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Users cry to God because Solana's network keeps crashing

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Users cry to God because Solana's network keeps crashing

In the past few days, Solana network has been experiencing many bandwidth-related problems such as congestion and automated trading bots, making it difficult for users to trade.

For example, on the last 1/5 holiday, the network Solarium crashed for almost 7 hours because of auto trading bot.

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“From 12 noon on May 1, a serious incident occurred that paralyzed Solana network for 5 hours, caused by automated bot transactions on Candy Machine tool.”

“Candy Machine executes up to 4 million NFT generation transactions per second, or nearly 100Gbps of bandwidth, which cripples the Solana network,” according to DeCrypt.

Candy Machine is a free NFT generator.

To deal with this, the developers say that they will be implementing an anti-bot for auto-trading on the Candy Machine, which could help reduce the load on the Solana network.

Solana's head of marketing, Austin Federa, tweeted to confirm the Solana network is in turmoil.

On Solana's Discord channel, the team had to call nodes to restart the network.

restart solana network

The recent network failure has led many to question Solana's scalability.

In the past, Solana has also experienced some network paralysis issues, like last September, Solana's network was down for up to 9 hours because of a DDoS attack (denial of service attack).

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