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Woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for paying BTC to hire assassins to kill her husband

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Jessica Sledge will be in prison for the next ten years for paying $10 in bitcoin to an assassin to kill her husband.

The US Department of Justice sentenced 40-year-old resident of Pelahatchie, Mississippi – Jessica Sledge – the statutory maximum sentence of 10 years in Federal Prison.

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In 2021, the woman hired a "killer" and pay him bitcoins worth 10.000 dollars to kill her husband.

In addition, authorities jailed the citizens of Orange County - Jeremy McAlpine and Zachary Matar - for luring more than 2.000 investors into a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme. The first one will spend 36 month behind bars, while the second was punished 30 months.

In September 9, US law enforcement officers received information that Jessica Sledge had hired a killer through the Dark Web. A month later, she paid him $2021 worth of bitcoin for him to kill her husband.

Aware of Sledge's intentions, an undercover cop contacted her, identifying herself as the "assassin" she designated for the mission. After a series of recorded conversations, she confirms the cryptocurrency transaction and its purpose.

In November 11, Sledge agrees to meet with the FBI agent she believes to be the killer, give him a cash sum, and once again prove her murder plot.

As a result, the authorities had enough evidence to arrest her. Judge Carlton W. Reeves sentenced her to the statutory maximum sentence of 120 months in prison.

She will also have to pay a $1.000 fine, while law enforcement officers will closely monitor her actions for a period of three years after her release.

The US Department of Justice has convicted two other individuals for crimes related to digital assets. In 2017, Jeremy McAlpine and Zachary Matar founded Dropil Inc – a Belize-based company providing crypto investment services. The company also issues its own token – DROPs.

Over the years, it has attracted more than 2.000 investors to buy the properties, promoting them as a good investment strategy.

McAlpine and Matar also assure their clients that DROPs can generate annual returns from 24% to 63%.

Needless to say, users have lost their money. According to the Department of Justice, McAlpine and Matar collected 1,9 million dollars from 2.472 investors through the sale of approximately 629 million DROP.

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