What is Kambria Token (KAT)? Benefits of KAT owners?


Kambria Token (KAT) is an ERC20 token, which supports access to the Kambria platform, rewards the community and motivates ecosystem maintenance and expansion.

Kambria Token (KAT) Dual token system

Discuss the project blockchain, we cannot ignore the token system. With Kambria, token system is even more interesting and special. Because, this is a dual system, with two types of tokens Kambria Token (KAT) , and Karma.

In particular, KAT is a utility token, used as money (fiat) in the giant Kambria ecosystem. Also, Karma functions as a security token to reward contributors to the Kambria platform. However, the security token rules and regulations are still unclear in many countries, so Karma cannot be used for trading.

Therefore, the only way to get Karma, and to participate in the ecosystem Kambria is through KAT.

The role of Kambria Token

In the article "Project Kambria - the blockchain platform is disrupting the AI ​​economy and Robotics," Blogtienao mentioned the structure of the five pillars of Kambria and an important factor that makes the interaction between components on the platform, namely KAT and Karma tokens. We will learn more about the role of KAT in each pillar in the analysis below.

What is Kambria Token KAT, the role of KAT

Code base (KDNA)

KDNA is the platform's management and module building system. KDNA can be hardware, software ... parts of a complete robot. KDNA maximizes freedom, fosters integration, from open source codebase, programming languages, development tools, creating the core value for Kambria's Robotics creation platform.

Kambria will explore every opportunity to improve game theory and interaction between robotics products and the crypto community. For example, rewards for projects, users, systems are appreciated, by KAT ...

Innovation marketplace (market for innovations)

Innovation Marketplace is the heart of the KI open creative model. KAT is used in signaling and rewarding when a new contribution is successfully added.

For example, when Mc Donald wants to order a burger-making robot ... they can use KAT to run a bounty campaign with the requirements for the level of work completion, expert inspection from the community, ...

The number of KAT used for bounty will be locked in a smart contract during bounty period. The awards for contributors (programmers, manufacturers ...) will be divided into rounds, such as design, prototype, production ... With this approach, Kambria also helps to minimize the impact. by price volatility KAT.

Manufacturing alliance (roughly translated: manufacturer alliance)

Manufacturers Union is a group of world-leading manufacturing companies that share knowledge, resources, and maintain API standards. KAT will be used to system access and payment on manufacturers networks this. Producers can sell KAT on the cryptocurrency exchange for liquidity, or pay outside the Kambria platform ...

Value capture

KAT also contributes to maintaining community stability, so that the community is not dependent on donations as the case of non-profit organizations, or the open source community. Ecosystem will help promote KAT token value varies whenever robots are manufactured, sold, and performed useful functions, people are willing to spend money to buy them.

Legal enforcement (law enforcement)

In Kambria ecosystem, ideas, technology, capital, experience will be accumulated and shared. Therefore, Kambria's law enforcement team will keep those values ​​in the right direction, while protecting them from bad intentions and policy violations.

Kambria allow KAT owners to detect acts of signs of violations, collect evidence, call the community to vote through smart contracts ... As a result, Kambria will create a clean environment, fair reward - punishment, create motivation for the members to always contribute to the development of technology and create real value for life.

What is Kambria Token KAT

Benefits for Kambria Token holders (KAT)

From the role of KAT in the Kambria ecosystem, it is possible to summarize the interests of KAT owners in the following four main ideas:

  • Liquidity interest:

Owning KAT, you can pay for products such as Ohmni robots and AI services - Robots such as taking care of the elderly, cleaning houses ...; pay for prototypes and robot manufacturing. At the same time, the Kambria system forces businesses to use KAT to award / pay profits to contributors. From there, the activities will create a cycle with the unified goal of promoting value for KAT.

  • Usage benefits:

With KAT, you are allowed to use test products built on Kambria; Or, download / upload data, code, design database codebase.

  • Investment benefit: get back Karma

On Kambria platform, KAT holders can use the token to set good project selection criteria, providing guidance to developers.

  • Executive benefits: receive back Karma

In order to elect experts who are capable of evaluating projects as well as participating in business direction for the Kambria platform, you must own KAT.

 With an important role in the vast Kambria ecosystem, and clear rights for its owners, KAT will motivate the community to contribute to, build, for the development of technology and a better, more progressive society.

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