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Investor confidence in the Crypto market


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After all, what do you want when you enter the Bitcoin market?

Investing is a journey, not a destination. Perhaps many of you enter the market for the purpose of making as much money as those who went before. People are fascinated by the wealth and wealth of photographs that their predecessors earned by entering the marketplace. Maybe you're just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Every time the hot bull market attracts a lot of new people to join the market, every type and component of society is spread by the heat of Bitcoin. They look at the% growth of cryptocurrencies, and then they dream about the same exponential growth in their assets in the near future. But is it close? What most people want is to make a lot of money and quickly, very few people want to be a discerning investor.

Those who enter the market for their greed are punished by the market.

Some people have been in the market for a while and have experienced ups and downs. You may be very sad in the failed investments, your account continuously decreased by several% / day, even several tens of% / day. This makes them extremely uncomfortable, angry and helpless emotions that always come when they check their price charts and assets. It will get worse if it makes you angry with both you and your loved one. If you can read this, then hopefully you don't make this mistake. In fact, I myself couldn't avoid this, but when I realized it, I tried to control my emotions better. Whenever I encounter setbacks, I have my own ways to balance my emotions.

If failure is that bad then maybe when you are lucky to win it will be worse. Some of you are lucky enough to win a few markets and immediately develop the mentality of "oversleeping to win". Do you think you have caught up with the market? Or do you think your level of analysis has taken a new level? And when you pay it back in to the market then you have to suffer the pain of loss and the pain of losing confidence in yourself. Have you ever lost money and fell into the state of insomnia, and then asked for help on social networks with a few lines of status such as: “Will XRP still decrease admin? “. You even ask for help from the spiritual forces. It's pointless, and never do that. No one has the strength to turn the market trend around. Even sharks, what they do is just amplify the main trend of the market.

These feelings come from being too focused on your money goal. Why don't you think in a more positive direction. Victory or loss, what is important is that it gives us knowledge and experience. Learn more about managing trading psychology, managing capital, learning and creating your own trading strategies. Usually no one will tell you these things, what they show you is the huge amount of profits they make. And they don't talk about the past, how they have to train, what they trade for in order to have the present.

Some of you just follow signal channels, you buy and sell according to it and then you think you are a real investor, you probably make a serious mistake. You have to be your own opinion, you have to see and evaluate a project according to your own mindset, the information that news channels provide is just information, not advice. invest.

Do not lose money on a few projects, then lose money and then you blame back for news channels, signal channels. They have the right to free speech and you have the right to judge that information. No one is responsible for your losses, because even if you win, what do they get? The relationship here is to be win-win. Only a small number of people enter the market where they can control their own psychology. They control their psychology of loss and their psychology of victory. What they want is knowledge, investment experience. Day after day they continue to do this, they build themselves a clear investment plan with their goals and strategies.

But most importantly, they know how much they will lose if they lose and whether they allow it or not. They never put all of their eggs in one basket, always the right amount of capital. These are the things successful investors have been doing. If you want to be the winner in this market, do it.

See you in the territory of the winners at the end of this growth season.


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