support Blogtienao. Finally, you press the button Open a Futures account is done

Confirmation of opening Futures account

Learn the trading interface

  1. Indicators of futures
  2. Graph
  3. Place to display positions, margin balance, open positions, order history and transaction history.
  4. Order book of buyer and seller
  5. The transaction was made
  6. Place of order LONG / SHORT

Binance Futures interface

How to transfer money to Binance Futures

At the order place, click on the word Transfer.

Transfer money to Binance Futures

After clicking on Transfer, it will appear as the picture below. You enter the amount at the section "Amount" then press Confirm Transfer. So, it has changed from a wallet to a Futures wallet.

Enter the amount to transfer

To switch from Binance Futures back to the exchange, you just click on the circle button in the middle. Convert the From-To item to From Futures Wallet - This Exchange Wallet. Next, enter the amount in the section "Amount" then press Confirm Transfer. So has successfully transferred to wallets.

transfer money back to binance wallet

How to place an order on Binance Futures

Before placing orders you need to understand the following words

  • Post-Only: This command will be added to the command book but not immediately executed
  • Time in Force (TIF): Effective time.
  • Good til Canceled (GTC): This order will be executed until matched or will be canceled
  • Immediate or Cancel (IOC): The order will be partially or fully executed immediately and the rest will be canceled.
  • Fill or Kill (FOK): Orders must be fully executed immediately or canceled.
  • Reduce-Only: This order will only close your position, not increase it.
  • trigger: is the price that will trigger the Take-profit-limit, Take-profit-market orders
  • Mark Price: Prices are calculated by Binance based on the prices of major exchanges and Funding Rate.
  • Last Price: The latest prices are traded on Binance Futures.
  • Cost: The USDT number you need to enter the LONG / SHORT order.
  • Order Qty: Number of orders.

How to switch between different contracts

The Binance Futures futures trading platform currently has 2 types of BTC and ETH contracts. But in the future, Binance will also launch more trading pairs. Here's how you switch to different contracts:

In region (1) as I said in the transaction interface. You move the mouse to the BTCUSDT section. My part was framed in blue as shown below.

How to switch between futures contracts

The trading pairs are shown. Click on the contract you want to trade is done.

Select the futures contract you want to trade

Customize leverage levels on Binance Futures

In the area of ​​futures contracts you click 20x

Leverage Binance Futures

After that, an adjustment frame will appear as shown below. Now you can adjust the leverage from 1x-125x. To confirm the leverage, press Confirm.

Customize leverage Binance Futures

When successfully adjusting the desired leverage on Binance Futures, the following message will appear.

Custom leverage successful

Limit order

This is an order used to Buy / Long or Sell / Short at the desired price.

For example: You want to Buy / Long 1 BTC for 9000 USDT. You only need to enter 9000 into the section "Price" and 1 on the section "Order Qty". Finally, just press the button Buy / Long. You can choose Post-Only or TIF depending on the purpose. Same for Sell / Short order.

Limit Binance Futures command
Limit command

Market order

This command helps you LONG / SHORT in the fastest way. This order will match the best available price in the order book.

For example: Market price of 9000 USDT / BTC. You think BTC has increased and you Buy / Long 1 BTC with current price, you only need to enter 1 at "Order Qty" Then press the button Buy / Long.

Market order
Market order

Stop-Limit Order

This is the order that will trigger a limit order when the market price reaches the Stop Pirce. Limit

For example: Price BTC 10000 USDT. You place a Sell / Short Stop-Limit order. The price of Stop Price is 10200 USDT. Limited price 10215 USDT. Quantity of 1 BTC. When the price of Bitcoin reaches 10200 USDT, there will be a Sell / Short order at 10215 USDT placed for 1 BTC.

Stop-Limit Order
Stop-Limit Order

Stop-Market orders

This command will trigger a Market order when the Stop Price is reached.

To place this order, you put your mouse on the arrow mark part Stop-Limit  then select Stop-Market. Same for the remaining commands.

Stop-Market orders

For example: Price BTC 10000 USDT. You place a Sell / Short Stop-Market order. Stop-Price price is 10100 USDT. Quantity of 1 BTC. When the market price reaches 10100, a Market order will be placed for 1 BTC at the market price.

Stop-Market orders
Stop-Market orders

Take-Profit-Limit Order

Same as Stop-limit, but the price will go in a favorable direction. This command is used to place a target on an open position. Don't take profits and close positions.

For example: Current BTC price 10500 USDT. Trigger Price - 10100 USDT, Price - 10050 USDT. Quantity 1 BTC. User selects Sell / Short. If the price of BTC reaches 10100 USDT then a Sell / Short order limit to 1 BTC at 10050 limit price.

Take Profit Limit order
Take Profit Limit order

Take-Profit-Market order

This order is similar to Take Profit Limit but has no price limit.

For example: Current BTC price 9000 USDT. Trigger Price 10000 USDT. Quantity of 1 BTC. Users choose Buy / Long. If the BTC price reaches 10000 USDT then there will be a Market order for 1 BTC placed with the market price.

Take Profit Market order
Take Profit Market order

The future of Binance Futures 

Having been in operation for less than three months, the volume of Bitcoin futures is second only to BitMEX. Recently, the trading volume has "exploded" nearly 3 billion USD in 24 hours. In the future, futures exchanges will grow even stronger.

Binance is also planning to launch more trading pairs, cross-collateral trading and launch the Binance IOS app.


Hope the article What is Binance Futures? Instructions for complete use from AZ " help you better understand Binance's eternal futures trading platform.

Leveraged investment can bring big profits but the risks involved are not small. Everyone should consider and manage risk. Blogtienao (BTA) I wish you every success in this field. Thank you for viewing the article!

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  1. admin, ask for futures deals. If it is liquidated, the whole deposit will be lost. But has the coin I dropped in the wallet for a long time been liquidated?
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  2. I want to ask is: I have no position at all and want to place a long order at a higher price than the current order, what order are you using ??


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