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What is ABCC floor? 1,000 USDT airdrop program dedicated to the Blogtienao community


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Recognizing Vietnam's growing potential in blockchain and cryptocurrency. ABCC has accelerated the first steps into the market with the ambition to share "delicious pie" and gradually dominate the market in the future. Airdrop 1,000 USDT is an exclusive trump card for the Blogtienao community. Do not take your eyes off, keep track of specific information! 

What is ABCC trading platform? 

ABCC is a cryptocurrency exchange, launched in April 4 based in Singapore. 

The exchange wants to provide users with an experience of security, a protection system over 5 with a unique infrastructure that helps traders to separate their trading behavior from their assets. 

ABCC also focuses on helping investors identify valuable technology assets, a secure online trading platform and especially a professional trading service. 

ABCC's key markets are Russia, China, Korea, ... And Vietnam is the next target in the development plan. To initiate the battle for this market share, ABCC has spent a large amount of $ 1,000 exclusively for Blogtienao community. 

Exclusive 1,000 USDT airdrop exclusively for Blogtienao 

Rewards will be shared equally 200 new users FIRSTLY Blogtienao's registered account at ABCC. 

The time period is from 15:00, October 17 to 10:15 on October 00 (UTC + 25). 

Get $ 1000 airdrop on ABCC floor with Blogtienao

Airdrop rules 

Step 1: Register an account 

Step 2: Complete KYC or turn on Google Authentication 

Step 3: Join the community telegram ABCC 

Step 4: Trade at least 10 USD 

Note: Only users who register via Blogtienao's link are eligible for airdrop and users must complete KYC or enable Google Authentication before 15:25 on October 10 (UTC + 8). 

Is there any other attractive program on ABCC? 

In addition to 1,000 USDT as the main prize of this campaign, ABCC also deducted 50% of the trading fee donated to the top 20 participants based on the trading volume.  

Details are as follows: 

Rated by trading volume Reward transaction fees for the program 
Rank 1 - 10 30% of the transaction fee
Rank 11-20 20% of the transaction fee


Your prize will be determined by the trading volume. So, the more trade, the bigger the gift. 

The time for redemption is before 23:59 on October 31, 10 (UTC + 2019). 

It is known that there are many airdrop campaigns with huge rewards from ABCC for the Vietnamese community in the near future. Pick up follow-up to quickly pick up presents. 

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